Eradicate the menace of Ganja and other narcotic substances use: CM

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao exhorted Police and Excise officials in the state to make narcotics control as a social responsibility and involve everyone to make it as a social movement. It is only then it is possible to eliminate the use of narcotics in the state. He also urged the officials concerned to think in an innovative way and act like a responsible human beings in this effort.

The CM said maintenance of the law-and-order situation in the state is excellent. Against this backdrop, the state could make rapid strides in the development of all spheres within a short span of time. Narcotics use has become a worldwide dangerous phenomenon that is fast spreading and it is eating into the very roots of society. The CM said to create awareness and educate the masses about the ill effects of narcotic drug use; a creative programme should be made and spread among the people.

The CM has instructed DGP Sri Mahender Reddy to form a team of 1000 specially trained personnel and constitute a Counter Intelligence Cell. He said already special wings created to curb the anti-social elements in the state like the Greyhounds are working effectively and successfully and the anti-Narcotics wing also should work with efficiency. For those police officials who demonstrate exemplary skills, they should be given awards, rewards, promotions and auxiliary promotions. The government will provide funds for this, the CM clarified.

The CM made it clear in the Narcotic drugs cases; no one should be spared however high and mighty the accused may be. He also instructed in no uncertain terms that even if the accused belongs to any political party, he or she should not spare and when public representatives recommend such cases, the requests should be totally rejected.

With an aim to eradicate the use of Ganja and other narcotic substances in the state, a conference of State Police and Excise Officials took place here at Pragathi Bhavan on Friday under the chairmanship of CM Sri KCR.

In the conference, Ministers Sri Mahmood Ali, Sri V Srinivas Goud, Sri Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Sri CH Malla Reddy, MPs Sri BB Patil, Ms. Kavitha Naik, MLAs Sri Balka Suman, Sri Redya Naik, Sri Ravindra Kumar Naik, Sri A Venkateswar Reddy, Sri Rajender Reddy, Sri Gadari Kishore Kumar, Sri Sayanna, Ms. Rekha Naik, Sri Sunke Ravishankar, Sri Krishna Mohan Reddy, Sri Abraham, Sri Hanumanth Shinde, Chief Secretary Sri Somesh Kumar, Former DGP and Advisor Sri Anurag Sharma, DGP Sri Mahender Reddy, Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Sri CV Anand, Cyberabad Police Commissioner Sri Stephen Ravindra, Rachakonda Police Commissioner Sri Mahesh Bhagwat, CMO officials Sri S Narsing Rao, Sri Bhoopal Reddy, Principal Secretary (Home) Sri Ravi Gupta, SPs, Commissioners, Dc from the police department from the state, Prohibition and Excise department Director Sri Sarfaraz Ahmed, Commissioners, DCs and others participated.

Two-pronged strategy to eradicate narcotics abuse
The CM suggested that a two-pronged strategy should be implemented for the control of the use of narcotics in the State. In the first strategy, identify those who are already addicted to the banned drugs, with help and support from their family members implement de abdication action plan for them. The next strategy will be to identify youth who are getting attracted to the drugs, track down the drug supply network link and eradicate it.

In the process of identifying the narcotics drugs supply gangs and eradicating them, the state police machinery should equip itself with sophisticated weapons. The responsibility to eradicate the narcotic mafia should be entrusted with the efficient police officers and declare war on the issue, the CM said.

The CM instructed that the Telangana state police should be trained on the lines of the Scotland Yard police and study the way the Scotland Yard police are curbing the drug menace. If need be, the senior police officers should visit the Scotland Yard and other countries where Narcotics drugs are controlled. He said police personnel from Punjab should be invited to train our police force on how to tackle the menace. The CM said that the government is ready to spend any amount of money and create facilities for narcotic drug control.

The CM said the roots of the organized crime network involved in the narcotics drugs business, supply and usage should be tracked down and the Telangana state should become a role model in curbing the menace.

They expressed anguish that the Telangana state is fast-moving on the progress to development and the use of banned drugs such a Ganja, Cocaine, LSD is still in the primary stage and if it is not nipped in the bud it would destroy the entire development in the state.

The CM said, “We are working in several capacities. We have the responsibility not only as employees but also a social responsibility as human beings. When a situation arises where our culture, our very foundations are at the risk of getting destroyed, we have to act like human beings having social responsibility. If we act with responsibility then there is social development. Telangana state had become a role model in several sectors. I congratulate all the government higher officials involved in this progress. I congratulate the CS, DGP and others from all the departments. The Central government has put us in a lot of trouble when the new state was formed. We have overcome all those obstacles and progressing towards development. Police machinery is working very well. CC Cameras are playing a very key role in crime detection. Culprits are caught immediately. Telangana police are working very well on the left-wing extremist issue. SIB, Gray Hounds and Counter-Intelligence wings are formed. Police Command Control is the first of its kind in the country. We will inaugurate it in March. The government will not hesitate to spend any amount of funds for the people’s welfare and maintaining the law and order. Investments are coming in every sector. Investments are coming in for the start-ups, Innovative fields. These investments are coming as the law and order are maintained. Orissa, Bengal, Rajasthan, Gujarati, Kayasthas, Brahmins and others are coming and staying here in Hyderabad. Organized crimes like illicit liquor sales, playing cards have been on the decrease. This is all due to your efforts. Under DGP’s administration, Law and Order are getting good results. Good results are coming due to the excellent law and order maintained by the police. Drinking water, water for irrigation, 24-hour power supplies the Paddy yield in the state the highest in the country. When such progress is continuing in the state, it is our responsibility to keep up the pride of Telangana State,” the CM said.

He said several studies pointed out that youth are getting attracted to the banned drugs. The CM wanted parents from the rich to the poor families should keep an eye on their children and their habits.

The CM said the use of narcotics drugs is very dangerous and if we fail to curb the problem there is no meaning of accumulating property, development. “What is the point in accumulating huge wealth if our children in front of our eyes are becoming slaves to narcotic drugs and what a painful situation it is,” the CM warned the parents.

The CM wanted the involvement of the civil society on drug control and wanted awareness conferences should be held for teachers, Sarpanches, Lecturers, and students. He wanted local MLAs, MPs; public representatives should also be educated on the matter. The CM instructed the CS that if any farmer cultivating Ganja and the same is not informed to the government, all the farmer welfare schemes like Rythu Bandhu Subsidy, etc. should be withdrawn. Measures should be taken to make villagers informed about such activity in advance.

The CM made it clear the officers and others concerned should take measures to control narcotic drugs used as a responsibility not merely as an instruction from the government. All experienced officers should take part in the programme. Like organized crimes are controlled, PD Act should also be enforced. “I don’t know what you do? The government will extend all the cooperation. Take measures to control the organized crimes and as well as the narcotics drug control,” the CM told the DGP.

Drug Usage
The CM said that the use of banned drugs is still in the primary stage in the state. Narcotic drugs usage, which is at the primary stage, should be nipped in the bud. He also wanted Forensic Labs that play a key role in identifying the accused should be updated with the latest technology. Proper prosecution should be prepared so that the cases in the courts are not lost or weakened. He said proper legal advice should be taken as several drug users are getting the bails in the court and hence they are committing the crime repeatedly. The CM instructed the CS to take measures and create facilities for the police officers to enable them to prove the crimes in courts.

The CM explained to the officers that through Cinema, social media and other online digital platforms drugs use is on the rise. “To create awareness among the people against drug usage, public relations system should be strengthened, media and cinema media should be utilized to the optimal level. Subsidies should be given to films, documentaries and advertisements, which have messages against the use of the banned substance. The CM instructed the DGP to take stern measures against the drug supplies, especially those hailing from countries like Nigeria. He wanted such accused persons from those countries should be identified and exported to their countries.

The CM has instructed the Hyderabad, Cyberabad, Rachakonda Police Commissioners to find out the roots for the narcotics drug usage in their respective Commissionerate jurisdiction and root out the evil. He wanted the officers concerned to identify how the banned drugs are being supplied from other states and networks and eliminate them. He wanted the officers to study the Narcotic drugs illegal transportation in-depth action plan to curtail it should be planned. There should be coordination between the police and Excise departments. All the drug-controlled agencies should be strengthened. The CM reacted strongly to the suggestion made by the officers that the closed industries are becoming the nerve centre for the manufacture and supply of illegal substances. He immediately instructed the identification of such industries and closing them.

The CM categorical said that there should not be anything called Hookah centres in the State. He also made it clear stern action would be taken if Police, Excise, or Enforcement employees involve in the Narcotic drugs cases. The CM also made it clear that licenses of the pubs, Bars should be cancelled if they are found allowing drug use. The CM instructed the DGP to have meeting of the Pub and bar owners in Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachakonda commissioner ate jurisdiction and give them clear-cut instructions.

The CM said he would regularly review the excise department. Work should be done without any laxity. He said stringent measures were taken against the officials who act irresponsibly. He also warned that Excise employees who are taking bribes would be punished. CM also made it clear that while appointing public prosecutors to deal with the drugs cases, people with integrity should be appointed as there are reports that some of them are misusing their powers. He also wanted totally eradication of illicit liquor and playing cards.

The CM said the government is thinking of re-implanting the Telangana Organized Crime Act. He also instructed the DGP to make plans to get the Act re-implemented.