CM visit to Kondagattu Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao instructed the state government officials to renovate and develop the Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple as the most popular and greatest holy place among all Hanuman shrines in the country. After the Yadagirigutta Lakshmi Narasimha Swami temple, the sanctum sanctorum of Kondagattu Anjaneya temple will be promoted as a magnificent spiritual destination to enrich India’s spiritual glory.

CM decided to take up the expansion and development of the Kondagattu temple in accordance with the rules of Agama Shastra (manual for temple construction) so that it can be filled with spiritual beauty and meet the requirements of increasing the number of devotees visit to the most ancient historical Kondagatu Anjanna Devasthanam, which was built about 300 years ago. To this end, on Wednesday, the Chief Minister visited Kondagattu Anjaneya Swami Devasthanam and held a high-level review meeting.

Chief Minister left for Kondagattu by air as part of his visit to Kondagattu. After reaching the Kondagattu area, CM thoroughly inspected the surrounding areas of the temple through an aerial view. After that, CM reached the nearby Nachupalli JNTU helipad. The Chief minister is warmly welcomed by Ministers- Indrakaran Reddy, Koppulu Ishwar and Gangula Kamalakar. From there, the CM reached Kondagattu Anjanna Kshetram by bus. On entering the temple, CM is received by the temple priests with Purnakumbha and chanting of Vedic mantras. The temple priests offered Vedasirvachanam to CM. The Chief minister performed special pooja to lord Anjanna.

Later, CM along with public representatives and officials went around the temple surroundings on foot. A high-level review meeting is held in the conference hall of the temple premises.

Ministers, Sri Koppula Eshwar, Sri Indrakaran Reddy, Sri Gangula Kamalkar, MP Sri Divakonda Damodar Rao, Planning Commission Vice-Chairman Sri Vinod Kumar, local MLA Sri Sunke Ravi Shankar along with MLAs Sri Rasamai Balakishan, Sri Balka Suman, Sri Jeevan Reddy, Sri Sanjay, Sri K. Vidyasagar Rao, Sri Korukanti Chander are present in this review meeting. Legislative Council Chief Whip Sri Bhanu Prasada Rao, MLC Sri L Ramana, former MLC Sri Naradasu Laksha Rao, FDC Chairman Sri Anil Kurmachalam, Civil Supplies Corporation Chairman Sri Ravinder Singh, DCCB Chairman Sri Allola Srikanth Reddy, Sri Gellu Srinivas Yadav, CMO officers Sri Bhupal Reddy, Ms. Smita Sabharwal, R&B Officers Sri Ganapathy Reddy, Sri Ravinder Rao, Mission Bhagiratha ENC Sri Krupakar Reddy, Collector Ms. Yasmin Bhasha, Temple Stapati Sri Anandar Sai, Vastu Advisor Sri Suddala Sudhakar Teja, BRS State Leaders, Devadaya Department Officials, Temple EO Sri Venkatesh also participated in the review meeting.

CM said that “The most famous and greatest Anjaneya Swamy Temple in India will be built in Kondagattu with all state of the art civic amenities. The construction plans should be prepared to ensure the Hanuman devotees from all over the country visit and offer prayers without any hurdles. The development and expansion of the temple should be taken up in about 750-800 acres,” the chief minister suggested.

CM reviewed the location map with the MRO, RDO, Collector and Revenue officials regarding the land to be acquired to expand the temple to meet the needs of the devotees and the details of the land.

The Chief Minister advised the authorities to print books on Sthala Purana and ensure that Sthala Purana books of all the temples in the state are available. CM said that Kondagattu Anjanna is an assurance to the devotees who are suffering from mental problems and people believe that the devotees who come here will get rid of their difficulties.

On this occasion, CM himself explained to the officials about the Anjanna Sthala Purana of Kondagattu. “300 years ago, a devotee came to this hill. In his dream, lord Hanuman ordered the construction of a temple. When he requested the same to the Deshmukh of that area, Swami’s temple was built in tune with the then local conditions. Later, the temple was developed in a phased manner. But, the number of devotees increased and the temple is more crowded on Hanuman Jayanti, Deeksha time and other auspicious occasions. During the previous regime, the temple was deprived of drinking water also. After the launch of Mission Bhagiratha came, the water scarcity is solved”.

Hanuman devotees from different states including Telangana come here and practice Hanuman Deeksha. Large scale recitation of the Akhanda Hanuman Chalisa, Abhishekam and pooja programs are also performed. The officials are instructed to build a spacious hall to accommodate 50,000 people to perform all these programs.

The Chief Minister discussed with the officials about Koneru, Seethamma Kannidithara, Bethalaswamy Temple new Pushkarini, Kondalarayudi Gutta and other places on Kondagattu. CM said that keeping in mind the increasing number of Hanuman devotees, there is a need to expand this temple. The CM said that the reconstruction and development of the temple will be undertaken following the Vaishnava tradition. There is no dearth of funds for the restoration of Anjaneya Swamy and the government is ready to allocate Rs. 1,000 crore, the chief minister said.

CM has made it clear that the reconstruction and development works of Anjanna temple will be undertaken following the rules of Agama Shastra and Vastu by following careful observation, extensive meetings and reviews similar during the construction of Yadagiri Gutta temple. The Chief Minister ordered the officials to expand the rest of the temple without touching the sanctum sanctorum following the rules of Agama Shastra.

It is estimated that 10 lakh devotees will visit on Hanuman Jayanti in the future and ordered to take steps to provide facilities accordingly. The Chief Minister said that a specious facility should be developed where 50,000 devotees in Deeksha perform puja at one go. Construction of canteens, toilets, water facilities and all kinds of infrastructural facilities will be established. Keeping the future needs in mind, the Chief Minister told the officials to prepare plans to develop an electricity sub-station, dispensary, bus stand, spacious parking lot on 80 acres, construction of roads, pushkarini, water tanks, water supply, construction of cottages, Deeksha mandapam, Annadana Satram, Kalyana Katta, police station, etc,.

Officials and priests explained to CM that about 20,000 devotees visit Anjaneya Swamy on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. 2000 to 3,000 devotees visit on other days. The Chief Minister said that after the restoration of the temple, this number will increase to three or four times and the Yadagiri Gutta shrine is a proof of that.

The officials of the Road Buildings Department are instructed to construct the road where the devotees reach the temple. Construction of queues, transportation facilities and a wide main gate to avoid any trouble will be developed. It is suggested to develop the Ghat roads without any chance of accidents.

“Among all the holy places in Telangana, the Kondagattu temple is blessed with abundant forest wealth and natural beauty. Diseases can be cured by drinking water here. This forest is the lifeline to the temple. Let us not touch this forest. Don’t bother others. The Kondagattu Anjanna Sanctuary area will be converted like the Bandipur Sanctuary in the Nilgiri hills on the Mysore – Ooty road”, CM said. The Chief Minister suggested to Bhupal Reddy to take strong measures towards this end.

“Devotees visit Vemulawada, Dharmapuri, Kondagattu Anjana, Mid Manor during their pilgrimage in this area. They want to spend two to three days with their children to spend in the greenery area. The construction of cottages should be geared to accommodate visiting tourists and devotees. CM said that donors will be invited for the construction of cottages on the hill. Minister Gangula Kamalakar said that the cottage has already been built by his Swetha Granites company and now it will be rebuilt. The Minister requested to allocate suitable land for it. The Chief minister agreed congratulated Gangula Kamalakar. Like in the Yadagirigutta, Presidential suites and VVIP suites will be constructed by following Vastu.

“Hanuman, as a devotee of Rama, is not only a symbol of devotional beliefs. He is also a great orator. Hanuman is also a great sage. Our puranas also disclosed that Rama also said the same thing to many people,” explained the Chief Minister. Information about Hanuman will be provided and Kondagattu Kshetram will be designed to display the characteristics and qualities of Hanuman.

CM suggested that the arrangements at Sabarimala should be reviewed to overcome the problems of parking etc. when a large number of devotees arrive at the kondagattu temple. The Chief Minister said that 4 acres of land will be allocated for the construction of the temple.

CM suggested to the temple head Anand Sai that it will take at least 3 years to complete the construction of the temple. Till then, build the Balalayam by following the rules of Agama Shastra. Sculptors should be made ready to take up the work. The CM discussed the natural water flow from the top of the hill and the availability of water and its development.

The Chief minister inquired with the irrigation officials about the ponds around the hill. Pushkarinis will be arranged near Kalyana Katta. Separate pushkarinis for men and women will be constructed.

Secretary Smt. Smita Sabharwal and irrigation officials are instructed to take up the work of supply of water through pipes from the flood flow canal, which is two kilometers away from the Anjanna temple in Kondagattu. The Chief Minister ordered the officials to start the work immediately as the construction work has to be started with this water. The CM directed Smt Smita Sabharwal to take up appropriate work immediately.

With the development of temples, spiritual beauty is increasing day by day in the state. The devotees are greatly appreciating the temple management in the state. CM suggested the Endowment minister and officials utilize the financial resources provided by the state government and the donations for the restoration of the temples.

The Chief minister advised MD Manohar Rao to prepare plans for the construction of dormitories as part of the development of Kondagattu Anjanna Temple. After the darshan of the first Moolavirattu, CM suggested taking up the structures by following the circuit of Ammavaru, then Venkateswara Swami, then Bhethala Swami Darshan under the hill and Ramulavari Padukala Darshan.

In the meeting which lasted for more than two hours, CM gave instructions to the officers of all departments to take measures regarding the reconstruction, development and creation of infrastructure. The Chief Minister made it clear that he will embark on regular visits till the completion of the giant task.