77th Independence Day Celebrations

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Wish you happy Independence Day to all the people of Telangana state. On this occasion, I pay humble  tributes to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives and liberated India from  the British colonial rule.

Last year, we celebrated the  diamond Jubilee celebration of India’s Independence day with a grandeur. Today, we are organizing the valedictory of diamond Jubilee celebrations  with the same spirit. On this occasion, the state  government  organised various programmes to create awareness on patriotism in everyone’s heart. I request all the people of the state to participate in these programmes and make them successful.

Although India achieved a significant progress for the last 75 years, we have not yet achieved the expected goals and fulfilled the aspirations. India is blessed with abundant natural resources and hardworking people. The resources are not being utilized effectively due to the incompetence and lack of vision of the rulers. In spite of having everything, people are facing the hardships.  Dalits, Adivasis, Minorities and the Weaker sections are still languishing in poverty.

I humbly plead that the fruits of development should reach everyone and then only the  spirit of freedom is fulfilled. We achieved statehood for Telangana in a non violent and peaceful manner in the same spirit India attained freedom.

All sectors in the  Telangana were destroyed in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh rule.Telangana is  subjected to severe discrimination and exploitation because of the submissive attitude of the Telangana leaders before Andhra rulers. As a result of a united  protracted people’s struggle , the dream of Telangana is fulfilled.

It is still heart-wrenching if we recollect the plights of Telangana ten years ago. Barren lands, dried up ponds and rivers. depleted ground water levels, regular power cuts, farmers succumb to snake bites , peasants suicides , weavers died in despair, migrations for livelihoods, starvation deaths ,  Porridge centres are visible in every corner of Telangana region in United Andhra Pradesh.

The BRS government assumed  power in the midst of such untenable conditions and taken up the responsibility of rebuild the Telangana state with utmost dedication.  The Government’s tenacious hardwork  with honesty, and  commitment and continuous intellectual support helped  to bring the  destructed Telangana on the path of the  development.

Since the government is aware of the   needs and aspirations of the people, it brought reforms in every sector accordingly. The Telangana state achieved wonderful results within a  a short period. Telangana has been placed  at top position in the country in many fields. With a visionary perspective, transparent policies,  the government brought a new era in development and welfare. It is a proud moment that Telangana reached to the stage of  “Telangana Practices – Nation Follows” in just one decade time.

Today,  Telangana  is shining with continuous electricity supply. Crop yielding is high with abundant irrigation facility. Water Bodies are brimming with flows even during summer. . Streams, and check dams  are overflowing. Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation scheme is providing abundant river Godavari water through canals and reservoirs.  With the yield of three crore tonnes of paddy, today Telangana is flourishing as the main  source of Rice for the country. Everyone astonished at the Telangana’s unprecedented progress in the past decade. I heartily request the people of Telangana to extend their full strength of blessings so that this wonderful progress continues in this manner.

There are two dominant indicators used to measure the progress of a country or a state.

1. Per capita income

2. Per Capita Electricity Consumption

Telangana is ranked number 1 in the country in both of these.

After formation of Telangana,  government strengthened the financial situation with strict discipline. Wealth has  increased  and distributed to the people. The new state of Telangana surpassed big states in the country with a per capita income of 3 lakh 12 thousand 398 rupees.


Similarly, per capita electricity consumption exceeded the national average of 1,255 units. With an average consumption of 2,126 units, which is 70 percent higher than the national average, Telangana has become No. 1 in the country in terms of per capita electricity consumption.

Telangana is an inspiring success story in the power sector. In no time, Telangana has emerged as the only state which provides 24 hours free quality electricity to agriculture. The revolutionary development in the field of electricity impacted all other sectors. Uninterrupted  power supply served as the driving force for the state to move on the path of progress.


The state experienced exceptionally heavy rains last month. The government has been predicting heavy rains from time to time and taking precautionary measures. Well-trained personnel, boats, NDRF teams and helicopters of the Indian Air Force pressed into service to rescue the people stranded in the flood water. The victims have been shifted to safe places. Relief camps have been established and supported the victims. The government  released Rs 500 crore for immediate relief measures. Despite the unexpected rains and floods, the government took prompt action to prevent loss of life and property.

Government provided  financial support to the families of those who died due to heavy rains. Government extended  assistance to the dwellers of the damaged houses under Griha Lakshmi Scheme. Enumeration of crop damages are underway.

The heavy rains helped to fill the deficit rain fall reported in June and July. All the reservoirs in the state are brimming This time, paddy cultivation is expected to increase to a record 64 lakh 54 thousand acres. We are making arrangements to supply seeds and fertilizers abundantly so that farmers whose crops have been damaged can sow the  seeds again. On this occasion, I would like to inform the victims that the government will stand by them all the time.


Telangana is  a role model for the country where the farmer welfare is accorded top priority . The BRS government has taken various measures to  rescue Telangana from  the agricultural crisis created in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. Immediately after the formation of Telangana, the crop loans of the farmers were totally waived  off.  After coming to power for the second time,  the government waived crop loans again. A total of Rs 37,000 crores of crop loans of farmers have been waived off in two phases over a period of nine and a half years. I am proud to announce that there is no other government in the country  which has made the farmers debt free in this manner. I respectfully state that there is no other state in the country that can match Telangana in terms of farmer welfare. The government of Telangana has created a golden era in the irrigation sector through the construction of Mission Kakatiya,  completion of all pending projects, construction of large lift projects like Kaleshwaram, construction of other medium and small projects, and the linking of ponds with the projects. With welfare measures like 24 hours free electricity, timely supply of fertilizers and seeds, Rythu Bhandu, Rythu Bhima,  crop loan waiver etc., the government  stabilized the agriculture sector wonderfully and unveiled an unprecedented era  in the history of the agriculture sector of India.  Under the BRS rule, farming sector witnessed substantial development.

Paddy yielding reached 3 crore tonnes. Telangana, which ranked 15th in paddy  production in the United Andhra, is now competing with Punjab for the top slot  in the country. When the Telangana state is achieving such a high level in development, some people are criticising without any knowledge  about the farmer’s welfare measures.

Some leaders are making undue  comments that three hours of electricity supply is enough for agriculture. I believe that people will respond appropriately to their anti-farmer attitude.

The Government started the construction of the Palamuru Ranga Reddy Lift Project to alleviate the hardships of the farmers of Rangareddy district along with Palamuru which has suffered terrible hardships in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. Palamuru is known for migration for livelihoods.

The opposition leaders exposed  their vexatious mentality by filing cases in Green Tribunals to halt this project which provide irrigation facility to 12 lakh acres and provide drinking water to 1200 villages. They are ready to exploit the people of Palamuru Rangareddy districts for their petty political interests. The continued efforts of the BRS government, with the belief that justice will always prevail, paid off. The cases filed by the opposition with a seditious mindset struck down. I am happy to inform that environmental clearances have recently been obtained for the construction of Palamuru Rangareddy lifts. The government is starting the construction of irrigation canals as soon as the major obstacle to the construction of the project has been removed. I promise that the BRS government will persevere and complete the upliftment project very soon and make Palamuru Rangareddy districts complete green with crops . I request to start pumping water to reservoirs for drinking water needs in next few days.


On the occasion of the decennial celebrations, the Telangana government fulfilled the long-standing wish of the tribals.  The government provided a permanent solution to the problem of podu lands . 1 lakh 50 thousand adivasis and tribals have been given ownership rights on more than 4 lakh acres of podu lands.

Crop investment assistance is  also provided to all of them by applying the Rythu Bandhu Scheme.Cases  registered against  tribals who fought for the ownership of Podu lands also removed.


In the past, the houses  given by the government to the poor was only a congested  room. The BRS government is building two-bedroom houses and providing them free of cost  to maintain the self-esteem of the poor.

The government is providing  one lakh double bedroom houses which are ready for inauguration in Hyderabad city to the deserving poor from today. The government is implementing  Grilahakshmi for the poor who have their own land and not afford to build a house. Under this scheme, financial assistance of three lakh rupees is provided to the beneficiaries for the construction of houses in three phases.

3,000 people in each constituency will  benefit in the first phase. The government provided five percent reservation for the disabled in the Grilahakshmi scheme.


Telangana is the only state in the country which  has completely addressed  drinking water crisis. Under the Mission Bhagiratha scheme, the government is providing taps to all the households in free of cost and supplying safe drinking water.There is no need to hold dharna for drinking water and women need not to go out and wait for hours for a pot full of water . Mission Bhagiratha has received many awards and accolades including National Water Mission Award and Jal Jeevan Award. The Center  announced that Telangana is  a fluorosis free state.


From Dalits to Brahmins, Telangana is achieving inclusive development by providing welfare benefits to the poor of all sections of the society .  Dalit Bandhu scheme is being implemented for the self-reliance of the Dalits who have been struggling in poverty for generations and are  discriminated . Dalit Bandhu is a guiding force to   the country as the largest cash transfer scheme in the world. The success stories of families who  benefited from this scheme already hit the headlines in the country today.

The government is providing a huge financial assistance of 10 lakh rupees as 100% grant for Dalit family to take up the profession or business of their choice and  15% reservation for Dalits in profitable businesses with government license. The government is also setting up a Dalit Protection Fund to help the beneficiary family in case of financial distress. Similarly, the government provides financial assistance in the form of a grant of one lakh rupees to the families of the weaker sections and poor  minorities.

The government increased the amount provided under the Dhupadipa Naivedyam scheme to temples from Rs 6,000 to Rs 10,000 and  also increased the number of temples to which the scheme is applicable.

To strengthen the rural economy, the government has taken measures such as large-scale distribution of sheep to Golla Kurmas and fish farming for fishermen. Tax imposed on Toddy extracting  trees abolished. Old dues waived off. 15 percent reservation is being  implemented for the Gowda community in the allotment of licenses for liquor shops. 5 lakh insurance has been provided to Toddy Tappers on the lines of Rythu Bima.


The government paid a special focus on solving the problems of weavers and  implemented many welfare schemes for them. 50 percent subsidy on yarn chemicals is provided to support the weavers . It has been decided to implement a new scheme called “Telangana Cheneta Maggam” to provide  Insurance of 5 lakh rupees without any burden .


After achieving Telangana state, the BRS government enhanced the pension amount  with a humanitarian perspective. The life security pension for the destitute has been increased from Rs 200 to Rs 2,016. As of 2014, the number of Asara beneficiaries was only 29 lakhs. Today the number of beneficiaries receiving Asara pensions is 44 lakhs. The Telangana government also provided pension facility to the elderly, widows, disabled, beedi workers, single women, Filaria  victims and dialysis patients. The age limit for getting pension has been reduced from 60 to 57 years. The government has recently increased the pension of disabled persons from Rs 3016 to Rs 4016.


After the formation of Telangana, the government has been providing Rs 1500 crore  per year in the budget to strengthen the TSRTC   and the welfare of the staff. As a result of the reforms made by the BRS government, the RTC  is achieving good results. The  BRS government has taken a decision to merge 43, 373 RTC employees with the government with the aim of protecting the RTC organization and ensuring the welfare of the staff working in it. Some narrow minded political forces tried unsuccessfully to block the RTC bill. Inspite of it,  the RTC Bill is  successfully adopted in the Assembly. The families of RTC employees are full of happiness.


There were only three medical colleges in the Telangana region at the time of formation of Telangana state.

Among these, Osmania and Gandhi Medical Colleges were  existed even before the formation of the United Andhra state. Under the pressure during the Telangana movement, The rulers of the united AP state  established medical colleges in Adilabad and Nizamabad.

The BRS government took a policy decision to establish a medical college and a nursing college in each district and created history by opening 21 medical colleges in a short span of time. The cabinet has recently approved the establishment of 8 more medical colleges. These will also be started soon and the government is going to complete the target of setting up a medical college in every district of the state. The services provided in the field of medical and healthcare and the schemes implemented are  giving the  excellent results. Telangana has become the leading state in the country in the field of medical  and health.

The Kanti Velugu  programme brought cheers in many lives who are suffering from eye related ailments. The  establishment of free dialysis service centers, free diagnostic centers,  distribution of KCR nutrition kit, KCR kits, establishment of Basti Dawakhanas, Village Dawakhanas etc gave  wonderful results.

We are building four super specialty hospitals on four sides of Hyderabad city to meet the increased medical needs. The construction of a super specialty hospital with a capacity of more than two thousand beds at a cost of Rs  1100 crores in Warangal city is going on at a fast pace. We are expanding “NIMS” by setting up another 2 thousand beds. I recently laid the foundation stone of the new building to be constructed for this purpose. We have recently started 466 new vehicle services with the intention of increasing 108 and 104 services. These vehicles are available to the public within 15 minutes of calling.


The lack of a policy for the care of orphans in the 60 years in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh is unfortunate. The government of Telangana with a humane approach  fully accepted the responsibility of taking care of orphaned children.

Designating them as “State Children” the “Orphan Policy” is formulated in a high and noble manner. Henceforth , the state government will admit the orphans. The government is responsible for providing full protection to orphaned girls, educating them and provide  job and employment opportunities.


Telangana is also far ahead of other states in terms of welfare of state government employees. I am happy to announce that Telangana employees are the highest paid workers in the country today. As soon as the state came into existence, special increment was given to the government employees. So far 73 percent fitment has been provided by the two PRCs. The Telangana government is credited with providing better fitness to the employees even at a time when the Corona pandemic had a severe impact on the state economy. For the first time in history, along with government employees, the wage hike has also been applied to contract and outsourced staff. I myself announced in the recent Assembly session that the new PRC will be constituted soon.  The salaries of the employees will be increased and the interim relief  will be paid till then.

   The BRS government set the things right in  the Singareni  which was made a loss making company in  the previous governments. The company  increased its turnover from 12 thousand crores to 33 thousand crores. I am very happy to inform that Rs 1000 crore will be distributed to the Singareni workers this time as a bonus for Dussehra and Diwali festivals.


Called by outdated names like Neerati, Maskuri and Lashkar, the Telangana government has given status to the  VRAs as government employees. The VRA system is considered a remnant of the feudal system. Payscale has been implemented by streamlining their services. The government has sanctioned 14,954 new posts to adjust all of them in various departments of the government based on their educational qualifications and abilities.


The government  also decided to regularize the services of panchayat secretaries who play a vital role in the development of villages. I request the panchayat secretaries to continue their  efforts with double-edged enthusiasm so that the villages of Telangana will be qualitatively changed and develop more with the participation of the people.


The Telangana government is implementing a strategic road development program at a cost of 67 thousand 149 crore rupees to avoid traffic congestion and make it a signal free city in the metropolis of Hyderabad.  Development of 42 main  roads, flyovers, underpasses and ROBs have been undertaken under the SRDP. Most of these have been completed and are available to the public. The government  also completed the construction of 22 link roads at a cost of 275 crore rupees. The government decided to expand the Metro Rail in all four directions of the Hyderabad in accordance with the growing public transport needs. A plan has been prepared to expand the metro rail to connect Hyderabad from all the junctions around ORR and reach directly to the airport by spending more than 69 thousand crore rupees. The goal is to complete these constructions in the next three to four years. With the new proposals, the metro facility in Hyderabad will expand to 415 kilometres.


Today,  Telangana villages and towns are thriving with good infrastructure, cleanliness and greenery by implementing the rural and urban development programmes. Our villages and towns are bringing glory to our state at the national level. It is a matter of great pride for the state that the representatives of our local organizations recently received 13 national awards at the hands of the India  President.


There is no other state that can match Telangana in terms of Gurukul education. Today there are more than a thousand Gurukula Junior Colleges in the state. A new history created.

To make the future citizens of India strong and healthy, the Telangana government is providing food with fine rice  to the students in the hostels and under the mid-day meal scheme in all the schools. The government also increased the diet charges of the students.

In the name of Mana Uru – Mana Badi, Mana Basti – Mana Badi, the government is equipping more than 26 thousand schools  with all facilities. With various incentive measures taken by the government, all the schools in the state are achieving good results in passing.

The government is offering an overseas scholarship of 20 lakh rupees with the noble intention that no poor student should stay away from higher education due financial distress. Today, thousands of students are pursuing higher studies in various countries with the financial assistance of the government, which is proof of the success of the government.


The government has undertaken administrative reforms to decentralize the administration and bring it closer to the people. New Districts, Revenue divisions, Mandals, Municipalities and Corporations have been formed. Integrated Collectorates with all facilities have been built in all districts. Fulfilling the long-standing wish of the tribals, the Thandas and Gudas upgraded as Gram Panchayat


The Telangana government introduced an unique TSIPASS Act ,as a guide force for the country,  by approving application without delay  and corruption to set up the industries. 24 hours continuous electricity also set a new trend in the industrial sector. Today, Telangana has become a destination for national and international investments and a haven for industries. New industries have come to the state with investments of 2 lakh 51 thousand crores. 17 lakh 21 thousand people got employment in the last nine and a half years in the industrial sector.

Telangana stands out in the field of IT as well. While there were 3 lakh 23 thousand 39 IT employees in the state before the formation of Telangana, more than 6 lakh jobs were created after the formation of the state. As of 2014, IT exports were 57 thousand 258 crore rupees, and from 2014 to 2023 it has increased to 2 lakh 41 thousand 275 crore. Expanding the IT sector to second-tier cities like Khammam, Warangal, Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Mahbubnagar, Siddipet, the government has also built IT towers. Thus,  the development is also decentralised.


With the motto of  ” create  wealth – distribute  to the people”, the multi-dimensional poverty index released by NITI Aayog has made it clear that “as a result of the policies followed by the Telangana government, poverty is decreasing and per capita income is increasing in Telangana”. Compared to the average poverty recorded at the national level, poverty in Telangana is one third of that. The  report says that the poverty rate in Telangana which was 13.18 percent in 2015-16 came down to 5.88 percent in 2019-21. It means , 7.3 percent of poverty has reduced in the state.

The BRS government is progressing towards comprehensive, inclusive and integrated development. It adopted  a comprehensive approach by creating infrastructure in both rural and urban areas simultaneously. It is providing welfare benefits to all, starting from the Dalit community, the weaker sections, the peasantry to the upper caste poor, and achieving inclusive development. Reforms are introduced in the  administration to ensure  decentralisation and reached at people’s doorsteps. Similarly, it is decentralising development by expanding industries to rural areas. It gives equal priority to development and welfare and supports the poor. Today , the people of other states of the country are also praising  Telangana’s development model. It is a matter of pride for all of us that the development model of Telangana is now widely discussed across the country. This is an undeniable proof of the talent and skill of the Telangana government.

Wishing you all a happy Independence Day once again. I hope that the entire Indian nation will stand united in carrying forward the spirit and values of the freedom struggle. I conclude by calling on the people of the state to make the India Independence Diamond Jubilee celebrations organized by the Telangana government a grand success.