CM Sri KCR’s Rakhi Gift: Salary Boost & Support for Mahila Sangham Sahayakulu

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CM Sri KCR's Rakhi Gift: Salary Boost and Support for Mahila Sangham Sahayakulu

Honourable CM Sri KCR’s Rakhi festival gift for Mahila Sangham Sahayakulu (Village Organization Assistants – VOAs)

  • CM decides to enhance their salaries to Rs 8,000 per month. Government Orders (GO) issued  
  • CM Sri KCR gives nod to the release of funds for uniform and to amend renewal policy.
  • CM responds positively for life insurance.

On CM Sri KCR’s direction, Minister T Harish Rao, along with cabinet colleagues Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Sabita Indra Reddy, Satyavathi Rathod held a meeting with VOA representatives . Harish Rao informed. CM Sri KCR’s decisions to them.

Ministers handed over a copy of the order to the representatives of the Women’s Associations.

Happy with the enhancement of salaries, VOAs tied rakhis to the ministers and said they were indebted to CM Sri KCR for supporting them. 

As a Rakhi festival gift, Honourable Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao decided to increase the salaries VOAs on Thursday. As per the CM’s decision, the VOAs salaries increased to Rs 8,000 per month. Thus, 17,608 IKP Women’s Associations (VOA) working across the state will be benefited. The increased wages will be effective from September. The government will incur an additional burden of Rs 106 crore by increasing the salaries of the VOAs. However,   CM Sri KCR decided to enhance salaries generously aiming for the welfare of the women community . 

The CM also accepted other pleas:

CM Sri KCR took the decision to increase VOAs salaries, provide funds for their uniforms and implement the renewal process every one year in the place of three months . The CM also responded positively to the request of VOAs to implement life insurance scheme for them.

CM Sri KCR decided to provide funds of Rs 2 crores for uniform dress every year. The CM also took the decision to enforce the job renewal policy every one year in the place of three months.  Responding positively to the request to provide life insurance , the CM ordered Panchayat Raj Minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao to study the relevant regulations and submit a report.

The VOA representatives said that no government has taken care of them in the past . They owed   CM Sri KCR for addressing their grievances and enhanced their salaries. 

Ministers T Harish Rao, Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Sabita Indra Reddy, Satyavathi Rathore, PR Principal Secretary Sandeep Kumar Sultania, SERP CEO Gautam Potru, representatives of VOA women’s groups and others participated in this programme.

VOAs Salary Hike Details :

In the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, VOAs extended their services voluntarily to the Self Help Groups in the financial aspects and compiling the data. They were given a meager Rs 2000 honorarium . After the formation of Telangana state,   CM Sri KCR recognized the VOAs services to the society and started giving Rs 3,000 monthly honorarium from 2016. The Government also applied the PRC to the VOAs and enhanced their salary to Rs 3,900 on humanitarian grounds. With this, the VOAs have been receiving Rs 5,900 which includes Rs 2,000 from the Self help groups. Concerned over their hardships, CM Sri KCR took the decision to increase their salaries as a Rakhi festival gift for VOAs in the state.