Telangana National Integration Day celebrations

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Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao attended as chief guest in the official programme organised on the occasion of National Integration Day at Public Gardens, Napmpally in Hyderabad.

On this occasion, CM paid floral tributes to the Telangana Martyrs at the Martyrs Memorial at Gun Park. Later, the Chief Minister received police salute and hoisted the National Flag. The CM addressed the people of Telangana.

In his message, CM KCR explained the evolution of the state of Hyderabad which was under Dynast rule and merged with the Union of India on 17th September 1948. The CM said Hyderabad state continued until it was forced to merge with Andhra Pradesh in 1956.

The Chief Minister recalled the Telangana Movement and second phase struggle under his leadership in a democratic way to the achivement of separate state in a peaceful manner. CM KCR remembered the sacrifices of Telangana martyrs and continuing efforts to fulfill their aspirations.

CM KCR illustrated the important achievements of the Telangana government for the last 9 years, leading the state on the path of progress to make the nation proud by following the aspirations of all Telangana people.

Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao’s message on the occasion of National Integration Day:
My heartfelt greetings to the people of Telangana on the occasion of National Integration Day today.
September 17 is a special day in the history of Telangana. After India attained Independence, the then Indian government taken up the official process of merger of the princely states outside the British administration with the Indian Union. As part of that, our Hyderabad Princely State has became an integral part of India on 17th September 1948.
With this, aristocratic rule was replaced by parliamentary democratic administration in Telangana. The Telangana Government decided to celebrate the merger of  Hyderabad State with the Union of India as National Integration Day. Today we are organizing celebrations across the state by hoisting the national flag.
There have been many struggles on the Telangana soil on many occasions. Against all odds, the Telangana society fought for justice, righteousness and for the pursuit of constitutional rights.

The entire Telangana Society fought for a democratic administration.

The sacrifices made by the common people to the extraordinary, will always remembered. From Doddi Komuraiya to Chakali Ailamma, from Komurambhim to Ravi Narayan Reddy, from Shoaib Ulla Khan to Suravaram Prathapareddy, from Swami Ramananda Thirtha to Jamalapuram Keshavrao, from Bandi Yadagiri to Suddala Hanuman, Kaloji, Dasarathi, all of them were warriors. I humbly pay tribute to all of them on the occasion of National Integration Day today. The strong India was established with the yeoman services rendered by many committed rulers in the country and instilled confidence in the people of all the communities.
The values of peace and harmony propagated by Mahatma Gandhi, the vision of India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, the shrewdness of the first Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and the tireless efforts of many other leaders united the country. On this occasion, let us commemorate the inspiring efforts of the national movement leaders.

Hyderabad emerged as a state from after Telangana became an integral part of India from 1948 to 1956.

As part of the reorganization of the states in 1956, the Telangana and Andhra regions were merged and former Andhra Pradesh was against the wishes of the people of the Telangana region.  We all know its bad consequences. We started a movement to achieve a separate state of Telangana against the injustice meted out to Telangana region. It is a great opportunity that history has given me to lead that era. With the cooperation of all of you, I was able to make the movement successful. You also placed the heavy responsibility of fulfilling the aspirations of the people in Telangana on my shoulders.

I felt that my birth was marked and blessed by the achievement of Telangana. After that, I have been carrying out the reconstruction of Telangana with commitment to the people’s blessing.

The development and welfare programmes that have been going on since the formation of Telangana state on June 2, 2014 have been exemplary. The policies adopted in the new state of Telangana are comprehensive and the integrated development model that is fulfilling the interests of all sections is a role model. A India is an amalgamation of different religions, cultures, castes, languages, castes and tribes.

National integration is a matter of political, economic, social, cultural and psychological domains. If we look at the problems facing national integration with a broad perspective, it is clear that the most important of them are economic problems. It is unfortunate that even after 76 years of independence, economic backwardness, poverty, unemployment and social discrimination are still plaguing our country. Besides eradicating these problems, the Telangana government is aware of know aspirations and needs of the people.

Along with the rapid development of the state, the government paid special focus on wealth creation.

The Telangana government is taking a step forward with the aim that the increased wealth should be distributed to the needy. Formulating and implementing programmes from a humanitarian perspective. Reaching the welfare benefits to all at their doorsteps. There is no family in the state today that has not benefited from the government schemes. As a result of the government schemes, today the poverty in the state has decreased and the per capita income increased. The poverty rate in Telangana which was 13.18 percent in 2015-18 has come down to 5.88 percent in 2019-21. On the other hand, Telangana ranked number one in the country in terms of per capita income.

By continuously working and strengthening all the sectors of the state, we were able to show the nation what development means in no time.

The saying “What Telangana practices – the country follows” is practically true. Other state governments are following our state schemes and the people there wanted the good governance in Telangana to continue in their states as well.

Palamuru-Rangareddy Lift Scheme to make six districts green
Palamuru district in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh is a tragic story. Palamuru – Rangareddy uplift project is a history of struggle. In 1956, Palamuru district suffered the most from the formation of Andhra Pradesh state. Had Hyderabad State continued as per the recommendations of the Fazal Ali Commission, seven lakh acres would have been irrigated through the Upper Krishna, Tungabhadra and Bima left canals. We have lost this opportunity due to the formation of Andhra Pradesh. The total cultivable land in Palamuru was 35 lakh acres. But provided irrigation facilities to 4.5 lakh acres in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. As a result, the people of Palamuru had to migrate for survival.  We are all tearful witnesses to the plight of a farmer who owns 60 acres of land and migrates to the city for livelihoods. In the wake of the intensified Telangana movement, Telangana retired engineers designed the Palamuru-Rangareddy Lift scheme in 2005 and submitted a report to the then joint state government, but the then rulers rejected it. None of the district leaders cared about it. Even though river Krishna was flowing, due to the negligence and discrimination of the then AP rulers, the joint Palamuru and Rangareddy districts experienced many hardships, losses and sufferings due to lack of access to drinking water and irrigation water for decades. Projects in the Krishna basin started and stopped at the very beginning and were put on hold. This was the attitude of the rulers of the United AP state at that time.

The history of running Porridge centres in the once prosperous Palamuru district is the result of the neglect attitude of the rulers in the previous governments.

After the formation of a separate state, the Telangana government mainly focused on the Palamuru-Rangareddy upliftment. Projects like Nettempadu, Bima, Kalvakurti, Koil Sagar, which were started by the previous governments and pending, were completed on war footing in Palamuru. With this, the old  Palamuru district started to flourishing. Not only the migrants came back, Palamuru is also developed to the extent that laborers from outside states are coming for livelihoods.

The state Government decided to complete the Palamuru-Rangareddy Lift scheme with determination and sincerity. Some forces created obstacles at every step. Some of the opposition leaders of filed hundreds of cases against lift scheme for their selfish political interests. However, we continued the work with persistence and determination. In the end, righteousness won. After much legal battle we were able to get environmental clearances and start the project.
As part of the Palamuru-Rangareddy lifting scheme, we have started pumping the Krishna water from Narlapur intake through Bahubali pump yesterday. This is another red letter day in the history of Telangana irrigation. Yesterday was a real festival day when the hopes of the people of six districts were fulfilled. The drinking and irrigation water needs of the people of South Telangana will be fulfilled from this project, which is built with the largest pumps like anywhere else in the world.  We have been able to realize the dream of people waiting for decades. Yesterday will go down in history as the day when the hardships of the peasants of the drought districts were over.

People celebrated the occasion as a festival in every village. We anoint the feet of the deities in the respective villages with Krishna water and offered special puja. Orders have already been given for canal works in the lift scheme. We are going to complete the rest of the work. With this, Nagar Kurnool, Mahabubnagar, Narayanapet, Rangareddy, Vikarabad, Nalgonda district… 12 lakh 30 thousand acres of land in 6 districts will be irrigated and 1226 villages will get drinking water.  10 lakh acres are being irrigated through Kalvakurti, Nettempadu, Bima and Koil Sagar lifting schemes which have already been completed in Palamuru.

Through the Mission Kakatiya scheme, we have significantly improved the water storage capacity by rehabilitating the ponds. Due to the construction of a large number of check dams on the meanders of the rivers in the state, groundwater level increased significantly.

The remaining works on Kaleshwaram project will be completed and provide irrigation to 45 lakh acres. The works of Sitamma Sagar Barrage, which is being constructed with a capacity of 36 TMC in Khammam district, is progressing rapidly.

Through the Sitarama project, 6 lakh acres of combined new and old ayacut will be irrigated in the combined Khammam district. Since the construction of Sammakka Sagar barrage has been completed, we are going to provide irrigation water to 5 lakh acres in the old Warangal district soon through the Devadula lifts. That means 75 lakh acres will be irrigated through the main lift schemes in the state.  Another 50 lakh acres are being abundantly irrigated through other large and medium scale projects and ponds. Already 85 lakh acres are being irrigated in the state.

The target of irrigating a total of 1 crore 25 lakh acres of Ayacut will be fulfilled in the next three to four years. Revolutionary changes will take place in the agricultural sector of Telangana. Telangana’s farmers are happy with abundant crop production. The wonderful results achieved by the BRS government with sincerity is an example of “every work with a purpose is divine”.

New Revolution in Medical and Healthcare
Medical College in every district
Telangana has made great strides as a leading state providing the best medical services in the country. NITI Aayog praised that Telangana is third in the country in providing the best medical services to poor people. We are establishing a medical college and a nursing college in every district with an aim to extend medical services even to remote areas in Telangana.

The government created history by opening 21 new medical colleges within a decade. In the recent cabinet meeting, 8 more medical colleges have been approved for setting up next year. With this, the government is going to reach the target of one Medical College in every district.

In the early days of Telangana State, in 2017, the government established 4 colleges. Accordingly, in 2020, 8 medical colleges were sanctioned at the same time and started last year. Yesterday we started 9 medical colleges on the same day. With this, 26 government medical colleges have become available in our state.  As of 2014, only 850 MBBS seats were available in the five government medical colleges. Today the number of seats has increased to 3,915.

In 2014, there were only 2,850 medical seats in the public and private sectors, but today it has increased three times. I am proud to inform that Telangana is reaching the level of producing ten thousand doctors every year.

The government is building a large number of super specialty hospitals with the aim of expanding medical services in the state and making super specialty healthcare available to the poor as well.

The construction of a super specialty hospital with a capacity of 2,458 beds at a cost of Rs 1,116 crore in Warangal city is progressing rapidly. We are building four TIMS  super specialty hospitals on all sides of Hyderabad city. We are expanding NIMS Hospital with two thousand more beds. Lately, I myself have also laid the foundation stone for new building works.

In addition to these, more medical services are made available to the patients with the establishment of Basti Dawakhanas, rural clinics, free dialysis service centers and free diagnostic centers. We have been able to correct the eyesight of crores of people through Kanti Velugu programme conducted in two phases.  In addition to these, the distribution of KCR Kit and KCR Nutrition Kits are very beneficial for pregnant and lactating women. We have been able to reduce the number of maternal and child deaths significantly along with the increase in the number of deliveries in government hospitals.

The government also runs palliative care units for terminally ill patients with cancer and AIDS. These centers help the patients to lead a peaceful life in their last days by monitoring their health conditions from time to time.

Recently we started an additional 466 vehicles for 108, 104 vehicle services. As a result, these vehicles are now arriving within 15 minutes of a phone call. We are able to save many lives by providing timely medical services.

Distribution of Double Bedroom Houses
The aim of the BRS government is to build double bedroom houses for all the deserving poor in a phased manner and provide them free of cost unlike previous governments. We are continuing the construction of these houses in such a way as to maintain the self-respect of the poor. It is an ongoing process. We are distributing nearly one lakh houses to the poor in the city of Hyderabad which have been completed and are ready for inauguration. We are providing the houses in the name of women by selecting the beneficiaries in a transparent and through a draw of lots. No need to worry if any deserving person does not get a house now.  Because, this scheme does not stop here. It continues continuously.

We have also started the “Grihalakshmi” scheme for the poor who want to have their own land and build a house. Under this scheme, the government will provide financial assistance of three lakh rupees in three phases for the construction of houses for the beneficiaries. In the first phase, we are providing this benefit to three thousand people in each constituency of the state.

Enhanced Aasara Pension
It is the opinion of the government that Aasara pensions should be adequate to the minimum requirements rather than being fixed. The BRS government increased pensions immediately after coming to power. The amount of pension was increased from Rs 200 to Rs 2,016. We have recently increased the amount of pension given to the disabled from 3016 to 4016 rupees. As of 2014, the number of pensioners was only 29 lakh. Today pensions are being given to 44 lakh people.

Apart from the elderly, widows, disabled, single women, malaria victims, dialysis patients, BD workers etc., the government has also provided pension facilities to all sections. The age limit of beneficiaries was reduced from 60 to 57 years.

Upliftment of Poor and Weaker sections
Telangana government has designed special schemes for the upliftment of the poor and the weaker sections who have been subjected to social discrimination.  Our Telangana is the only state which provides welfare benefits to all the poor in the society from Dalits to Brahmins. Dalits continue to suffer endless discrimination in independent India. As a result of the efforts of the founder of the Constitution, Baba Saheb Ambedkar, there was some improvement in the lives of Dalits, but the subsequent efforts did not progress as expected.

“Telangana Dalitbandhu” is a revolutionary scheme introduced by the government for the comprehensive development of the downtrodden Dalit community. The government is providing a huge financial assistance of 10 lakh rupees to each Dalit family under this scheme to enable the Dalit family to take up any profession or business of their choice.

This is a new history. No such scheme can be found in any other state in the country. Dalits have also been given fifteen percent reservation in profitable businesses through government licenses with the determination to grow in the business sector as well.

Special Dev Act is being implemented for the development of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. We are allocating funds for the development of SCs and STs according to the proportion of their population. The government is providing financial assistance in the form of a grant of one lakh rupees per family to professionals and minorities.

For weaker sections, many incentives for their upliftment introduced and the strengthening of the rural economy. Many programs like the distribution of sheep to those who depend on sheep farming, fish farming for fishermen, subsidized supply of yarn and dyes to weavers, 5 lakh rupees insurance free of charge for them, 15 percent reservation for Gowda brothers in liquor shops, abolition of tax on swimming and palm trees, insurance facility up to 5 lakh It is implemented by the government. Washeemen and Nayi Brahmins are also encouraged by providing electricity subsidies and financial assistance.

On the occasion of the Telangana formation day, the state government gave sweets to the wild children. Fulfilling the decades-long dream of tribals, Podu lands are distributed. The program was initiated in the Asifabad district which was named after Komuram Bheem, a tribal religious leader who fought for Jal Jangal Zamin.  Rythu Bandhu is also providing the lands given to tribals and tribals. The Telangana government canceled the cases against the innocent tribals in the struggle for Podu lands.

IT Growth
The IT sector in Telangana is developing fast. Every day a new company is coming forward to invest in the state.

Today, Telangana has grown to be the best in the country in the field of IT. At the time of the formation of Telangana state, there were only 3 lakh 23 thousand 39 IT employees in the state, today their number has increased to 9 lakh 5 thousand 715 people. In 2014, IT exports were 57 thousand 258 crore rupees, today it has increased to 2 lakh 41 thousand 275 crore rupees. We have also expanded IT to second tier cities like Khammam, Warangal, Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Mahbub Nagar, Siddipet and built IT towers.

Highest Nation Awards for Villages
Rural and urban development programs have changed the shape of our villages and towns. Good facilities are provided and surrounded by greenery. It is a matter of pride for all of us that the representatives of our local organizations received 13 national awards at the hands of the President recently.

New Districts, Revenue Divisions, Municipalities, Corporations, New Panchayats and New Mandals have also been established for the convenience of governance.  We are constructing district integrated offices and district police office buildings in each district headquarters. This brought the governance of the government closer to the people.
Global City – Hyderabad
Hyderabad city is a mini India people of all states and all religions live together in brotherhood. We have laid solid foundations in line with the goal of making Hyderabad a cosmopolitan city.  Today the city of Hyderabad is peaceful without communal fights like in the past.

Many international companies are queuing up to invest in our state due to transparent administration and uninterrupted electricity.

We are undertaking and completing strategic road development works at a cost of more than 67 thousand crore rupees to avoid traffic congestion in Hyderabad city and make it a signal free city. We are developing excellent road transport facilities in the city with these SRDP works. We have already completed and started 20 flyovers. We have completed 36 works at the international level so far.  In the heart of Hyderabad, on the banks of Hussain Sagar River, the beautifully built Secretariat Building, the Martyrs Memorial and the 125 feet tall Babasaheb Ambedkar statue add more beauty to the city. The government has decided to expand the metro rail in all directions of Hyderabad city at a cost of 69,000 crore rupees.  With this, a total of 415 km of metro facility will be extended in Hyderabad.  It will further develop as a cosmopolitan city.

Telangana irrigation sector is entering a golden age with the construction of pending projects and completion of other medium and small projects along with mega lift projects like Kaleshwaram. 24-hour free electricity, timely supply of seeds and fertilizers to farmers, Rythu Bandhu, Rytu Bhma for investment, welfare measures other than waiver of crop loans up to 37 thousand crore rupees have given relief to the farmers.

Agriculture has become a profitable profession. Telangana farmers are rewriting history in terms of cultivation and yield. The grain yield reached 3 crore tonnes.  Telangana is racing towards first place in the country, surpassing the state of Punjab in rice production.

The BRS Government is fully engaged in completing the remaining works of Kaleshwaram, Sitarama and Palamuru upliftment schemes in order to make Telangana State a fully watered and prosperous agricultural state forever.

Telangana is number one in all
It is a matter of pride for all of us that Telangana is number one in many fields today. Telangana is the only state in the country that has overcome the crisis in the power sector within a short period of time and is providing free quality electricity to all sectors for 24 hours and for agriculture. Telangana is number one in per capita electricity consumption. Telangana is number one in the country with a per capita income of 3 lakh 12 thousand 398 rupees.  Today, Telangana is the only state in the country that is supplying clean and safe drinking water to 100% of the households with free taps through Mission Bhagiratha.

The progress of youngest state Telangana is on Jet speed and beat the already established strong big state in the country. The Telangana model is trending in every part of the country. With the blessings of all the people of Telangana, the Telangana will grow further and continue to move forward. The anti-progressive forces that try to block this must be defeated.  Our unity is our strength. On this National Integration Day, let us work together to achieve Bangaru Telangana.  Let’s continue Telangana’s progress like this.

 Yato dharma statojayah
 Jaitelangana.. Jaibharat.