Inauguration of Bhadradri Kothagudem Collectorate

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrasekhar Rao inaugurated the Bhadradri Kothagudem district integrated office complex on Thursday. CM, who reached Bhadradri Kothagudem by helicopter from Mahabubabad, is accorded a grand welcome by the district leaders and officials amid chanting of hymns by the Vedic Scholars. On this occasion, after receiving a salute from the police, in the presence of ministers, public representatives and officials, CM unveiled the inauguration plaque of Bhadradri Kothagudem District Integrated Office Complex. Later, the chief minister cut the ribbon and the new collectorate office was inaugurated. CM opened the District Collector’s Chamber by breaking a coconut amidst the chanting of Vedic scholars. CM made Bhadradri Kothagudem District Collector Anudeep sit on a chair and congratulated him by offering a bouquet. District Collector Sri Anudeep thanked CM by presenting the idol.

CM KCR’s main speech points at Bhadradri Kothagudem District public meeting- Highlights

• Congratulate all the people and officials of Bhadradri Kothagudem District for inaugurating the best-integrated district office complex in the state today. Sincerely want this office to work like a holy temple for the benefit of people

• Bhadradri Kothagudem district has been formed. Now the Collectorate is available. A medical college is established. Bhadradri Thermal Power Plant came up. Many more will come in the future.

• Singareni spread from Kottagudem itself and today it is a wonderful source of income and employment and a gold mine for Telangana.

• Thanks to the people of Khammam district who fought on a big scale when he was arrested illegally and put in the in the jail during the Telangana movement.

• The state of Telangana came into being with the blessings and the united struggle of all of you

The Telangana that existed eight years ago has no real comparison with today’s Telangana

• At that time, our per capita income was Rs 87,000. Today it is Rs 2.78 lakh.

• Back then, our GSDP was only Rs 5 lakh. Today our GSDP is Rs 11.5 lakh crore.

• Telangana is the number one state in India in per capita electricity consumption.

• Sanctioned medical colleges along with district administration centers in 33 districts. As a part of that, it is a happy moment that a medical college is sanctioned to the Kothagudem district as well.

• Telangana government is implementing many welfare programs.

• Irrespective of castes, religions and communities, the government considered the society as a temple and implement programs for the welfare of all.

• The government is implementing KCR Kit in a humane way, wishing for the well-being of poor women.

Even if there are no demands from the people, the government implementing wonderful programs.

• Telangana has become an example for the country by advancing in all fields.

• Along with the completion of Kaleswaram, the Sitarama project has been initiated so that every inch of the Khammam district gets water. If this is completed, the entire Khammam district will turn green.

• Constructing Seethamvari dam near Bhadradri temple with a storage capacity of 37 tmcs.

• Providing clean drinking water to every village, Tanda and Koyagudem with Mission Bhagiratha.

• Implementing programs to help a human being in some way from birth to death.

• Help extended to the poor with the help of MLAs under CMRF like no other state in the country.

•MLA Vanama Venkateshwar Rao is working hard for the development of the constituency. According to his request, Government is ready to pay any cost to remove the flood problem of Murredu river in Kothagudem town. Will take steps to solve this problem within a week or ten days.

• Will soon take action to allocate places in Singareni to journalists who did not get house plots earlier.

• For the development of 481 Gram Panchayats in Kothagudem District, the Chief Minister’s Special Fund will provide Rs. 10 lakh per grant. The funds will be available immediately.

• For the development of Kothagudem and Palvancha municipalities Rs. 40 crores each will given. For the development of Illandu and Manuguru municipalities, Rs 25 crore will be released soon.

The Mining Institute here has been declared an Engineering College. Since, it is not comprehensive, the government will develop it as a full-fledged engineering college.

• After coming to power eight years ago, government increased the state’s GSDP from Rs 5 lakh crore to Rs 11.5 lakh crore.

• At the same time, the state’s GSDP would have been Rs 14 lakh crore if the BJP led government at the centre had worked at least at our level. The centre is pursuing absurd policies. As a result, r Telangana state alone has lost Rs 3.5 lakh crore. If one state loses so much, how much will the rest of the country lose? I said the same thing in the assembly. People should think about it.

• The center, which is supposed to take care of all the people, divides the people, creates sectarianism and ignites hatred.

• If the Taliban culture reigns in the country, will there be investments… will there be jobs… will the existing industries remain stand.

• If there is an atmosphere like curfews, lathi charges and firing if unrest is stirred up, how corrupt will the society become.? You are observing all this.

• Request you all to discuss this matter with the elders for 10 minutes after going to your homes and in villages. As one lamp lights another lamp, consciousness spreads and the country benefits.

• It is not enough to think that Telangana is good. If the whole country is good then we will be good.

• Our progress also lies in the progress of the country.

• Water wars happen between states in this country. Why this fight? Is there no water?

• Today India is the only country in the world with the largest arable land. America, which is geographically bigger than us, has only 29 percent of agricultural land, while China has only 16 percent.

• If India’s land area is measured in acres, it is 83 crore acres. It has 41 crore acres of excellent cropland. India has three distinct types of agro-climatic conditions.

• We not only have wonderful sunlight, and wonderful water resources but also 139 crores of human wealth (population).

If 1 lakh 40 thousand TMC of rain falls in our country, 70,000 TMC of it evaporates, and the remaining 70,000 TMCs get into the rivers.

• Till now only 20,000 TMCs are used in our country. The remaining 50,000 TMC is going to the sea. And the water wars are happening for what reason?

• From the Congress of yesteryears to the BJP of today, whoever is ruling is playing the spectator role due to the misguided policies of the central government and bad water policies.

• A tribunal was set up in 2004 to settle Krishna water disputes in our state. To this day there is no progress.

• As of today, there is no proper water and electricity in Delhi, the capital of the country.

• This is not something to be dismissed lightly. Request to all young people, educated people and thinkers to think about this matter.

• The installed power capacity in the country is 4. 10 lakh megawatts. The country has never used more than 2. 10 lakh megawatts on any day.

• Power plants with 39,000 megawatt installed capacity in neighboring Chhattisgarh, Odisha were stopped due to various controversies.

• Today there is no situation of 24 hours electricity in any state except Telangana, not even in the Prime Minister’s own state.

• Fresh water, electricity, irrigation, and jobs are not provided. What else is given? Do you give lectures?

Parties are winning elections. Leaders are winning. This is not the right way. People should win elections. Not the parties. Unless there is a democratic process that upholds and upholds the promises made by the parties in the elections to the people, we will see the same myths and pastimes in this country, and justice will not be done.

• In the days to come if we want to save this country, the news of science from the vibrant state of Telangana should spread all over India.

• That is why we are going to hold a huge public meeting on the 18th of this month with big leaders. Appealed to all people to participate in a big way to save this country.

• With the blessings of all of you, in the same way, we are carrying out infrastructure development and public welfare programs in Telangana state irrespective of caste, religion, color and caste. We will move forward with everyone’s support.

• We will soon resolve the requests from legislators for the development of the Bhadradri Kothagudem district.

Jai Telangana – Jai Bharat

Ministers Sri P Ajay Kumar, Sri V. Prashant Reddy, MPs Sri Nama Nageswara Rao, Sri Oddiraj Ravichandra, Smt. Kavita Naik, MLCs Sri Palla Rajeswara Reddy, Sri Tatha Madhusudhan, MLAs Sri Vanama Venkateswara Rao, Sri Rega Kantha Rao, Sri Ramulu Naik, Smt. Haripriya Naik, Sri Mecha Nageswara Rao are present in this program. Sri Balka Suman, former minister Sri Tummala Nageswara Rao, Chief Secretary to Government Smt. A. Santhi Kumari, CM Secretary Smt. Smita Sabharwal, ZP Chairman Sri Koram Kanakaiah, former MLCs Sri Balasani Lakshminarayana, Sri Pula Ravinder, Chairman of Zilla Granthalaya Sri Sanstha D. Rajender, DCCB Chairman Sri K. Nagabhushanam, Collector Sri Anudeep, R&B ENC Sri Ganapathi Reddy, Construction Consultant Sri Suddhala Sudhakar Teja and others participated.