State Formation Day – 2022

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Honourable Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao’s speech on the occasion of Telangana State Formation Day:

My warmest greetings to the people in Telangana State on the occasion of the State Formation Day. If we analyze the rapid strides and progress that the State had made within a short span of eight years, it will unveil infront of our eyes a plethora of wonderful victories. Telangana state had registered the unimaginable victories, which no state in our country as a whole could not do so in 75 years.

It is a universal fact that there is absolutely no comparison with the situation that existed when the Telangana State was formed and the present-day conditions. In economic development,  the increase in Per Capita Income, in supplying free and quality power 24×7 to all sectors, in creating additional irrigation and drinking water, in welfare of the people, growth in IT and Industries and almost in all the sectors. Telangana State had become a role model to the country and it is a moment of pride for all of us.

The Telangana region which had unleashed a relentless struggle for 60 years for its own identity and existence, had reached the pinnacle of development and it stood with a sense of pride in the world. In short span of eight years, the Telangana State had become a manual for others in the country to follow. All this was possible with the blessings of people and the government employees who worked with commitment and dedication which is a fact and no one can deny.

With strict financial prudence and a perfect planning, we could increase our revenue resources. From 2014 to 2019, with 17.24 per cent average annual economic growth, Telangana State became number one in the country. Despite several obstacles and a deadly pandemic situation like Corona, Telangana State is making rapid strides in development.

The very fact that the Economic Survey of India in 2020-2021 had congratulated the Telangana, which could come out quickly from the crises of corona. This is a certificate for the Telangana State for its prudent fiscal management and financial discipline.

In the financial year 2013-2014, when Telangana State was formed, the State’s GSDP was Rs 5,05,849 Crore. By the financial year, 2021-2022 it went upto Rs 11,54,860 Crore. The state government is ensuring that for the increase in revenue, every penny is spent in a useful manner and incurring capital expenditure in a planned manner.

The Telangana state has also set a record of sorts in the increase of the Per Capita income. In 2014-2015, the state’s Per capita income in an average was Rs 1,24, 104, while it was increased in 2021-2022, to Rs 2,78, 833. This is a whopping 86 percent above the national average of Rs 1,49,848 rupees. It is an auspicious development that the Telangana State’s Per Capita income is being increased day after day than the Nation’s average.

The Telangana state went into the History books as the only State that put an end to the power problems once for all. I feel happy and take pride to announce that Telangana state is the only State in the country, which is supplying 24-hour uninterrupted quality power for all the sectors. Telangana State is only the state in the country, which is providing free power supply to the farmers. We all know that at the time of formation of the State, Telangana state had faced a power crisis, with power cuts, power holidays and with no nearby solution available then.

When the state was formed the installed capacity of power generation was only 7,778 MWs. With the efforts put in by the state government, now the installed capacity is 17,305 MWs. In the past eight years, in solar power, the state government had increased its capacity from a mere 74 MWs to 4,478 MWs, which is a record in itself. The Telangana state stood first in the country among other major states in Per Capita power Consumption.

In 2014, the Per capita power consumption in the State was 1,110 units and it is now increased to 2012 Units. When compared to the National Per Capita Power Consumption, it is 73 percent more.

Mission Bhagiratha
Telangana when it was a part of Andhra Pradesh, villages have struggled for want of both drinking and Irrigation water. Nalgonda district was known all over the world for wrong reasons as the district was suffering with fluoride problem for decades. People living in the district for generations have become the victims of fluorosis and left to their fate with broken, de-formed bones and other such fluoride related diseases. The moment Telangana State was formed the state government on a mission mode had launched the Mission Bhagiratha scheme to provide safe and pure drinking water to people in the state. It is a moment of pleasure and happiness for me to declare that today 100 percent habitations, households are provided with clean, pure and safe drinking water. Our government should be appreciated for successful completion of such a major scheme within a short span of time. Many have heaped praises on Mission Bhagiratha Scheme. It won the National water Mission Award. The Central Government has suggested other states to take Mission Bhagiratha as the role model and implement the same in their respective States. It is a moment of pride for all of us that representatives from several states, officials have visited the state and observed the way Mission Bhagiratha is being implemented.

There is no place in the state, where safe drinking water is said to be not available. Gone are those days, where large number of women standing in queues with their Vessels to collect drinking water. There are no fights over the drinking water. Mission Bhagiratha is a living example for the state government dedicated efforts to quench the thirst of masses.

Agriculture today a festival
The entire agriculture sector in the region is destroyed beyond any redemption due to discriminatory and ill conceived policies of the rulers under the united state. There was no water for irrigation and when wanted to depend on borewell, there is no power and there was no investment.

As part of my extensive tour of the state during the separate Telangana statehood movement, when I watched the situation at the ground level where the farmers have committed suicides due to debt trap, my heart was broken and I was stunned. I am terrible moved by the plight of farmers who were facing crisis despite the fact both Krishna and Godavari rivers flow through the very region. This is precisely the reason, why I concentrated more and focused on agriculture sector and for the welfare of farmers. By successfully bringing the needed reforms in the agriculture sector and introducing several innovative schemes for farmers, today Telangana State had become, “Sajala, Sujala, Sashyasyamala Telangana (The State had become the place where quality water is provided in sufficient quantities to make the state the most fertile land).

To lessen the farmers debt, schemes like waiver of Farmers loans, 24-hour free power, revival of tanks under Mission Kakatiya Programme, making availability of quality seeds, fertilizers  on time, taking stringent action against the supply of spurious seeds, creating a cluster of every 5000 acres and appointment of a Agriculture Extension Officer, construction of Rythu Vedikas, creation of threshing floors, creating Rythu Bandhu Samithies, providing the required input financial assistance under Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima policy for the dependent families of deceased farmers, completing the irrigation projects on fast track and making the water available for irrigation for free, waiver of the Water Cess dues and a host of other pro-farmer and pro agriculture initiatives proved that agriculture is not a waste but a festival. It is no exaggeration to state that Telangana State is the only state in the annals of 75 years of independent India, which extended a whopping Rs 50,000 Crore to farmers as input financial assistance for cultivating crops. Other states are now taking our schemes as ideal. 

In Telangana region, the chain of tanks that provided water for irrigation and drinking water purpose for thousands of years in Telangana farm sector, were destroyed, became useless under the negligence of the united rulers. They reached a dilapidated stage. Soon after formation of Telangana State, under Mission Kakatiya Scheme these water tanks were revived and revitalized and stabilised 15 lakh acres under them. In the tanks, the storage capacity was increased and these tanks were integrated with the Irrigation project canals. This had resulted in these tanks brimming with water to their full tank level even during the peak summer now. The ground water table has increased substantially. With the development of Tanks, fish culture increased by leaps and bounds resulting in fishermen earning decent profits.

We have completed on speed track the pending Kaluwakurty, Nettempadu, Koil Sagar, Bhima, Yellampally, and Mid Maneru. Devadula and other projects. Palamuru-Ranga Reddy, Sitarama, Dindi, Chanaka-Korata and other projects are going on speedily.

The construction of Kaleshwaram Project is a rare occasion in the history of the country. We have stunned the world by completing such a giant project within short period of three years. We have completed the biggest and largest Lift Irrigation project in the world in a record time, which was only possible in a country like China. Water is available in abundance in the areas under Annapoorna, Ranganayaka Sagar, Mallanna Sagar, and Konda Pochamma Sagar Reservoirs which are part of Kaleshwaram. The works on Baswapur Reservoir came to final stage.

The biggest reservoir among the Lift Irrigation projects in the world is Mallanna Sagar Reservoir. Its storage capacity is 50 TMCs. We brought Kaleshwaram waters to Mallanna Sagar and washed the feet of Lord Komuravelli Mallanna and fulfilled our vow. It is moment of pride for us for getting our Telangana state and making it a fertile one within a short period.

In 2014, water was available to irrigate 20 Lakh acres in the region. By 2021, the Telangana state government had created irrigated water facility to 85.89 Lakh acres. The entire Irrigation department was re-constituted by bringing  in all the major, minor, small irrigation schemes and projects, Canals, Tanks, Check Dams, Anicut’s, all irrigation related wings, small and major Lift Irrigation schemes, under one Umbrella. We are marching forward with renewed vigor to supply water to one crore acres in the State.

Dalita Bandhu a great Social movement
For the first time in the country, Dalit Bandhu scheme is being implemented in the state as a social reform movement aimed at development of Dalit community, which was subjected to discrimination in the earlier times. The government aim through the scheme is to liberate Dalits from the discrimination by strengthening them economically and to make them live with self-reliance and empowerment. To achieve this aim and goal, I have personally drafted the scheme. Under the Scheme, the government is extending Rs 10 Lakh financial assistance to each Dalit Family. This is not a loan and there is no need to pay it back. This is full grant given by the government. The beneficiary can start any business and occupation with the money given by the government. He is free to take up any business or work of his choice. Not only this, the beneficiaries can form into a group and pool in their money and start any business. The greatness of the scheme is that there are no conditions imposed on the beneficiary. Already several Dalits have taken benefit of the scheme and expressed happiness. Along with the financial grant given under the Scheme, the state government had also launched Dalita Rakshana Nidhi. In case, if any beneficiary meeting unfortunate eventuality, the Dalita Rakshana Nidhi will come to the financial rescue of the family.

Another feather in the cap of this Dalit Bandhu Scheme is that the government had created 10 per cent reservation for Dalits in profitable businesses like setting of wine Shops, medical and fertiliser Shops, supplying essential commodities to the government run hostels, hospitals etc., in the newly opened 2616 wine shops in the state, 261 shops were allocated to Dalits.

The state government is extending benefits of Dalit Bandhu to the beneficiaries in the state in a phased manner. For the implementation of Dalit Bandhu Scheme this year, the government had allocated Rs 17,700 Crore in the State’s Budget. I once again appeal to all the beneficiaries to make use of this wonderful scheme with a missionary zeal, aim, lofty ambition and with the spirit of movement.

Telangana state is the only state in the country, which is giving 2-Bed Rooms houses free of cost to the poorest of the poor having no shelter, making their dream a reality. As on date, so far, 2.91 Lakh houses were sanctioned and for this Rs 19, 126 Crore was allocated. The government also launched a scheme to extend assistance of Rs 3 Lakh in phases for those who wish to construct their houses on the plot they own. This is a continuous process and it will be continued to the last beneficiary.

Education Sector
For the growth of education sector, the Telangana state government has given importance to Gurukula vidya in the first phase. Telangana state is the only state in the country, which had 978 Residential Education Institutions. These educational institutions are imparting and training students to compete at national and international level and are getting wonderful results.

The State government had launched Mana Ooru-Mana Badi (Our Village-Our School) scheme to strengthen the education in the government institutions and make them on par with the corporate managed institutions in the State. Modern infrastructure facilities have been taken up in for schools in  larger manner in tune with present day needs.

The state government has taken up development works in all the schools in a phased manner at a cost of Rs 7,289 Crore. In the first phase, taking mandal as unit, in 9,123 schools in the state, at a cost of Rs 3,497 Crore action plan was initiated.

The state government is of the firm opinion that women should be on the forefront in Education. For this, for the first time an exclusive Women University is planned to establish. The state government is also planning to set up an exclusive Forest University in the State.

Health Sector
The state government’s aim is that every person in the state should have good health and live with happiness and peace. The state government is making special efforts for the public health protection and achieving qualitative change in the medical and health sectors.

The state government, after formation of the state had initiated a slew of measures to extend better medical services to the poor. Firstly it had improved the medical services and infrastructure in the government hospitals.

The state government had provided sophisticated medical equipment and faculties in the government hospitals. In every district head quarters Diagnostic centres were created to conduct 57 medical tests at free of cost to the poor. 42 free Dialysis Centres were opened for patients suffering with kidney ailments. For the first time in the country, all the beds in the government hospitals have been converted into oxygen beds. There are about 56,000 oxygen beds available in the state. Cath Lab services were also brought in for the heart surgeries in various hospitals. In the government hospitals in the state, knee replacement surgeries were also done. The State government had substantially increased the funds for providing more beds in the hospitals, extending better medical facilities, nutritious food for the patients and to improve the sanitation conditions in the government hospitals. For the benefit of patient’s nutritious meal for Rs 5 is given in 18 Government hospitals under the GHMC to the attendants  of patients.

300 Amma Vodi Vehicles are pressed into service to bring pregnant women to the government hospitals and also take them to home free of cost after the delivery. The Telangana state stood first in the country, to identify the high-risk pregnancies and increase the number of deliveries in the government hospitals.

The KCR Kits scheme introduced for the welfare and well being of both mother and the child is giving good results. Under the scheme, the mother is given Rs 13,000 if given birth to a baby girl and Rs 12,000 if it is a baby boy. In addition to this a Kit with 16 essential items to both mother and kid are given free of cost. So far, under the KCR Kits scheme, 13.30 Lakh women were benefitted. With this the deliveries at the government hospital increased to 56 percent from 30 percent. The mother and infant mortality rate had decreased considerably. This is a good development.

The Telangana government has brought medical services available at the door steps of the poor residing in the Hyderabad basthis. For this, the state government had sanctioned 350 Basthi Dawakhanas. Already 256 of them started functioning. 60 more such Dawakhanas will be launched in other Municipalities and Corporations in the State. With the spirit of basthi dawakhanas the state government is also establishing Village Dawakhanas to extend primary health services in the villages.

The state government is starting four TIMS Super Specialty hospitals in the four directions of Hyderabad City to extend Corporate medical facilities to people in Hyderabad as well as others from the neighbouring districts. As a part of this, at a cost of Rs 2679 Crore is setting up Super Specialty hospitals with 1000 beds each at Alwal, LB Nagar, Sanathnagar and Gachibowli. These hospitals will also have medical teaching facilities to impart courses to 16 specialties, 15 super specialties, PG Courses, Nursing and Para medical education. The government has decided to increase the bed strength at NIMs to additional 2000 Beds. With this 3,489 beds will be available in NIMS.

The government had decided to set up Health City in Warangal. Already Kaloji Narayan Rao Health University was established.  Construction works of Super Specialty Hospital with 2000 beds in Warangal was started. Human touch is viewed in every action taken up by the Telangana government. For this first time in the world, the state government has introduced a method by which, anyone who dies while undergoing treatment in Hyderabad, the mortal remains are sent to the deceased native place free of cost in a hearse vehicle. The Centre had praised many times for the noble work taken up in the health sector. The Telangana State is among the first three States which are extending the best medical services in the country and this reflects government’s dedication and commitment.

The state government had decided to set up a medical college in every district, whereas in the past there were only three medical colleges in Telangana region. In the coming two years this aim will be fulfilled.

Health in the Palm
The state government had brought in Telangana Diagnostic App with medical and health profile of all the people in the state, data on diagnostic centres and results of the tests can be accessed on their mobile from any point and time. With these reports patient can avail medical services anywhere in the state.

Large-scale appointments
The water, funds and appointments were the slogans for separate Telangana movement. We are getting our funds after formation of the State. We are constructing projects as per our needs. In the last eight years, 1.33 Lakh government jobs were filled. Now the state government is filling up about 91,142 government vacancies at one go. 11,103 contract employees who were working for a long time were regularized on humanitarian consideration. An additional 80,039 jobs are going to be filled with the new recruits. The Telangana state stood as an ideal state by recruiting 2, 24, 142 government jobs.

The state government gave 10 years relaxation to the age limit for the new recruits. The issue of notifications for filling up of jobs in various departments is already initiated. The state government had issued orders to the officials to ensure gap between the examinations to help the aspirants to compete in all the recruitment tests.

The state government is implementing a fool proof method to render justice to the local candidates. For this it had got the President’s Assent for the amendment to Article 371-D. This is a historical win for the Telangana people to fulfil their age-old aspiration. With this amendment, from attender to RDO local candidates will have 95 percent reservation. Telangana state is first in the country, which gave 95 percent reservations to locals.

The Government has created a history in filling of jobs in large scale. The state government through various departments providing free study material and free coaching with boarding to the SC, ST, Minority candidates. Coaching to the students started in the BC Study Circles.

Encouraging Trades
The hereditary professions that were destroyed under the united rule, the Telangana government had provided financial motivation  and encouragement. As a part of this the government is supplying fish seedlings to the fishermen at free of cost and encouraging the fish farming in all possible places in the state. After the completion of Kaleswaram and other irrigation projects the reservoirs were filled and so the lakes, tanks were filled with abundance of water.  This made wider opportunity for fish farming.

With this Fish productivity has increased, fishermen were financially empowered drastically making a qualitative change in their lives. There is a decrease in fish import from other states.  For the welfare of the fishermen the government is releasing prawns and fish seedlings in different reservoir thus developing fish wealth. The state government had allowed Gangaputra and Mudiraj Communities to do free fishing. In the last eight years, Rs 25,782 Crore fish wealth was created.

The Sheep distribution scheme launched for the welfare of Golla Kurumas and Yadav communities had yielded good results. The state had become self reliant in the meat production with the increase of sheep. The Golla Kurumas have made the state number one in Sheep rearing and their income also increased several folds.

For the welfare of Goud brothers, the previous loan dues were waived and tax on Palm trees is abolished permanently. The Telangana government has increased ex gratia from Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 Lakh to the toddy tappers who die in accidents or become handicapped. 

The government by taking a historic decision has given 15 percent reservation to the Goud community in the allotment of wine shops, with this decision so far 393 Goud community brothers got the licenses. The state government is implementing a special policy to bring Neera under the soft drink category.

The state government is giving free power upto 250 units to dhobi ghats, laundries and hair dressing saloons. Handloom workers are given the job to make Bathukamma sarees and 50 percent subsidy given on the chemicals and yarn. The government has decided to give Rs 5 Lakh insurance to the handloom workers as given to farmers. It gives immense pleasure for the government actions in giving encouragement to various professions leading to their increase in income.

Minority Welfare
Telangana is a secular place where all religions, cultures live in peace and is a melting point. The government give due respects to all religions, cultures and continues the age-old Ganga Jamuna Tehjeeb. The Minority Residential Educational Institutions were only 12 at the time of formation of the State. The government had newly formed 192 Minority Gurukulams. For minority girls 50 percent new Gurukulams were launched. With this, the minority girl enrollment, which was 18 percent, had increased to 42 percent. The government is celebrating Bathukamma, Christmas, Bonalu and Ramzan festivals officially in a befitting manner and imbibing happiness to all citizens.

Governance marching forward with reforms
After formation of the State, the government had ushered in many reforms in tune with the governance needs. With the reforms the welfare and development programme are being implemented with more efficiency. Required reforms were brought in for the solutions of the land disputes. The government had rectified the land records and issued new pass books. Dharani portal was launched for more transparency in the land records. With this people without any problem were able to complete the land registration, mutation process with ease. Dharani portal had ushered in a new phase in the land administration.

Along with reorganization of state with 33 districts, new revenue divisions, corporations, municipalities, gram panchayats were formed. All ST Thandas and Gudems were converted into Panchayats in tune with the long pending demand of STs “Maa Gudem lo Maa Paalana, Maa Thanda lo Maa Palana”. 3,146 Tribals have become the Sarpanches. The government is also constructing New Panchayat Bhavans to these Panchayats. In 30 districts new Integrated Collectorate Complexes were built with the state-of-the-art facilities. Already few of these complexes have started functioning. Camp offices for the MLAs have been constructed in the constituencies, which is one of its kind in the country.

To reflect the true aspirations of Telangana people a new Secretariat building is being built in Hyderabad to enhance the Telangana prestige. It is spread in an extent of 7-lakh square feet space with seven floors. The works are going on fast track to complete and inaugurate the building in this year. After the completion of the construction of the Secretariat building more services will be made available to the people.

We have renovated and rebuilt the Yadadri Narasimha Swamy temple gloriously, which is regarded as one of the Pancha Narasimha Kshetrams. Yadadri temple city works are going on a fast track on an international level standards and quality in a sprawling 1000 acres. Devotees are donating generously for the gold plating to the Temple Vimana Gopuram. We are also developing other pilgrim sites on the same line in the State.

We are fortunate that newly constructed irrigation projects and reservoirs sites are located in natural exquisite areas. The state government is developing reservoirs falling under these projects as tourist’s spots thus providing all facilities to the tourists. As part of this, Rs 1500 crore was allocated in the budget for the development Kaleshwaram circuit Tourism.

Favourite destination for the industrialist
After formation of the State, the brand image of Hyderabad Metropolitan City had increased multi fold. The Telangana stood first in attracting the foreign investments. The investments are flooding in the State with the introduction of TS iPass Act, uninterrupted quality power supply, water supply, the best maintenance of law and order, stable government and encouragement to the industrialists. In the last eight years, investments flodded into the state  to the tune of Rs 2,32,111 crore in the industrial sector. 16,48,956 Lakh jobs were provided.

In the IT sector, Telangana state is moving forward without any impediments. In Hyderabad alone there are about 1500 IT companies, large, medium and small companies. The world’s major IT companies like the Google, Microsoft, IBM, Cognizant, Apple, Amazon, Oracle have their operations from Hyderabad. The IT exports from Hyderabad account for Rs 1,83,569 Crore. We stand as a ideal  role model to other states in the IT sector. The State stood first in Good Governance in the Good Governance Index prepared by the Central Good Governance Institute in the category of commerce and trade. In the last eight years, 7,78,121 jobs were created in the IT Sector. In both Industry and IT sector more than 24 Lakh jobs were created.

Friendly with the employees
The State government always treated its employees with love and affection as they actively participated in the separate statehood movement and extended their support. The state government had sanctioned a special increment to them soon after forming the state and gave a whopping 43 fitment to them. Despite the corona crisis the employees were given 30 percent fitment. 30 percent salary increase was also given to the contract, outsourcing employees. I proudly say that, on this day, Telangana state government employees are the highly paid employees in the country.

Our villages key to progress
It is not easy task to  rebuild the systems after total destruction at anywhere and at anytime. The state government is putting  herculean efforts to rebuild the different fields which were destroyed in Telangana  during the six decades of united state.  At the same time, I feel elated in developing our own state. It is not an exaggeration to say that  the  entire topography of  our villages, urban areas are changed with the implementation of Palle pragathi and Pattana pragathi programme. The rural and urban development that took place in Telangana had no parallel in the country. The government is releasing Rs 256.66 crore monthly for the development directly  to rural local bodies. Telangana is the only state in the country, which is providing tractors, trollies, tankers to the Panchayats, setting up of dump yards, vaikunta dhamams with modern facilities so that the bereaved families may conduct last rites with reverence. The villages are spreading pleasure with green trees on two sides of roads, nurseries, prakruthi vanams. Telangana villages with greenery and sanitation have become epitome of the Gram Swaraj. Development has come in  the standards of rural living. Special recognition is received  throughout the nation for the Palle pragathi and Pattana pragathi programmes  being implemented by the state. For two times, in the first phase 10  out of 10 villages and in the second phase 19 out of 20 villages were adjudged as the best by the centre and this made proud moment  for all of us. Palle and Pattana Pragathi programme is a continuous programme. The next phase of Palle and Pattana Pragathi programmes will be launched from tomorrow. The Government has decided to set up “Telangana Rural Sports Complex” in every village in Telangana so that future generations can grow up with physical fitness and mental well-being. I am happy to announce that from today Telangana Rural Sports Complexes will be established in selected villages.

Recently several National TV channels have telecasted programme highlighting the rapid development achieved by the state in various fields. Other states that have watched it are amazed and delighted at how such a development has been possible in such a short period of time. I thank and congratulate the public representatives, officials and people for making to achieve unprecedented development possible.

In the short time since the formation of the state, the government has achieved great development and earned an indelible place in the heart of every citizen of Telangana. Nothing is unattainable if there is integrity, commitment, dedication, unwavering concern for the solution of people’s problems, transparency in governance, and a human perspective on decisions, as well as a firm perseverance in the implementation of programs. Very soon tremendous wealth will be created in the state. Land value in the state is increased by several folds.

Pension for 57 year old
Development and Welfare goes hand in hand and it is the ambition of government. Accordingly, the government of Telangana is the only state in the country that implements unique welfare schemes. Every household in the state is beneficiary of a welfare programme and its no exaggeration. The eligibility age limit of old age pension has been reduced to 57 year. This will extend aasara support to more helpless people. The government has not only increased the number of pensioners but also the amount of the pension.

The Telangana government has introduced the Kalyana Lakshmi and Shaadi Mubarak Scheme to ensure that poor parents do not feel that their daughters are burdensome. Starting with Rs 51,000 under Kalyana Laxmi and Shaadi Mubarak scheme eligible bride is now given Rs 1,00,116 at the time of marriage to make girls no burden to the family at the time of their marriage and to prevent the number of  child marriages. So far, 11.44 lakh  girls were benefitted from the scheme.

These are not the promises made in the election manifesto. But, these are the schemes implemented by the government knowing the plight of poor with a humanitarian heart. There are many miracles. These are just a few of the achievements of the state at the young age of eight.

Relentless fight over the centre discrimination
When Telangana was a part of Andhra Pradesh the united rulers showed discrimination, now the Centre showing the same attitude to the independent Telangana state. It is unfortunate that the Centre is discouraging the progressive and development oriented state. The discrimination started from the initial days of formation of Telangana.  Even before the Telangana state celebrated its foundation day, the Centre had merged 7 Mandals in Khammam district with AP. As a result, we lost the Sileru Power Project. The Telangana government in the beginning itself has observed a Bandh protesting against the Center. In one word, we are continuing our agitation to protect the interests of the state against the Centre.

The centre had delayed the division of united AP High Court for 5 long years. After establishing our High Court we had procured required employees, funds and buildings. The Supreme Court CJI had recently appreciated the Telangana government for its measures to strengthen the Legal system. The Centre also did not pay heed to Niti Aayog, which recommended the Centre to release Rs 24,000 crore funds to Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakatiya Schemes. 

I have personally made requests many times to the PM to grant additional funds to the new-formed state, which were all in vain. All are aware about the financial crises faced by our country due to corona. In those difficult times too, the Centre did not help the State with any additional funds. More over it slashed the funds that are to be given genuinely to the State.

The centre had declared 9 districts as backward districts in the united AP. But the center is delaying to provide funds to these districts.

The AP reorganization Act had clearly stipulated that tax exemptions should give to allow more investments to the newly formed State. But the Centre had not given any incentives. All the promises made in reorganisation Act such as Bayyaram Steel factory, Kazipet Coach Factory were consigned to the dustbin.

The Centre did injustice to the State for not setting up ITIR in the state. Had it been implemented, the state would have done more progress in the IT Sector. Directly and indirectly several lakhs would have got the employment.

The Telangana government is condemning the government at Center for delaying to delimit the constituencies in two states as clearly mentioned in the A.P. Reorganisation Act.

We are aware of the plight of our students pursuing medicine and stranded in Ukraine due to the recent war. I have written a letter to the PM requesting him to accommodate students in medical colleges in our country. I also informed him that our state government would bear the expenses of the medical education of these students, who were studying the war-rift Ukraine in the country. But as on date there is no response. The request of the government remaining as blowing shell in dumb ear is a tragedy. The state severely objects to the Centre’s inaction in this regard.

Centre’s failure in Procuring Paddy
The Centre had miserably failed in procuring the Paddy cultivated in Telangana state and it washed off its hands. Demanding the centre to procure every morsel of Paddy cultivated in Telangana we have organised a Dharna in Dharna chowk along with ministers and public representative and was futile and myself along with MLAs, MLCs, MPs and other public representatives organized one day dharna in New Delhi protesting against the Centre’s adamant attitude. Bharatiya Kisan Union Leader Rakesh Tikait participated along with me in Delhi. We did not get a positive reply from the Center on the demand to take a decision on procuring paddy in 24 hours. In this regard one Union Minister made sarcastic remarks on the issue saying let people in Telangana eat broken rice. Is there anything more arrogant than this? His remarks have hurt the feeling of Telangana people.

Farmers in the country are not beggars. There should be a uniform policy on Paddy procurement all over the country or else the farmers will hit the streets. 

I am once again reminding the centre not to provoke farmers in the country. I demand the centre to shun its pro-corporate and anti farmer’s policies immediately. Since the state government thought that it is its bounden duty to come to the rescue of its farmers, it decided to purchase each and every grain of Paddy farmers. The state of Telangana has made unprecedented progress in grain yield and procurement. Let me at this stage, assure farmers that the state government would stand by them even if the Centre does not support.

Conspiracy to wreck the financial conditions of states
The nations of the world have overcome the stages of monarchy and dictatorship and reached the stage of democracy as a result of many conflicts and struggles. Most countries have adopted a parliamentary system, adopting a representative democratic process. As democracy matures in the course of evolution, the respective countries have increased public empowerment by decentralizing powers. Further strengthened civil society participation.

But in our country the opposite has happened. As democracy matures in the country after a long reign of 75 years and decentralization of powers does not take place, authoritarian tendencies increase and power becomes more centralized. The federal spirit of wanting to expand is shrinking.

The Constitution of India gives the states considerable political, legislative, administrative and autonomous powers. All the governments that have been in power at the Center so far have eroded the spirit of the Constitution and eroded the autonomy of the states.  Powers drained shamelessly. The Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India clearly defines the powers of the Center and the powers of the States. Prescribes three lists: Central List, State List and Joint List. All the governments that ruled the country gradually added various items from the state list to the joint list. The joint inventory is growing over time. The state list is dwindling. The autonomy of the states enshrined in the Constitution is becoming nominal. The Sarkaria and Poonch Commissions set up by the Central Governments in the past have made several suggestions to protect the rights of the states. But all the governments that came to power at the Center submitted the reports of these commissions to the dustbin.  While the tendencies followed by these governments that have ruled the country so far have not done any good to the democratic system, they have become serious obstacles to the development and development that the people of the country hope for.

The government currently in power at the center is based on the conspiratorial, frivolous doctrine of “strong center – weak states”. That is why the violation of the rights of the states culminated in the reign of this government. 

The central government is conspiring to weaken the states financially as if it were cutting off a crumbling branch. The present central government is shifting taxes in the form of cess to evade the constitutionally due share of the states from the taxes levied by the Center. It is a known fact that the Center is squandering millions of crores of rupees due to the states. It is enough to impose various kinds of sanctions arbitrarily, undermining the economic freedom of the states. FRBM the present central government, which is mandating the states to abide by the provisions of the law, is indebted to itself for not complying with any rules.

The Centre’s attitude has become a stumbling block for states like Telangana, which maintains financial discipline by managing loans and investment expenditure within FRBM limits. I demand that the Center immediately reconsider and immediately lift the economic sanctions imposed on the states and stop any further violation of the rights of the states.

The Centre’s attitude towards Telangana state, which is working with financial discipline and prudence and well within the FRBM limits, is creating major problem. Telangana state is losing every year Rs 5000 crore as it refused to implement the anti-farmers power reforms of the Centre. In five years, the state lost Rs 25,000 crore. If we want these Rs 25,000 crore we have to install meters at the farmers well and collect the power charges. That is not our policy. The state is not to accept any policy that creates burden on farmer.  I will not accept these anti farmer power reforms as long as I am alive. People’s welfare in the state is very important to me.

As on date, the country is not having a common aim. The country is left high and dry to the wind. The country is drifting like boat, which had no anchor. Even after 75 years of independence why we still have poverty? Who is responsible for utilizing the vast human resource and natural resources that the country had in abundance?  Who failed to guide the country? People in the country who are wise should ponder on the matter. It is not important who will come to power at the centre every five years. It is not about one Front replacing another at the Centre. What we need is a progressive agenda, which can steer the country of its problems. The country needs a new destination. There should be a meaningful and practical change in the lives of people. There should a qualitative change in the country.

When the countries, which attained freedom along with us, are becoming super powers, we are still fighting over caste and religious differences. Today the country is in a dangerous situation. The country is beseeched by politics of hate. There is no other discussion or debate in the country other than the religious madness. People’s needs took a back stage. It is dangerous to gain political advantage out of communal clashes. If the destructive elements are allowed to have their say, the unity of the country will suffer. If the same violence continues there will not be any international investment. It will prove detrimental to the NRI’s living abroad. This hatred will take the country back to hundreds of years. It won’t be a surprise that the country will take another 100 years to recover from this terrible situation.

If the country is witnessing on daily basis, wielding of swords, communal fights, violence at the cost of the country, responsible people would not keep quiet. People in this country need jobs, employment, projects, water, and power. If the country needs to be on the progressive and development path it needs a new agriculture, industrial and economic policies. For this, new socio economic political agenda path should be probed.

My bounden duty is to protect people in Telangana state till my last breathe. At the same it is also our duty to fight against the politics of hatred to protest the interests of the country. There is no question of compromising at the cost of people’s lives. Had we compromised have we ever achieved Telangana State? Had we achieved Telangana by putting our lives at stake?

The Telangana Agenda, which is distributing the fruits of developments, to all sections of people should be implemented all over the country. The Telangana people should be in forefront to build the amazing India. I pray to God to grant us the wisdom and strength to achieve a qualitative change in the country.

Jai Telangana
Jai Hind