CM held a high-level review meeting on Agri sector

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Telangana Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao has expressed unhappiness over the regressive farm policies adopted by the Union Government. The central policies are dampening the agriculture growth of the country which relies on the farming as the main occupation.

The CM said that it is unfortunate that the union Government’s haphazard policies are discouraging the farmers from continuing the farming and also reduce the farm output in the country.

Big push to farm sector:

Despite facing hurdles, CM made it clear that the State Government will strive to consolidate the agriculture sector. The chief minister reiterated that the action plan to the farmers welfare will be strengthened further and continue the government efforts.
In view of the ensuing Vaanakalam (Kharif season) to begin in a few months, the CM instructed Agriculture Minister Sri Niranjan Reddy to make all necessary arrangements in advance. He suggested to go for Cotton, Chilli, Red Gram and Watermelon crops and other alternative crops.

High level review:

The CM held high level review on the availability of fertilizers, seeds and the agriculture departments readiness to provide other farm related arrangements with the officials at Pragati Bhavan on Tuesday. He also enquired about the progress in the paddy procurement. The officials have been asked to prepare special action plan on profit making crops. The CM instructed the top officials to depute the district officers and village level officials Agriculture Extension officers for ground level visits and give suggestions to the farmers on the cropping pattern. In this directions, CM suggested the agriculture minister to hold regular training programmes for AE level officials. The top officials were also asked to prepare a Job Chart of the responsibilities and duties of the agriculture officials.

Telangana farm sector in progressing:

The Chief minister said that the weather conditions in the Telangana are conducive to the agriculture sector. As the Indian meteorological department predicted that the state will receive bountiful rains, the CM hoped that the growth in the farm sector will be encouraging this year. Farmers have completed yasangi works and the Vaanakalam season will begin soon. Before the new farm season begins, CM asked the officials to procure adequate quantities of fertilizers and seeds ensuing the farmers should not face any difficulties. He warned stern action will be taken against the suppliers and manufacturers of the spurious seeds, The Telangana is growing fast in the agriculture sector. In the Telangana state, the contribution of farm sector to the GSDP is 21 percent, he said noted that the particular sector was completely neglected in the united Andhra Pradesh. The farm sectors is playing key role in the strengthening of the state economy, KCR said that the extension of Pranahitha and Kaleshwaram is under progress and all the projects taken up by the state government will be completed in a year time.

No Drought in Telangana:

The question of drought in the agriculture would not arise in the future and it is imperative that the state agriculture department should be vibrant, fast and always busy, the chief minister advised the officials and the minister. CM instructed the officials to prepare district action plan to strengthen the farm sector by involving district Collectors and RDOs.

Reduce the indiscriminate use of fertilizers

CM asserted to reduce the indiscriminate use of fertilizers. The CM asked the officials to educate the farmers about the scientific methods in the use of fertilizers. The soil health is deteriorating due to excess use of pesticides and fertilizers. The CM expressed concern on the repeated farming of single crops for years which caused the spoiling of the soil health. The need of the hour is to adopt alternative cropping to protect soil quality, he said asked the officials to prepare required plans in this direction also.

The chief minister appealed the farmers to seek expert advice in the use of Urea. It is necessary to use urea judiciously. Some farmers are under the impression that big use of fertilizers will help to increase the yield. “It is good to use them in a disciplined manner. Can we eat all the food in a single sitting, Likewise, fertilizers should also be used properly. Crops are also like our human bodies. Hence, it required a limited quantity of urea. If we use excessively, crops will be completely damaged.”

The CM advised the farmers to use urea in three of four phases instead of one time to grow paddy. He also stressed the need to use DAP and other complex fertilizers in a limited quantity and asked the officials to create awareness among farmers on the use of fertilizers in tune with the changing conditions at the Rythu Vedikas.

Enquired about the availability of fertilizers:

CM enquired about the availability of fertilizers mainly DAP and Urea and ensure sufficient stocks before the beginning of the new farming season. The officials submitted report on the status of availability of fertilizers.

In the wake of Russia and Ukraine war, the Chief Minister said that the DAP availability will not be more than requirement as the two countries which supplies raw material for DAP engaged in the war. He asked the officials to educate the farmers on DAP use in a disciplined manner. The officials also brought to the notice of DAP availability within the requirement. The use of organic compost ( Pacchi Rotta ) and carbon components should also be increased to maintain soil fertility in the coming season.

Alternative to Paddy:

The threat of erasing soil quality is very much there if the paddy cultivation if taken up repeatedly and the reports of the scientific studies in this direction were also brought to the notice of the chief minister in the meeting. The CM asked the officials to create awareness on profit making alternative crop system.

Telangana Cotton is high demand:

Post covid pandemic, the demand for Cotton grown in Telangana increased in China and other countries where the crop output reduced. The CM reviewed on the demand for Telangana cotton in the international market. The issue of growing cotton price -one quintal cotton at Rs 10,000 to Rs 13,000 -and the increasing cotton demand also discussed. The CM told the officials to encourage farmers to go for cotton cultivation.

The demand for Chilli is also high as it is being sold at Rs 42,000 per quintal in the open market in the recent times, the CM said the demand for Red Gram and Sunflower also increased and the agriculture department should not neglect them. He wanted the increase of sunflower cultivation.

The farmers should also be encouraged to adopt Vedajalludu vidhanam (Direct Seeding) in the paddy cultivation, the CM said asked the officials to make documentaries and create awareness among farmers.

Stringent action on Spurious seeds:

The Chief minister asked the officials to identify the roots of the manufacturers of spurious seeds and wipe out the menace completely. He asked the agriculture department to seek police help in the drive to curb the menace and deploy flying squads.

Enquired on Paddy procurement:

The Chief Minister enquired the Civil Supplies Commissioner Anil Kumar about the procurement of the paddy and the implementation of the action plan in the Yasangi season. The official informed the CM that the procurement was picked up and all the required Gunny sacks, hamali and transportation facilities were provided at the center. In all, 6983 procurement centers were established and 536 centers already opened. The procurement of paddy started in 32 centers and procure 1200 metric tonnes of paddy was already procured.

Dalit Bandhu:

The Chief Minister instructed the officials to take measures fast in the distribution of Dalit bandhu benefit to the identified beneficiaries. CMO Secretary Sri Bojja Tarakam informed the CM that the scheme benefit was already given to 25,000 beneficiaries. On average, 400 persons are availing the benefit a day.

The Chief minister said that State government released funds for dalit bandhu and instructed the officials not to delay in the distribution of benefits. The CM said that a meeting with all district collectors will be conducted soon. “The state is receiving big applause from across the country on the successful implementation of the dalit bandhu“. The outcome of the scheme is overwhelming and drawing profit from each rupee spent as investment under the scheme. The dalit bandhu is a social investment and also helped to improve the economy. The commercial and trade activity generated through the dalit bandhu will also help to grow the GSDP substantially. The positive outcome of the scheme is itself a testimony to the economic empowerment of the dalit communities. The scheme helps the dalit youth to come out of despair and take part in the business activity. As a result, the productivity will grow. CM reiterated quota for dalits in fertilizers, medical shops etc.

Chief Secretary Sri Somesh Kumar, CM Principal Secretary Sri Narasing Rao, CM Secretaries Sri Bhupal Redd, Sri Rahul Bojja, Smt. Smitha Sabarwal, Sri V. Sheshadri, CM OSD Smt. Priyanka Varghese, Civil Supplies Commissioner Sri Anil Kumar, Additional Director, Agriculture Sri K. Vijay Kumar, Joint Director Sri K Ramulu, Assistant Director Ms. Madhavi, Agriculture Department Special Commissioner Sri Hanmanthu and other officials were present.