Inauguration of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Telangana State Secretariat

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Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao inaugurated the iconic Dr. BR. Ambedkar Telangana State Secretariat building.

On this occasion, CM addressed a gathering of Ministers, MPs, MLAs MLCs, Secretaries and Heads of all the Departments and the Secretariat Staff in the new Secretariat premises.

CM Sri KCR’s speech highlights:

Congratulations to people representatives and all government officials. Today is a red letter day in the history of Telangana as the new state-of-the-art secretariat is inaugurated with fervour and much enthusiasm.

The marvel structure of the new Secretariat is the epicenter of the state administration. Today, I am blessed and fortunate that I inaugurated the wonderful new secretariat.

In the erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh, Telangana people struggled for everything. Telangana was haunted by a severe water crisis and the region is considered as most backward. The Planning Commission of India declared 9 districts of Telangana as a backward region (Expect Hyderabad).

Humble thanks to every official of the state government for realising the aspirations of the entire Telangana people. Towns and villages have been developed. The efforts put by the officials created wonders in the state administration.

Dr. BR Ambedkar‘s message for the development of all sections is a big inspiration to the state government. We fought peacefully by following Gandhian ideology and achieved a separate Telangana state. The Architect of the Indian Constitution DR BR Ambedkar’s vision of enshrining article 3 in the constitution helped the creation of Telangana state.

The giant statue of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar adjacent to the State Secretariat will always inspire the state government officials who discharge their duties to fulfill the aspirations of the people.

During the Telangana movement, many anti Telangana forces created trouble after the formation of Telangana, many debates took place. Political rivals raised many doubts and criticized the government’s vision and plan to reconstruct the new state of Telangana.

Some Political ”Lilliputs” created hurdles to the construction of the new Secretariat by demolishing the old building in the same place. Government did not take serious note and moved forward and built the state secretariat which is one of a few wonderful government structures in the country.

Soon after came to power in 2014, the Telangana government rededicated and started reconstructing Telangana in every sector. The Telangana state has become a role model and guiding force for the country in the welfare and development sectors.

All the water bodies are revived and ponds are brimming with water even during peak summer. This is called reconstruction of the state and all the political adversaries should open their eyes and witness the development in the state.

Rivers, Rivulets and Canals are flowing in Telnagana but no water for drinking and irrigation in the erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh. He struggled to identify a single drop of water when he was traveling Karimnagar and Warangal districts. He hardly finds water to drop coins to seek the blessings of Goddesses for the well being of Telangana state.

Today, Telangana has built World’s largest Kaleshwaram lift irrigation scheme. The project is an engineering marvel. Check Dams helped to restore the water bodies and made available water in the summers also. Irrigation facility is provided in the barren lands in the Telangnaa state.

Out of 94 lakha acres of paddy cultivation, Telangana alone cultivated in 56 lakh acres in the country in the second crop season. Construction of the Kaleshwaram, Palamuru and Sitarama lift irrigation scheme is called the reconstruction of Telangana.

Today, there is no power crisis in Telangana. Round the clock power supply is provided to all sectors. Farmers are living with pride and it is the result of the reconstruction of Telangana.

The growth of Villages and Towns is phenomenal. The Telangana won all time record Panchayat award presented by the Union Government recently.

Forest cover depleted fast in United Andhra Pradesh. After the bifurcation, Forest growth in Telangana is incredible. Migrated workers from Palamuru district returned to their native places and reached to the level of providing employment to migrated workers from other states of the country.

The fluorosis crisis is addressed permanently. Potable drinking water is provided to every household through Mission Bhagiratha. 33 districts have been created for administrative convenience which is part of the reconstruction of the Telangana state.

We demolished the old structures and built administrative people friendly government offices.

Comprehensive development is taking place in the state. The new Industrial policy is attracting huge investments in the Telangana state and Hyderabad is surpassing Bengaluru in IT sector. With the efficient police machinery, there is no law and order problem and no communal disturbances in the state since the formation of Telangana in 2014. Telangana police stand as a role model in the country.

Integrated markets, Dumpyards, solid waste management, green cover and graveyards are the growth indicators of the towns in Telangana. Hyderabad is developing fast on par with international standards, Flyovers and underpasses in Hyderabad created a comfortable life for all and it is called the reconstruction of Telangana.

Super specialty government hospitals in four corners of Hyderabad, the reconstruction of famous Yadadri Temple were done in a just eight year time. It is the live evidences of the reconstruction of the new Telangana state.

The per capita income of Telangana is the highest among all states in India. Per capita power consumption is also high which are the growth indicators and good economic development. Per capita, power is increased above 2000 units from 1100 units in 8 years’ time.

Aasra pension beneficiaries are happy. My humble thanks to the contracting agency, R and B minister and engineering staff for completing the new secretariat building fast. My heartfelt thanks with folded hands to all the workers from other states for their contribution to the secretariat construction.

Telangana State government officials are an inspiration the country. The Dharanai portal is doing wonders in addressing land issues. All the development fruits are reaching everyone. Thank You. Jai Telangana, Jai Bharat.