Telangana State Judicial Officers Conference

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Telangana State Judicial Officers Conference kickstarted at Anvaya Convention Centre in Hyderabad Financial district on Friday. It is the first conference attended by 400 judicial officials from different wings. The two day conference will deliberate the strengthening of judiciary, construction of court buildings, update the functioning of Judicial system in accordance with new technology, improvement of basic infrastructure, appointment of adequate Judges, officials, court staff, fast delivery of justice to people and the welfare of officials working with the Judiciary.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Sri NV Ramana participated as chief guest. CM Sri KCR, Law minister Sri A. Indrakaran Reddy, Supreme Court Judge Justice Sri Ramasubramanyam, High Court Chief Justice Sri Satish Chandra Sharma, Andhra Pradesh Chief Justice Prashanth Sri Kumar Mishra, High court Judge Justice Sri Ujwal Bhuyan were present.

CM speech main points in the Programme

  • The Telangana State is ascending new heights  in the development with the cooperation and coordination of all  since the formation of new state 8 years ago.
  • The Telangana state has  registered healthy growth  with the  strict follow of fiscal prudence and hard disciplinary measures taken by the government.
  • According to RBI and Ministry of Finance report , the Telangana state’s  per capita income  has been increased to Rs 2.78 lakh from Rs 1.24 lakh in 2014-15 .
  • The government has succeeded to put an end to power woes by achieving desirable results in Energy Sector.
  • The Telangana state is heading fast in Agriculture, Industry and Information and Technology sectors.
  • The government has created 33 districts for administrative convenience and also brought administrative reforms. The construction of Integrated district collecterates is already under progress.
  • CM asserted the Telangana Legal System and Law administration departments should move faster than earlier.
  • The CM strongly hoped the Telangana Legal System stands a role model in the country.
  • The demand to increase the High Court benches was  pending before the Union Government. A request letter was already sent to Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi.
  •  With the active intervention of Telugu pride and Chief Justice NV Ramana, the high court benches has been increased to 42 from 24 . On behalf of People and the state government, My heartful gratitude to the Chief Justice.
  • The State Government already sanctioned 780 posts in the state Judiciary department. After the increase of High Court benches, it required to increase corresponding workers and staff. Telangana Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma urged to appoint adequate staff.
  • The government has immediately responded and sanctioned 885 additional posts and a GO was also issues. The government also conveyed Chief Justice about the increase of staff.
  • In the wake of increased work burden on the district courts, CM urged chief justice to enhance Judge and Magistrate posts. 
  • The CM also requested the chief justice to inaugurate newly constructed District courts and necessary instructions were also issued to the District Collectors. Required lands will be identifed and with all necessary facilities, the district court buildings will be constructed.
  • It is happy to announce that 1750 additional posts were also sanctioned for new district courts.
  • Adequate staff will be provided in High Court, District courts and Magistrate courts.
  • After the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, the total number of posts sanctioned for Telangana Law department were 4348.
  • The State Government is ready to extend all required assistance to the Legal System and Courts.
  • Under the Digitalisation of Revenue Records program, the details of 1.52 lakh acres of lands was already digitalized.
  • The Government reposed total faith in the court. Hence, the government abolished Revenue courts and shifted all pending litigations to Judiciary wing.
  • The government will invite NV Ramana to the inauguration of the quarters soon.
  • With the help of India Chief Justice NV Ramana, India’s first International Arbitration Centre to fasten the dispute mechanism was opened in Hyderabad. The centre is functioning excellent with the blessings of the chief justice.
  • The investment flow in Telangana will increase if the Trade, Commercial and Business disputes addressed fast from the arbitration centre. The CM requested the judges to take initiative in this direction.
  • CM hoped fruitful discussions will take place in the first Judicial Officers convention conducted after the creation of Telangana High Court in the Telangana state.
  • On the occasion, CM inaugurated website of the Telangana State Lawyers Association.

Some interesting points in Conference: 

  • The Chief Minister extolled Chief Justice of India for strengthening the Legal System.
  • Chief Justice of India NV Ramana thanked KCR for providing all amenities including sanctioning of new posts, buildings and other facilities.
  • It is notable that 4320 posts were already filled in the legal wing. ” KCR stands as a Trade mark to the famous Telugu idiom – ” Chetiki Emuka ledu”- NV Ramana praised  showered praises  on CM for accepting all demands  amid big applause from the participants.
  • Chief Justice of India  extended special thanks to CM for his strong support to set up the arbitration centre in Hyderabad. It is considered that  KCR’s hand is good for any occasion the centre is developing fast.
  •  Ramana’s comment that he received Memoir of national  bird Peacock instead of Sitar (which mentioned in the famous quote – “Naa Telangana Koti Ratanala Veena”) drew big smiles from the participants.
  •  On the occasion, Ramana and other judges felicitated Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar and took a group photo.