CM laid foundation stone to 3 TIMS hospitals

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As part of the revolutionary measures to improve medical and public health infrastructure facilities and marking a historical moment in India ‘s healthcare sector, Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao has laid foundation stones to 3 prestigious TIMS (Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences) hospitals on a single day on Tuesday in Hyderabad. The hospitals are being constructed on par with the noted AIIMS hospitals in the country.

The revolutionary action plan to set up the government hospitals in the state health sector will pave way to provide free corporate standard medical treatment to the poor and also strengthen the medical education.

TIMS hospitals construction:
KCR laid foundation stone to TIMS hospitals at Kothapet fruit market (LB Nagar), Erragadda Chest hospital premises (Sanatnagar) and at Alwal. Specialty and super specialty medical services will be provided in the three hospitals. In addition, PG specialty courses, Super specialty, Nursing and paramedical colleges would also be opened in the TIMS hospitals.

Each hospital will be constructed with 1000 bed capacity. Consisting of 26 Operation Theatres, 300 ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds and oxygen supply facility will be made available. The four super specialty hospitals coming up in the four corners of the state capital will offer the best medical facility to the people dwelling in Hyderabad and also the surrounding districts.

LB Nagar – TIMS hospital foundation
On Tuesday morning, amid chanting hymns, Priests welcomed the CM at the TIMS hospital site. KCR participated in the ground breaking ceremony. The Government has decided to construct the hospital on a sprawling 21.36 acres. The hospital will be set up on ground plus 14 floor building with 1000 beds capacity. The state Government has earmarked Rs 900 crore for the hospital. The super specialty hospital at Kothapet fruit market in LB Nagar will provide the best medical treatment to the people of Nalgonda, Warangal , Yadadri – bhongir districts etc.

Sanat Nagar – TIMS foundation:
The CM arrived the Erragadda (Sanatnagar) TIMS hospital site at 12.20 pm and offered special puja before laying foundation stone . The hospital will be built on ground plus 14 floor building in 60 acres of land. The government has allocated Rs 882 crore for the hospital with 1000 bed capacity. Rangareddy, Sangareddy, Medak and Hyderabad people will get medical and health facilities from the hospital.

Alwal – TIMS foundation:
KCR laid foundation stone to the super specialty hospital at 1 pm . The hospital is coming up on 28.41 acres with ground plus 5 floor building. The Government sanctioned Rs 897 crore to the 1000 bed capacity Alwal TIMS hospital. Siddipet, Karimangar, Nizamabad, Adilabad and Nirmal district people will have access to the medical facility from the Alwal hospital.

TIMS – Special medical services, treatment and Tests:
On the lines of AIIMS, all the TIMS hospitals will function as autonomous medical institutions. Apart from medical treatment, the TIMS hospital will also extend medical education. PG courses will be offered in 16 specialty and 15 super specialty medical disciplines. In Super specialty, Nursing and paramedical courses will also be offered. In all 30 departments including Cardiology, Lungs, Kidney, Brain and Liver treatment services will be provided in the hospitals. Cancer, Trauma care, Endocrinology, Allergy, Rheumatology, heart Cath lab, Kidney dialysis, Cancer radiation, chemotherapy, CT scan MRI etc services will also be made available for patients. In each hospital, 500 resident doctors and 200 teaching staff will be recruited. Doctor Quarters will also be constructed in the hospital premises.

Speaking at a public meeting after laying foundation stone at Alwal, the Chief Minister said that “we have only Gandhi, Osmania and Niloufer hospitals. People used to tell these hospital names only for medical treatment. The private hospitals are mushrooming but there is no good government hospital for poor.“

The virus has born 4 lakh years ago even before the evolution of human being. The human existence on the earth was reported 4 lakh year ago. Entomologists said that the virus existed even 4 lakh years before the humans. It means Virus was existing since 8 lakh years. It is impossible to eradicate virus menace as there are surviving in the nature naturally. The virus led pandemic occurs when they are active. Scientists already predicted the outbreak of deadly virus diseases more than the corona.

Proud movement for development:
The CM said the city, state or country will be safe and survive with less human loss if they equipped with strong medical infrastructure. People will die in lakhs if the medical facility is poor. There is no special mechanism to wipe out the virus menace but equipped with controlling mechanism. The government is taking all steps to consolidate the medial system and more over taking measures for poor and troubled communities. Sometimes, it is surprising that we achieved beyond the imagination.

TS government A Humanist government:
Ambulance facility was provided to shift people who died while undergoing treatment in Hyderabad to their native places. This unique service is not provided anywhere in India and also in America and London. The government is functioning on humanitarian grounds. Government is making full efforts to strengthen the state in all sectors as the Telangana state was realized by struggling hard for 6 decades. People are watching all.

Difference between us and opposition:
All the political parties are holding political meetings in the state and we have conducted a meeting for health in Secunderabad cantonment area. This is the difference between us and the opposition.

TIMS on par with AIIMS:
The government is constructing hospitals in the four corners of Hyderabad. The total population in HMDA limits is 1.64 crore. Many steps have been taken. The bed capacity in rural areas also increased. Facilities have been developed. Although, the burden on Hyderabad hospitals is increasing and the Gandhi, Osmania and Niloufer will not alone cater the growing medical needs. The government decided to construct four new hospitals along with the enhancement of the bed capacity in Niloufer hospital. The TIMS hospital at Gachibowli and the upcoming TIMS hospitals are not simple one. The hospital which is being constructed here is not small, they are like All India medical institute of medical sciences (AIIMS), the CM said the TIMS hospitals will be constructed here.

These hospitals will provide treatment to 16 specialty and 15 super specialty medical services. Whether it is kidney ailment or Heath or lungs, the TIMS hospitals will provide treatment to all these chronic diseases. On par with the corporate hospitals, the new super specialty hospitals will provide free treatment to the poor. Special maternity ward for pregnant women will also be established. The CM said that there is no need of going to other hospital if the special maternity ward with 100 or 200 bed capacity is opened in the TIMS premises. He urged state Director to Health directorate to taken steps in this direction.

“The state-of-the-art hospital in South has been opened in Gachibowli. Another TIMS is coming at Chest hospital in the city west side. On the east side, the government is establishing TIMS at LB Nagar. In the North side, the new super specialty hospital is coming up in Alwal, the CM said that there is no need of the running to Gandhi, osmania and Niloufer as the government is opening four hospitals on four corners of the city. All these hospitals are 1000 bed capacity each with maternity wards and also pediatrics centres to provide treatment to the children.

Hyderabad hospitals total bed capacity – 6000:
2000 beds were sanctioned additionally in NIZAM Orthopedic hospital. In all, the government is constructing hospitals with 6000 bed capacity. Each bed will be equipped with oxygen supply. 1000 to 1500 beds alone will be dedicated to ICU services for patients. The CM prayed the god that poor patients are provided medical treatment free of cost without exploitation.

Religious intolerance is danger:
The CM said “We are all witnessing the development in the Telangana state and it evident what happened before the formation of new Telangana state. We all should be alerted. Some political forces are indulging in cheap politics in the name of caste and religion. India is the country where all the religions and castes adored equally. We will face consequences if the congenial atmosphere is disturbed. We will land in a big trouble if we are infected with cancer.

Religious tolerance is Indianness:
Some political forces are asking not to buy flowers and other things from other community shops. The CM called people to think wisely. 13 crore Indians were staying in other countries. What will happen if the foreign countries asked Indian to return to their native country. Who will give jobs to them in India. It is high time People should think deep.

Telangana on development path
The Government has achieved a total investment of 2.30 lakh crore this year. Nearly 10 lakh to 15 lakh jobs are created. The world’s biggest pharma city with pharma university on 14,000 acres is coming up. The Medchal area abutting Hyderabad has emerged as vaccine production centre in the world. Not only in India, Hyderabad is the world’s capital in the manufacturing of biotech vaccine. 33 per cent of the vaccines are produced in Hyderabad alone in the world. Investors from across the world are setting up Factories in Telangana.

Hyderabad is centre of peace and Law and order:
Hyderabad is safe and peaceful whenever we arrive the city by air, train or on bus. All kinds of food varieties are also available and different language people are living together. If the city is branded as the place of people, brandishing weapons and revolvers, are roaming freely, clamping 144 section and curfew, no one will prefer to stay in Hyderabad. Tolerance, maintenance of law and order, and strong police forces will help to the flood of investments, industries will open and jobs will be created. No one will come to us if we fight on caste or religion basis. “It is like we chop off our own limbs”.

Religious fanaticism is cancerous:
KCR said as a CM he has the responsibility to tell people about the threat of religious intolerance and appealed people to be alert. It gives some excitement temporarily but our interests will be affectedly forever. He urged people stop allowing any kind of religious intolerant activities.

Development fruits to All:
The Telangana is newly formed and budding state. There are many big states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat existing for decades. The Telangana registered the highest’ per capita income growth. The state is moving fast and creating wealth. Today, the Telangana and AP are only states are giving pension amount of Rs 2016 to each beneficiary. The Prime minister’s home state Gujarat is also not giving such big pension amount. Disabled persons are getting Rs 3,016 pension per month. Rs. 1,00,116 is given to the newly wedded poor couple. The Telangana state alone is giving big financial assistance to the poor bride. We faced power crisis 7 years ago. Today, power cut is a new in Telangana and power supply is a news in India.

Sufficient power supply and irrigation and drinking water:
Farmers from Prime minister home state Gujarat took to the streets and fight for power. The seven year old new T state is supplying 24 hour power to the farming sector. Earlier, MLAs struggled a lot during summer. People staged dharnas and rasta roko with utensils for drinking water. Today, there is no agitations for water. The drinking water problem was solved under Mission Bhagiratha. The State is moving ahead with Kaleshwaram, Palamuru, Sitarama etc projects. Telangnaa stands number one on paddy production.

Top priority to medical education:
The CM said that the government will accord priority to medical education in the coming days. He asserted the increase of Gurukul schools and establishing 33 medical colleges in 33 districts. The government is taking steps aiming to provide medical facility and also medical education to all.

Your blessings are our strength
The Telangana is developing faster than other big states and supplying uninterrupted power because of the support, strength and blessing extended by all state people. He hoped that people will continue to bless his government. The state should grow more and move further. Telangana should emerge as role model in the country. To achieve this, the state is ready to put more efforts and strive to any extent. He will move forward by protecting the state interests and also safe guarding all sections. He thanked the Minister and local MLAs and people for providing an excellent place to set up a new super-specialty hospital.

Health Minister Sri T Harish Rao, Ministers Sri Mohammed Mohmood Ali, Sri V Prashant Reddy, Smt. Sabitha Indra Reddy, Sri T Srinivas yadav, Sri CH Malla Reddy, MPs Sri K Keshava Rao, Sri J Santhosh Kumar, MLCs Sri E Mallesh, Sri Shambhipur Raju, Sri K Naveen Rao, Smt. S Vani Devi, Sri K Janardhan Reddy, Sri Yoganand were present. MLAs Sri D Sudheer Reddy, Sri Sayanna, Sri M Hanumantha Rao, Sri M Kishan Reddy, Sri Anjaiah, Sri Jaipal Yadav, Sri K Venkatesh, Sri KP Vivekananda, Sri A Gandhi, GHMC Mayor Smt. G Vijayalaxmi, ZP Chairman Smt. T Anitha Redy and Corporation Chairmen and Health Secretary Sri SAM Rizvi, Rangareddy Collector Sri Amay Kumar, DME Sri Ramesh Reddy, Sri Chandrasekhar Reddy, R&B EnC Sri Ganapathi Reddy, Government Advisor Sri Suddala Sudhakar Teja, Former Deputy Mayor Sri Baba Fasiuddin and others participated.