CM’s review on R & B and Pachayat Raj Departments

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao made it clear to the officials of State Roads and Buildings and Panchayat Raj Departments that the well built Telangana roads will undergo periodic repairs due to traffic pressure and maintenance works will be carried out continuously to ensure comfortable travel without potholes.

CM said that with the increased resources and self-productive power of the state, the quantum of development works is growing day by day after the formation of the Telangana state. The Chief Minister made it clear to the officials that in accordance with the qualitative progress taking place in the state, sufficient staff should be appointed at the field level and steps should be taken towards decentralization of responsibilities.

A high-level review meeting was held under the chairmanship of CM on Thursday on the development activities to be undertaken to strengthen the works at the ground level and an action plan under the purview of State Roads and Buildings Department and Panchayat Raj Departments.

Speaking on this occasion, CM said that, “Engineers should give up the traditional way and think dynamically and innovatively. Review the condition of the roads in the state and repair of roads damaged by rains and floods regularly. R&B and Panchayat Raj Departments are responsible for the continuous maintenance of the roads in a good condition. In this direction, the departments should enforce administrative reforms and recruit the engineers in more numbers at the field level,” said CM.

On the lines of other departments, the policy of ENC official system should be implemented in the R&B department as well. Territorial CEOs should also be appointed so that every 5 or 6 assembly constituencies will have one SE. The requirement of the number of SEs and the EEs should be finalized for the effective implementation of the works. According to the increasing work in the department, division of work should be done under competent supervision. The Chief Minister said that there is a chance to discuss and approve in the next cabinet meeting if the officials review this and submit a final report to the government.

“Many ways will have to be adhered to strengthen the State Roads Buildings Department and Panchayat Raj Departments. Re-distribution of responsibilities in the departments, repair and maintenance of roads (FDR) that have been washed away due to rains and floods, and allotment of funds towards the speedy execution of works by lower-level engineers for repairs and other works should be adopted. CM said that appropriate decisions should be taken by organizing workshops in this regard.

The Chief Minister said that the tenders for road repairs should be called and the activities should start within a week. CM ordered the minister and the higher officials to immediately focus on the related activities. The officials brought to the CM’s notice that the roads are being damaged by driving tractors with KG wheels in rural areas. Farmers, tractor owners and drivers should be made aware and strict regulations should be implemented in this regard.

The Chief Minister asked the engineers of the Panchayat Raj department to identify the damaged roads in their department and undertake repairs. If the construction of roads is stopped due to obstruction of forest lands, they should coordinate with the forest department to solve the problem. CM said that the production of material used for road works should be made in Hyderabad as center so that time and quality will be maintained. The CM advised the officials to take action in this regard.

The Chief Minister said that, like the state irrigation department, maintenance funds for R and B department have increased for the repair of the roads in the state. The Government will allocate the funds in such a way that the lower level engineers do not waste their time coming to Hyderabad for small work and spend the funds on their own according to the public needs. CM suggested the top officials discuss and finalize the fund allocations to the engineers in the rank of DEE, EE and SE in the R and B department. The officials have suggested that if the road maintenance work is to be efficient, it should also be decided which level of engineer should be entrusted with that responsibility.

The Chief Minister directed the officials of the Minister of Roads and Buildings to accord first priority to the repairs of roads damaged due to rains and floods and the repairs of normal roads. Like the Irrigation Department, the R and B wing should also prepare a software application to monitor the roads regularly. The tenders for repair works of roads across the state should be completed by the second week of next month. The field-level engineers will have the full details of where and how the roads have been damaged.

“The past situation in Telangana state is no longer there. The state developed a lot. With the support provided by the government, the number of tractors and harvesters are increasing day by day due to the progress made in the agriculture and allied sectors. Economically strengthened rural farmers are buying two-wheelers for their families’ transportation. In the present situation , roads are not empty like in the past. There is a need to take the maintenance of roads as a challenge in the face of constant stress. Vehicle traffic on the roads increased regardless of whether it is a rural or a town. It is the responsibility of the R&B and Panchayat Raj departments to keep the roads that are prone to collisions with the traffic of vehicles day and night, and to ensure that the transport is always convenient for the people,” CM said.

CM asserted the repair of roads should be considered a continuous process. Engineers should divide the work based on the road distance and prepare the reports. Special training centers should be established and workshops should be organized from time to time.

Special departments should be established in super specialties:

CM said that the newly constructed super specialty hospitals under the auspices of the state Roads and Buildings Department will be built robustly. The Chief Minister said that one floor will be allocated for ENT, Dental Ophthalmology and Departments in the super specialty hospitals which are being constructed in Warangal Hyderabad for the convenience of the people. On this occasion, the CM inspected the construction models of the hospitals. Constructions should be undertaken by providing special facilities for all departments with elevated floors. CM KCR directed the officials of R&B Department to prepare the designs as indicated. The Chief Minister said that new hospitals should be built in accordance with medical services for medical students and public. The Chief Minister ordered the officials to construct the super specialty hospital which is being built in Warangal as a challenge to the corporate hospitals.

Ministers Sri Vemula Prashant Reddy, Sri Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Sri V. Srinivas Goud, State President of Rythubandhu Samiti and MLC Sri Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, MLAs Sri Jeevan Reddy, Sri Balka Suman, Sri Pilot Rohit Reddy, Sri Danam Nagender, Sri Mainampalli Hanmantha Rao, CS Sri Somesh Kumar, CM Principal Secretary Sri Narsing Rao, CM Secretaries Sri Bhupal Reddy, Smt. Smita Sabharwal, Panchayat Raj Department Secretary Sri Sandeep Kumar Sultania, Commissioner Sri Hanmantha Rao, Sri Sanjeeva Rao, R&B Secretary Sri Srinivasa Raju, Sri Ravinder Rao, Finance Secretary Sri Ronald Ross, CM OSD Smt. Priyanka Varghese, Sri Satyanarayana Reddy, Advisor Sri Sudhakar Teja, CE Sri Ravinder Rao, Work agencies and other high officials are present.