CM dedicated Mallanna Sagar project to the nation

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao said, “we promised to wash the feet of Komuravelli Mallanna with Godavari waters. As we promised today we are doing Abhishekam to Mallanna feet. Telangana lifeline is Mallanna Sagar and it is the heart of people and it is the one with which we will perform Abhishekam of the region. On Wednesday, the CM has dedicated Mallanna Sagar project constructed as part of the Kaleshwaram Project in Siddipet district to the nation.

Speaking at the public meeting there, the CM said that he is very happy to inaugurate the Mallanna Sagar Project. He said it is moment of pride for everyone to see a fertile Telangana along with the Telangana state, which was gained after a movement. He said it is a very happy occasion to construct a major reservoir in the State and launch it. He thanked everyone who participated in the gigantic task. The CM was anguished that some vested interests have filed more than 600 cases on Kaleshwaram project, which was completed, in a record time of three years with 58,000 workers participating in it. He said engineers who have retired also worked for the project. “I salute to all of them,” the CM said. He praised them for working day and night no matter what the climate was. The CM said a battle waged in the most famine region to render justice to the people. He said in the Mallanna Sagar issue, heart and soul were put and he also praised Minister Sri T. Harish Rao for his services to the Kaleshwaram Project. He said the lands that people lost due to the project are priceless and assured that the people who lost their lands would be compensated. He said exclusive programmes should be implemented to the displaced and justice should be done to them and he asked Minister Harish Rao and officials to create employment to them. The CM reminded that Mallanna Sagar would provide drinking water not only to Siddipet district but also to Hyderabad on a permanent basis.

“Come what may, to put the country on the right track, if need be I will sacrifice my last drop of blood, I will set right the country and will march forward,” the CM made it clear.

“For this, I will utilise all the strength the God has given me, will use all my intellect. There is evil system that is prevailing in the country. Due to this the country is going on a wrong track. Some or fuelling communal rights and flaring up the country,” the CM said. He said there is need to put an end to this situation. Differences are created on caste and communal basis and if this continues, nobody will come forward to invest in the country. They may even go back. The CM gave call to the people to raise their voice against those spreading the cancer of communal and caste conflicts and questions them and chase such elements away. In this country, if all the States are to be developed the government at the Centre should work with commitment and be virtuous. He said for the sake of country’s progress and development, he is going ahead to make an impact on the national politics. Bangalore has become Silicon Valley of India. Hyderabad is in the second place. From Hyderabad the IT Exports are to the tune of Rs. 1.50 Lakh Crore. International flights are landing at the Shamshabad Airport. Each day about 580 such flights are landing. Go to any nook and corner of Telangana state an acre of land is costing more than Rs. 20 Lakh. There is every chance of our farmers are becoming rich. Wonderful industries are coming to Telangana. Along with IT in other sectors are creating large employment. Telangana State has the lowest unemployment rate, the CM said.

Speaking to the irrigation officials, the CM has instructed Special Chief Secretary (irrigation) Rajat Kumar to construct irrigation complex with international standards in 100 acres area. He also instructed ministers Harish Rao, Srinivas Goud to develop the Mallanna Sagar region as an international tourist place and asked them to develop it as an international Marriage destination Centre. Since a regional ring road is coming up near Mallanna Sagar Reservoir, it would become a tourist spot for Siddipet, Karimnagar, Jangaon, Aler townships which are in 60 Km radius. The CM wanted arrangements made for the people coming from these areas. The CM has instructed the officials concerned to develop medicinal plants in 7500 acres of forestland.

In the Inaugural function, Ministers Sri Harish Rao, Sri V Srinivas Goud, Sri Malla Reddy, MPs Sri J Santosh Kumar, Sri K Prabhakar Reddy, MLCs Sri Seri Subhash Reddy, Sri Farooq, Sri Raghotham Reddy, Sri Yadav Reddy, MLAs Sri Madan Reddy, Ms. Padma Devender Reddy, Sri Raghunandan Rao, Sri M Yadagiri Reddy, Sri Rasamayi Balkishan, Sri Upender Reddy, Sri V Satish Kumar, Corporations Chairpersons Sri V Prakash, Sri V Pratap Reddy, Sri Gyaderi Bala Mallu, Sri E Srinivas, Sri Srinivas Gupta, CM Secretary Ms Smitha Sabharwal, Collector Sri Hanmanth Rao, Irrigation Special CS Sri Rajath Kumar, E-in-C Sri Muralidhar Rao, CM OSD SrI Sridhar Deshpande, Irrigation Advisor (Lifts) Sri Penta Reddy, Kaleshwaram E-in-C Sri Hariram, DCCB Chairman Sri Devender Reddy and others participated.

As promised earlier that he would wash the feet of Komuravelli Mallanna with Godavari waters after bringing in Godavari waters, the Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao after the inaugural function on Wednesday evening went to Komuravelli Mallikarjuna Swamy temple and did Abhishekam with the Godavari water and fulfilled his vow. The CM also performed special poojas at the temple.