Take all precautionary measures on a war-footing: CM

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao has instructed higher officials to be on a high alert minute by minute, monitor and ensure that people living in low-lying areas do not face any hardships as the flood situation in the state is alarming following the occurrence of heavy rainfall. He said immediate safety measures should be taken in Krishna and Godavari River catchment areas. The CM instructed officials of all the departments to take preventive measures as the weather forecast stated that heavy rainfall will occur for the next two days in the state. With the construction of projects in the state, water flowing abundantly in lakes, and other water bodies and there is water available at full capacity throughout the year. With untimely rains, the flood situation is becoming alarming. In the past rule, in Telangana official machinery had the habit of having famine relief measures, they now have to get awareness about managing the flood situation. In this regard, the CM instructed the officials to have a perfect flood management system on a permanent basis.

In the backdrop of heavy rains occurring in the state along with the upper neighbouring States and on the measures already taken and to be taken in the Krishna and Godavari river catchment areas, Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has held a high-level review on Thursday at Pragathi Bhavan here.

In this meeting, Jukkal MLA Sri Hanmanthu Shinde, Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar  Principal Secretary to CM Sri S Narsing Rao, Secretaries Sri Rajasekhar Reddy, Sri Bhoopal Reddy, CM OSD Sri Sridhar Rao Deshpande, Ms. Priyanka Verghese, Special Chief Secretary (Irrigation) Sri Rajat Kumar, Principal Secretary (Municipal Administration and Urban Development) Sri Arvind Kumar, Secretary (Panchayat Raj and Rural Development) Sri Sandeep Kumar Sultania, Commissioner Sri M Raghunandan Rao, GHMC Commissioner Sri Lokesh Kumar, Irrigation E-in-C Sri Muralidhar, CDMA Sri Satyanarayana, CIG Sri Seshadri, SCDD Secretary Sri Rahul Bojja, IMD Nagaratna, NDRF Sri Damodar Singh, Panchayat Raj E-in-C Sri Sanjiv Rao, R&B E-in-C Sri Ganapathi Reddy, TSSPDCL CMD Sri G Raghuma Reddy, IGs Sri Stephen Ravindra, Sri Nagireddy, Hyderabad CP Sri Anjani Kumar, Cyberabad CP Sri VC Sajjanar, Rachakonda CP Sri Mahesh Bhagawat, Army officials and others participated.

The CM suggested to the officials that in Telangana there will never be a famine situation and there is a need to create strong machinery to face the flood situation in the State hereafter. In the changed circumstances, the CM instructed the higher officials to have an effective flood management system should be put in place.

Speaking on the occasion, the CM said, “Set up an effective Flood Management Team with seven officers who know how to take safety measures for the people during the floods. Keep the records of the floods every year. Take preventive measures during the floods based on the record of the past floods. The Team should be constituted on a permanent basis.

The CM explained the awareness that these officers in the team should possess. “In the team, officials having awareness on the measures to be taken one war footing at the time floods should be appointed. One of the members should have awareness on managing the rehabilitation camps. One officer should be given the responsibility to alert Army, Airforce, and NDRF. Another member having the experience to coordinate medical and Health, R&B, Panchayat Raj, should be appointed. Another member should be able to coordinate the GAD, Revenue, Irrigation, and other such departments, which are involved in flood, related works. The CM instructed CS Somesh Kumar to immediately constitute the team on a permanent basis.

The officials have explained to the CM about the flood situation, rainfall recorded at the Godavari catchment areas, the flood situation from upper areas of SRSP to Kadem, Yellampally, Swarna, Kaleswaram project jurisdiction areas and the situation on the upper Krishna areas. They informed that the flood is increasing in the Godavari. Against this backdrop, necessary instructions were given to ministers from Nizamabad and Adilabad districts, Collectors including the Chief Secretary.

The CM spoke to Ministers and Collectors from Nizamabad and Adilabad districts over the phone and issues several instructions on the safety measures. The CM said there was no need to entertain any fear and the government has initiated all the measures.

He said e senior officials should be sent immediately by an Army Helicopter to supervise areas in Kothagudem, Eturu Nagaram and Mangampet. The CM instructed that NDRF teams should be deputed to Armoor, Nirmal and Bhainsa areas immediately to take up the evacuation of people in the low-lying areas. Make arrangements for the shelter, clothes and food for the rehabilitated people. The CM gave instructions from the meeting to take immediate measures should be taken to save people who were stuck in the floods in Adilabad, Mancherial, Asifabad districts.

The CM said, “There are very heavy rains occurring in the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar recorded the highest 70 cms rainfall. With this, there will be an increase in floods in the Krishna River catchment areas and immediate measures should be taken. Senior officials should be deputed to Nagarjuna Sagar and they should operate from there. He instructed that Nalgonda Irrigation CE should be deputed for the Nagarjuna Sagar dam safety monitoring and Wanaparthy CE for the Jurala project.

Measures for immediate arrangements
To save people from the floods, the CM instructed the deployment of more NDRF Teams and helicopters. He wanted utilization of the services of senior officers, both in service and retired, who worked during the floods earlier.

Keep Electricity, Irrigation, Revenue, Panchayat Raj and Police departments ready to face the situation tomorrow and the day after. Police and Irrigation officials should be on high alert to face the flood situation tomorrow and the day after. He wanted evacuation of people from the low-lying areas to safer areas. He has instructed the irrigation officials to release water from the Reservoir at a slow pace.

What is the situation in Hyderabad?
The CM inquired about the Musi river flood. He wanted measures to be taken for the safety of people living in low-lying areas in Hyderabad. He explained the measures to be taken in Hyderabad and other places. The CM has instructed the HMDA and GHMC officials to be strict against the illegal construction of houses in the low-lying areas in Hyderabad. The CM who inquired about the drainage situation instructed the officials to be alert and take preventive measures.

People and officials should be on high alert till Aug 10
Since the weather forecast says that the rainfall will continue till Aug 10, the CM instructed all the departments to be on high alert for the safety of people. He wanted the R&B department to assess the flood situation beforehand and coordinate with the departments concerned, examine the condition of roads and bridges and control the public transport system.

He wanted people in the state to exercise restraint and be alert of the flood situation. People should not venture into streams, rivulets, and other water bodies and take measures so as not to get caught in the floods. People should not indulge in misadventures like trying to cross the streams. He also advised people to take care of their children.