Hoist national flag on every house

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On the eve of 75th India Independence Day celebrations, the state government has decided to celebrate “Swatantra Bharatha vajraotsava dwi saptaham” for two weeks, 7 days before and 7 days after the Independence Day.

Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao has instructed the officials concerned to organize slew of programmes emphasizing patriotism and educate the new generations about freedom fighters, their sacrifices and the fruits of freedom struggle enjoying the country. He instructed the officials to organize Door to Door flag hoisting, sports events, essay writing, Elocution competition, Kavi Sammelan (gathering of poets) and cultural programmes to infuse nationalism. CM said.

“Swatantra Bharatha vajraotsava dwi saptaham” 75 years Independence Day, diamond jubilee celebrations for two weeks:
CM said that the diamond jubilee celebrations will be conducted 7 days before and after the Independence Day on August 15. In all, the celebrations will be held for 15 days.

The Chief minister held a high-level review on conducting the “Swatantra Bharatha vajraotsava dwi saptaham” 2 week- diamond jubilee Independence Day celebrations at Pragathi Bhavan.

Speaking on the occasion, CM said that “The present generation should acquaint knowledge about the freedom struggle, sacrifices, the then national leaders and martyrs in the struggle. The independent India achieved many milestones in the 75-year time. India is flourishing as the biggest democratic country in the world. India should be moulded qualitatively as dreamt by the freedom fighters and authors of the Constitution. Every citizen has the responsibility to safeguard the democratic, secular and federal spirit. The Independent India is thriving in unity in the diversity by respecting multi cultures, languages and traditions. The cultural lifestyle in India is unique in the world. Unlike the last generation, present youth are not exhibiting patriotism and their emotions due to increasing technology and work pressure. The present situation needs to be reviewed. At this juncture, every Telangana citizen should take part in the diamond jubilee celebrations of Independence Day from village to town and spread the message of India’s glory as One India”, the chief minister said.

Hoist India flag at every Doorstep

CK said that the national flag should be hoisted on every house in the state. For that, 1.20 crore Tri -colour flags will made available. He instructed the officials to give orders to handloom and power loom workers from Gadwal, Narayanpet, Siricilla, Pochampally, Bhongir and Warangal to manufacture the flags. All government offices will hoist national flags. He directed the GAD officials to finalize modalities to organize the Independence Day celebrations. He said that every government vehicle should carry the national flag. The Chief minister said that government is ready to spend required money to print the national flags and campaign for patriotism. The Patriotism will help to create cordial relations between people.

The Chief Minister instructed Chief Secretary Sri Somesh Kumar to take all necessary steps to hoist national flags reflecting the patriotic spirit at all populated places, bus station, railway stations, cinema halls, shopping malls, star hotels in the cities, main junctions. He said friendly government programmes will be organized to improve cordial relations between employees and people. Cultural Programmes to create patriotism among employees will be organized.

Lit the Diamond jubilee flame (Vajrotsava Deepti)

CM instructed the officials to take steps to lit the diamond jubilee flame from village to towns under the supervision of Panchayat Raj and Municipal Administration departments. He also asked the officials to organize programmes to educate the students about the freedom fighters hailed from Telangana and other parts of the country.

India Independence – Diamond jubilee celebrations in educational institutions

The CM explained the officials about organizing independent India diamond jubilee celebrations for 15 days in all Gurukuls, private and corporate educational institutions, universities, PG and degree colleges etc. CM instructed officials to organize sports and games competitions, essay writing, painting, patriotic song competition, stage drams and cultural programmes to create awareness on patriotism. The education minister and Secretary have been asked to take steps in these directions.

Participation of All government departments: Committee to prepare modalities:

CM said that all departments including Police should take part in the prestigious 15-day independent India Diamond jubilee celebrations. The CM said that all departments should prepare daily schedule and implement the programmes for two weeks. He instructed Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar to constitute a committee to prepare modalities for this.

Print national flag symbol on letter heads

The Chief minister suggested MPs, MLAs, MLCs and also Sarpanch level people representatives including Chief Secretary level officials to print the national flag symbol on their official’ letter pads.
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