CM inspected the crops damaged by untimely rains and hailstorms

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao visited Khammam, Mahabubabad, Warangal and Karimnagar districts on Thursday to inspect the crops damaged by untimely rains and hailstorms and gave great assurance to the farmers. The CM’s visit to greet the farmers at every step regardless of the red sun and inspecting the damaged crop gave the farmers big relief. CM KCR assured that the government will support the farmers in all ways, which gave a great relief to the farmers.

On Thursday morning, CM reached Begumpet Airport from Pragathi Bhavan. From there, he visited Khammam Mahabubabad, Warangal and Karimnagar by helicopter. They went on a whirlwind tour from morning to evening under the scorching sun, instilling courage in the farmers who lost their crops. CM assured them that I am aware of the difficulties of the farmers every day. He encouraged the farmers saying if you are brave, I will be brave.

In RK Thanda of Mahabubabad district, the farmers who saw him eating lunch in the bus thought that CM was one of them. They were excited to see the scene of them doing agricultural work and eating under the trees. They felt that the Telangana farmers are fortunate to have a Rythu Bandhu as their ruler. The farmers of Telangana surprised as CM, whom they adore so much, came to know about their problems. The farmers got emotional saying courage to each other that they once again believed that CM would take care of them. The incredible moments of Telangana peasants celebrating with CM KCR’s eyes filled with tears have been recorded in history today.

Khammam District Tour Details:

As part of the tour of four districts, CM first reached Ramapuram village of Bonakal mandal in Khammam district. First, crops damaged by hailstorm along with untimely rains were examined through aerial survey. After that, the CM inspected the Maize crops that fell to the ground on the Garlapadu road. CM discussed the crop damage with the farmers. After examining the photo exhibition arranged on crop damage, the CM learned the details of crop damage from the officials and then participated in the press meet.

Press meet of CM held in Khammam district – Highlights:

• During the monsoon, 2 lakh 22 thousand 250 acres of all crops were damaged in the state.
• Mainly maize 1,29,446 acres, paddy 72,709 acres, mango 8,865 acres, other crops 17,238 acres were damaged.
• Farmers do not get much according to the central government code.
• We have completed pending projects in Telangana state by investing on a very large scale. Many new projects are being completed and some are in the process of completion.
• Telangana is number one in the country in terms of per capita income.
• We also have the highest per capita income than the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
• Per capita income of Telangana is 3 lakh 5 thousand.
• The role of agriculture in the growth of GSTDP is very large.
• Agriculture sector provides employment to lakhs of people in various forms.
• Let’s make Telangana state a wonderful agricultural state.
• Telangana alone, Paddy is cultivated in 56 lakh acres. It is a matter of pride for us.
• Farmers are requested not to despair. The government will support you.
• There is no system in this country. There are only insurance companies that make a profit and no relief to the farmers in case of crop loss.
• The present and previous Central Governments are the same. The centre is fell on deaf ears to the state’s demands.
• The country needs a new agriculture policy.
• BRS gives overall agricultural policy.
• In case of such a catastrophic situation, the Center’s attitude is like dogs barking at the robbers.
• The present central government is acting very wickedly. It is acting as if there are no farmers and no people except politics in the country.
• In the past reports were sent to the center but not even a single rupee was given.
• We will protect our farmers.
• The center pays Rs.3,332 per acre for maize, Rs.5,400 for paddy and Rs.7,200 for destruction of mango plantations. It doesn’t fit any corner.
• The Telangana government will provide free electricity, irrigation water, cancel the previous irrigation cess and support it in many ways, the agriculture will be strengthened and developed.
• Many people find employment in the mills. Jobs are also available in the transport sector.
• For the first time in the country, the Telangana government will provide Rs.10,000 per acre for relief and rehabilitation measures.
• Orders will be issued to support the tenant farmers as well.
• Government of Telangana is a former friendly government. Farmers should bounce back like rubber balls.
• Farmers are requested not to lose courage.
• We are sanctioning Rs.228 crore immediately.

Ministers Sri Singireddy Niranjan Redda accompanied the CM in this program.

Warangal Tour Details:

CM, who reached from Reddykunta Tanda of Mahabubabad district to Aju Rangapuram of Duggondi mandal of Warangal district, inspected the crops damaged by hailstorm one by one in the surrounding villages. The CM carefully listened to the details given by the officials on crop damage. After that, he went to the crop fields himself and greeted the farmers. Farmers are aware of the problems. Later, the CM addressed the farmers. He assured the farmers that the government will support them in all ways. Later, after inspecting the damaged maize and paddy crops in the wild Rangapuram, KCR spoke to the farmers there for a while and assured them not to lose heart and that the government would solve the problems of the farmers.

CM’s speech to the farmers – Highlights:

• The region has been severely damaged by hailstorm. We have been working hard since Telangana formed and now we are struggling in the agricultural sector in the state.
• 24 hours power supply by providing irrigation water through the projects, the crops have grown abundantly and the income of our country has also increased.
• MLA Sri Peddi Sudarshan Reddy chased me saying that there should be a permanent link through Devadas for Pakala pond in Narsampeta constituency and insisted to complete the project. Today we are filling the Palaka pond and giving water to the second crop.
• We have secured projects and water. This hailstorm fell during the wonderful progress.
• I undertook this trip under to give you courage and stand by you.
• The Telangana peasantry must, under any circumstances, go ahead and never go back.
• Know how much I have been there for you in the past. Even now, I will be with you today, the government will provide support and assistance in all ways.
• The state government gives assistance which is not given anywhere else in the country. Center is not cooperating.
• With the intention of the state government to support the farmers, we have discussed with the Agriculture Minister Niranjan Reddy, Chief Secretary, high officials and public representatives and decided to provide assistance of 10,000 rupees per acre.
• Center has nothing to help, nothing we take.
• Farmers should not lose heart under any circumstances. I will be there for you.

State Panchayat Raj Minister Sri Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Agriculture Minister Sri Singireddy Niranjan Reddy, MP Smt. Kavitha, MLC, Rythubandhu Samiti State President Sri Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, Government Whip Sri Dhasyam Vinay Bhaskar, MLAs Sri Peddi Sudarshan Reddy, Sri Challa Dharma Reddy, Sri Nannapuneni Narendra, Sri Rajaiah, Chief Secretary Smt. Santhi Kumari, CM Secretary Smt. Smita Sabharwal, District Collector Ms. P. Praveenya and others participated.

After visiting Warangal district, CM left for visiting Karimnagar district.

Karimnagar District Tour Details:

Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrasekhar Rao said that the Telangana state government is a “farmer’s government” which is implementing many schemes and programs for the farmers with the aim of farmer welfare and comprehensive development of the agricultural sector. CM assured the farmers that they should be brave when natural calamities occur and that the government will help them in every possible way so that the farmers do not face any problems. After visiting Warangal District, CM reached Lakshmipur, Ramadugu Mandal, Choppadandi Constituency, Karimnagar District. Later, they reached the nearby farm of Devaranchandra Reddy, who is cultivating Musk Milan crop. The crop damaged by hailstorm was examined. Later, the damaged dragon fruit crop was also examined and the details of cultivated area and crop damage were inquired. On this occasion, the farmer Ramchandra Reddy said that in the past he had invested a large amount of money to build ten to fifteen boreholes but there was no result, after the completion of irrigation projects in Swarashtra, water is available in the boreholes less than 8 to 10 meters, and the CM brought to the attention of the CM that there is no problem in the matter of electricity. After that, the CM inspected the paddy crop next to it. Learned the details of cultivation methods and crop damage. On this occasion, the farmers appealed to CM saying “You sir are the courage of our farmers, please support us”.

Later, CM reached the mango farmer Sri Edavelli Rajireddy reached and learned the details of the crop damage due to the hailstorm. The details of investment and crop loss were inquired. He discussed with the farmers for a while about the use of fertilizers and irrigation methods. The Telangana government is a farmer’s government and they are doing many good programs for the farmers and the CM advised the farmers to be a little brave when natural calamities occur. On this occasion, Chief Secretary Smt. Santhi Kumari and Collector Sri RV Karnan ordered to coordinate the farmers and tenants who lost their crops and take steps to compensate them. After that, the CM reached the Ramadugu Rythu Vedika cluster and held a media conference, then reached the helipad and returned to Hyderabad.

Main points spoken by Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao in a press conference held at Rythu Vedika in Ramadugu Mandal headquarter in Choppadandi Constituency, Karimnagar District.
• Crop loss occurred in many districts.
• According to the report given by the district collector, a total of 2,28,258 acres have been damaged.
• Maize crops affected badly due to untimely rains and hailstorms
• 1,29,446 acres of Maize, 72,709 acres of Paddy, 8,865 acres of Mango plantations and Watermelon, Musk Melon, Tomatoes, Brinjals, various vegetables and crops totaling 17,238 acres have been damaged.
• It rained heavily. In Narsampet area, the entire crop damaged . The damage was high.
• Earlier in Telangana, there was a situation where the farmers lost everything due to crop damages in the heavy rains in the areas like Choppadandi, Narsampeta etc.
• Worse conditions prevailed in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh state
• Choppadandi was also a drought area and desert conditions prevailed
• State Government completed the Kaleshwaram project with great skill regardless of political allegations.
• Today, Telangana emerged as the highest Paddy grown state in the country.
• The total extend of Paddy fields in Telangana are 56 lakh acres. Other crops grown in about 20. 22 lakh acres.
• 84 lakh acres are under second crop with various other crops. There is no state in India like Telangana the farming sector has been strengthened.
• Government succeeded in stopping migration of farmers for livelihoods by strengthening the agriculture.
• Despite facing criticism, the Telangana government is protecting the farmers
• Provided Rythu Bandhu, Farmer Insurance, 24 hours free electricity, free irrigation water from projects like nowhere else in the country.
• Old water dues have also been cancelled.
• Cultivation has become possible in the fields located in the high attitude areas also.
• Such green crop fields were not seen in the past.
• Farmers are saying that the flood flow canal has become a reservoir and the ground water level increased and growing crops abundantly.
• Farmers said that since four or five years they have been earning good profits.
• Very happy when a farmer told that he will bear the loss this time.
• Rs.10 thousand per acre is announced for the first time in the history of the country.
• Centre is reluctant.
• They are coming in group and playing dramas in the state
• Will not ask the centre for help. They even don’t understand
• At least, there is no culture to understand the problem. No assistance from the centre so far. Centre did not extend any help when Hyderabad was flooded.
• Meteorological department officials are warning that there is a possibility of this natural calamity.
• We have been able to take the agricultural sector to a higher level by providing the Telangana farmers with facilities that are not available anywhere in the country.
• The GDP of our state has increased. Income is also increasing.
• People are finding work and the villages are flourishing with happiness.
• Do not lose confidence under any circumstances. KCR will be with you. The state government is ready to help .
• Be patient with natural calamities and don’t be complacent. You should work hard.
• CS already issued Government Order. Money will be given soon.
• Told the collectors to help the tenant farmers also in the crisis time. Help should be extended to them as per CS orders.
• We are doing this kind of help with good intention of not getting the farmers disturbed.
• Moving forward with good intention of sustaining the agricultural sector.
• Appealed to the farming community to be bold and move forward.

Ministers Sri Gangula Kamalakar, Sri Koppula Eshwar, Sri Singireddy Niranjan Reddy, State Planning Commission Vice President Sri Boinapally Vinod Kumar, MP Sri Joginapally Santosh Kumar, Rythubandhu Samiti Chairman, MLC Sri Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, MLC Sri Padi Kaushik Reddy, MLAs Sri Sunke Ravishankar, Sri Dasari Manohar Reddy, Chief Secretary Smt. Santhi Kumari, DGP Sri Anjani Kumar, CM Secretary Smt. Smita Sabharwal, Finance Special Chief Secretary Sri Ramakrishna Rao, Revenue Principal Secretary Sri Naveen Mittal, Agriculture Secretary Sri Raghunandan Rao, Collector Sri RV Karnan, TESCOB Chairman Sri Konduru Ravinder Rao, SC Corporation Chairman Sri Banda Srinivas, Civil Supplies Corporation Chairman Sri Ravinder Singh, ZP Chairman Sri Kanumalla Vijaya, Karimnagar Mayor Sri Sunil Rao, Sri Suda Chairman Sri GV Ramakrishna, District Library Corporation Chairman Sri Ponnam Anil Goud, Single Window Chairman Sri Veerla Venkateshwar Rao and others were present.