Dalit Bandhu will be a Role Model for Country: CM

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“Till the last drop of my blood, I will fight for the comprehensive development of Dalits.” The Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao Declared. The CM also vowed that like the way he had a fight for the separate Telangana statehood ready to sacrifice his life, for the Dalit Bandhu success too he would wage a similar battle.

The CM urged the Telangana society to come forward for the economic and social development of the Dalits, eradicating the discrimination against the Dalits. He said no one knows who started the discrimination against the Dalits, any, when, but it is a very heinous act.

The CM reiterated that with strong will and commitment anything can be achieved. He recalled that with a strong will and commitment Telangana state was achieved. With the same will, Telangana state is being developed with determination. With the same determination, comprehensive development of Dalits would also be achieved, the CM clarified. He also said that Telangana society had the unique distinction of achieving aims, objectives, and targets with determination.

CM Sri KCR held a high-level review meeting on the implementation of the Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme at Karimnagar district Collectorate. In this review meeting, Minister Sri Harish Rao, Sri Koppula Eswar, Sri Gangula Kamalakar, MP Sri J Santosh Kumar, MLC Sri Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, MLAs Sri Rasamayi Balkishan, Sri S Ravi Shankar, former Minister Sri Kadiam Srihari, SC Corporation Chairman Sri Banda Srinivas, former SC, ST Commission Chairman Sri Errolla Srinivas, CMO Secretaries Ms. Smita Sabharwal, Sri Rahul Bojja, Collector Sri Karnan, Karimnagar Mayor Sri Sunil Rao, former Mayor Sri Ravinder Singh, former MLA Sri A Mohan, leaders Sri Kaushik Reddy, Sri Peddireddi, Bankers, Welfare Department officers, State and District Dalit Organisations leaders Sri Medi Mahesh, Sri Kamala Srinivas, Sri Boggula Mallesam, Sri Dumpala Jeevan, Sri G Arun, Sri Nalla Kanaka Raju and others participated.

Speaking on the occasion, the CM said,” We have achieved Telangana state after so many fights and sacrifices. The Telangana State that we achieved we developed in a wonderful manner in the last 7 years. We have turned the agriculture sector, which was regarded as a waste profession into a profitable one. We are supplying power uninterruptedly. We are producing 3 Crore tonnes, Paddy, in the state which once saw migrations for employment. The Telangana state is marching forward towards a qualitative and meaningful change from a situation of confusion. The state grew from a state with starvation deaths to a state, which is now regarded as Annapurna (Rice Bowl). The hereditary professions which were on the brink of extinct, are now encouraged, supported and made financially stand by themselves by spending Crores of rupees. The government is standing by the BCs, MBCs, with Sheep and fish distribution schemes, extending a helping hand to the handloom sector. All sectors, SC, ST, BC and Minority communities are given confidence that the government would always support and stand by them.

We have given major relief to the farm sector with Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bhima schemes. The Telangana which was off the tracks in the past under united AP rulers in many sectors is now back on the rails. The Telangana state government is the only government in the country, which is giving pensions to Single women, Beedi Workers, people suffering from filaria. We are implementing people’s welfare schemes like Kalyana Laxmi, KCR Kits, and Amma Vodi. As of date we are correcting and stabilizing all the sectors and reached a certain stage.

The time has come to implement an action plan for the development of Dalits, which I have been thinking about for a long time. When I was MLA of Siddipet I have implemented the Dalit Chaitanya Jyothi programme and worked for the development and growth of Dalits. In fact, Dalit Bandhu Scheme should have begun last year itself but due to Corona it was delayed, the CM said.

We have made the beginnings for the Dalita Bandhu Maha Yagna. The conditions of Dalits all over the country are pathetic. If one observes the condition of Dalits in North India, everyone’s who has humanity has their heart melts. At least now the economic and social discrimination against the Dalits should go in the country. We need governments that dedicate themselves to the development of Dalits. We will make the Dalit Bandhu project, which is being implemented on a pilot basis in Huzurabad with support from you all. Not only in Telangana, but we will also make the Scheme a lesson which the entire country should learn,” the CM said.

Speaking further, the CM said, “We have studied the economic and social situation of Dalits by forming subaltern Studies Centre. Through the study, we have realised that 165 communities across the world are subjected to economic and social discrimination. It is proved that the condition of Dalits in the country is like the 165 communities all over the Globe. Dalits have no property; moreover, they are subjected to social discrimination. There are diamonds among them but they lack opportunities. Now the Telangana government gave them an opportunity. This is not a scheme taken up to garner votes. There is no hurry. The scheme will continue till every Dalit family is developed. The comprehensive Family survey pointed out that there are 17 lakh, Dalit families, in the State. There are about 75 lakh Dalit population in the State. In other words, there are 18 percent Dalits among the state’s population. The Dalit population is growing. In accordance with it in future, we will try to increase the reservation percentage.”

“When I moved forward for Telangana State, you all followed me, you were with me till we achieved the Telangana State. When I fought you have extended your support and help. You are standing behind every program and scheme launched for the past seven years for the development and welfare of the state. If your support for the Telangana movement is true, then you should extend the same for me for Dalit development and welfare which I am doing with the same, taking inspiration from Telangana state movement,” the CM gave a call to the people. The way how the agriculture sector is pulled out of discrimination through schemes like Rythu Bandhu, the same principle is also true for Dalit Bandhu which is aimed to develop the Dalit community in the state. Like the way through Rythu Bandhu scheme financial help is given to everyone, employees and others without any discrimination, the same method is implemented for the Dalit Bandhu Scheme. Like Rythu Bandhu, Dalit Bandhu also has no restrictions. To break the poverty among Dalits in Dalit Bastis, the government has decided to extend the scheme to the employees. Dalit Bandhu will also be implemented for the sub-sects among the Dalits. The Dalit Bandhu scheme is implemented to make sure that Dalits are given the required financial support to stand with pride in society and lead a qualitative life. The way how financial help given under Rythu Bandhu has changed the agriculture sector from a wasteful profession to a profitable one, Dalit Bandhu too will change the lives of Dalits for the better and this is the vision of the government,” the CM explained.

The CM said that the Dalit Chaitanya Jyothi which will start from Huzurabad will spread all over the state and share light to the entire country and it will bring in consciousness among the oppressed Dalits. The way how we reached our goal of Telangana state with clear awareness, in a similar way Dalit Bandhu movement will also be lead and will reach the destination.

The CM reminded how several lakh crores were spent to revive the irrigation and farm sectors, in the same method, 1.75 Lakh crore will be spent to develop Dalits in a phased manner in the days to come. He said that every year Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 crores would be spent on 2 to 3 Lakh Dalit families and the Dalit Bandhu Scheme will be implemented in a phased manner.

The CM said the Dalit Intellectual group should work for the development of Dalits and to ensure that Dalit Bandhu reaches each and every family in the State. “Go to villages, meet every family in Dalit habitations, talk to them and find out what they need? Don’t be spectators, we have to develop our own community,” the CM urged the Dalit intellectuals.

The CM has instructed the officials to prepare a pamphlet on programmes being implemented under the Dalit Bandhu and explain the salient features, opportunities to the beneficiaries. He also made it clear to the officials that beneficiaries themselves should select their work. There are no restrictions on which work should be taken up and where. The beneficiaries are allowed to take up their work. But everyone should not opt for the same work and different works will be more profitable. He said reservations would be created for Dalits for issuing licenses to start fertiliser, Medical and wine shops. He said opportunities would also be given to Dalits in supplying materials to Hostels, Hospitals and Electricity agencies. He said opportunities will also be bettered for Dalits in civil supplies and reservation in the Contract sector too will be examined.

The CM said Rs 2.20 Lakh Crore investment came into the State in the Industries sector and they created 15 lakh employment opportunities. Similarly, investment to the tune of 1.75 Lakh Crore on Dalits will create employment for lakhs of Dalits through Dalit Bandhu.

The CM said Dalit Bandhu Committees would be formed at Village, Mandal, Assembly segment, and district and state levels. Through Dalit Security Fund a supportive structure is created to help the Dalit families in the case of any eventuality. Such a method and policy is there in the world in one or two places. In our country, it is the first time such a policy is being implemented. The Dalit Security Fund will be monitored and managed by the Dalit Bandhu Committees under the leadership of the district collector. Those who are in trouble will be helped to make them bounce back.

The CM who reviewed the implementation of the Dalit Bandhu Pilot project in Huzurabad with the officials gave several suggestions. He wanted them to take up the Dalit families Census to find out their actual living conditions. He also asked them to find out whether the beneficiary has the capability to manage the work. In case the beneficiaries are not aware, they should be explained. The CM also suggested to the officials to make the beneficiaries open an exclusive Telangana Dalit Bandhu Bank account and in this regard, they should take help from the bankers. He also wanted them to tag the Dalit Bandhu account and regularly monitor the progress and give suggestions from time to time.

The CM also advised the officials to speak in the native colloquial tongue to the beneficiaries but not the official lingo to make the people understand easily. He wanted the officials to behave like opinion-makers, facilitators with the people and develop intimacy with them. The officers should work with the spirit of the people’s movement. Dalit intellectuals, students and officials will extend their support. An extended meeting will be held in Hyderabad shortly on the latter. Dalit Bandhu Scheme will become a major movement in the days to come and the Huzurabad Assembly segment will become a training ground, the CM said.

He said since the SC Welfare minister, BC Welfare Minister is from the Karimnagar district and the finance minister is representing the Assembly segment next door has made the success of the Huzurabad Dalit Bandhu Pilot project more easily. The CM expressed happiness over the success of the Karimnagar Milk Diary in the milk production sector. And said he is feeling proud. He said the Karimnagar district climate is suited for Milk production and beneficiaries under Dalit Bandhu should opt for the Diary farms. He wanted discussions should be held with the Karimnagar Diary management and take suggestions in procuring the milk and create dairy farms in Huzurabad for the Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries and help them to develop financially. The CM is happy when a Diary management representative at the meeting said they are ready to procure one-lakh litres of milk additionally.

On this occasion, the CM discussed with Dalit Organisations leaders, intellectuals, and political leaders and asked the officials to make a note of the suggestions given by them. Meanwhile, speakers at the meeting opined that Dalit Bandhu Scheme would not only financially help the Dalits but also make their self-respect on a higher pedestal and distance them from any form of discrimination. The Dalit organizations leaders said that CM Sri KCR had done the brainstorming sessions like the one did by Dr. Ambedkar while drafting the Constitution to plan and implementation of the Dalit Bandhu Scheme.