Orientation Programme on “Telangana Dalit Bandhu”

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao desired that with the financial assistance given under Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme, the Dalit community should develop itself as a business community by selecting industries, employment, and business of their choice. He said that other communities in villages should come to Dalits for taking loans and towards this, Dalit empowerment should be achieved. The CM appealed to the educated among the Dalits should come forward and take part in this historical effort put in by the government to realize the aspirations of Dr. BR Ambedkar and for the development of Dalits.

While implementing the scheme, the CM wanted three phases to be followed. He instructed all the issues pertaining to Assigned and Gram Kanta lands of Dalits and other issues should be solved, after developing the basic infrastructure facilities in Dalitwadas the scheme should be implemented. All the participants in the conference should work for the success of the pilot project in the Huzurabad Constituency. By making the scheme successful in Huzurabad, it should become a torchbearer for the entire Dalit community in the country. He reiterated that the Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme is being implemented to remove economic disparity and also social discrimination of the Dalits.

Under the Chairmanship of CM Sri KCR, an awareness program on Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme was held here at Pragathi Bhavan on Monday. In this meeting Dalit Welfare Minister Sri Koppula Eshwar, Finance Minister Sri T Harish Rao, MLCs Sri Goreti Venkanna, Sri Prabhakar, Sri Rajeshwara Rao, MLAs Sri Balka Suman, Sri T Rajaiah, Sri Aruri Ramesh, Sri Rasamayi Balkishan, Sri Gadari Kishore, Sri Chanti Kranthi Kiran, Sri Sandra Venkata Veeraiah, Sri Durgam Chinnaiah, Sri Hanmanth Shinde, Sri Sunke Ravishankar, Sri K Manik Rao, Sri Kale Yadaiah, Sri Methuku Anand, Sri G Sayanna, Sri VM Abraham, Sri Chirumarthi Lingaiah, former MLC Sri Kadiyam Srihari, TSIIC Chairman Sri Gyadari Bala Mallu, SC Commission former Chairman Sri Errolla Srinivas, TRSV State President  Sri Gellu Srinivas Yadav, CPM, CPI national leaders Sri Venkat, Sri Bala Narsimha, Chief Secretary Sri Somesh Kumar, Principal Secretary to CM Sri S Narsing Rao, Principal secretary (Finance) Sri Ramakrishna Rao, Principal Secretary (Panchayat Raj) Sri Sandeep Kumar Sultania, Principal secretary (Industries) Sri Jayesh Ranjan, CM Secretaries Ms Smita Sabharwal, Sri Bhoopal Reddy, Sri Rajsekhar Reddy, Ms Priyanka Verghese, Principal Secretary (SC Welfare dept) Sri Rahul Bojja, SC Corporation Chairman SrI Banda Srinivas, SC Corporation MD Sri Karunakar, Karimnagar Collector Sri Kannan, Mission Bhagiratha E-in-C Sri Krupakar Reddy, 450 representatives from the Huzurabad Assembly Constituency participated.

Dalit Bandhu, a movement
Speaking at the conference, the CM said, ‘’Dalit Bandhu is not only a programme but also a movement. The entire Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme is based on the success achieved by the representatives who came from Huzurabad. Everyone should take a firm decision in this regard. The Telangana statehood agitation started by one person later put pressure on the country’s political system and became successful. In every issue, there would be some adverse forces. We will achieve success when we travel on the path which we have faith.”

Economic strength keeps discrimination at bay
“The efforts put in by Dr. Ambedkar have thrown light to the Dalit community. We have a bad situation where a man shows discrimination against another fellow being. I have studied this issue through the Centre for Subaltern Studies. We should get rid of vengeance, enmity and develop mutual faith and trust. Withdraw all the cases in the police stations in Dalitwadas, which were filed against one another. Develop mutual fraternity and this will lay the path for the success. If Dalits are economically empowered, they would be away from any discrimination. All those participants here today should get victory in Huzurabad and create awareness later all over the State for Dalits. If Dalit Bandhu Scheme is successful, the Dalit development will take place. It is very unfortunate that the Dalits who have the talent and skills are kept away from the productivity sector by keeping them away from the villages in the name of Untouchability. It is also unfortunate that women are confined to the unproductive sector due to gender bias. This is a foolish act,” the CM said.

Government stands by Dalits
“We have internal energy of a Tiger lay dormant and it should be brought out. To achieve success, we should keep the adverse forces and brokers at bay. The state government has dismissed the police personnel who are culprits in Dalit woman Mariamma’s lock-up death case and went to the rescue of the victim’s family. Telangana government will always be available for the Dalits. When the government is supporting, the Dalit community should work with commitment for self-development. All the participants in this conference should be like a watchdog while getting work done by the officials. They should have an Eagle eye to watch the implementation of the scheme,” the CM said.

Reservation for Dalits in sectors where Govt gives licenses
The CM said that in the sectors where there is an opportunity to get financially developed such as fertilizer shops, medical shops, rice mills, wine shops, the government will provide reservations.

Government’s help to Dalits in Industry, employment and business sectors. The CM said the government will extend financial help to Dalits under the scheme to set up their choice of business such as power tiller, harvester, Paddy planning machine, Autos, tractors, Poultry, tent house, Diary industry, Oil Mill, grinding mill, cement and bricks business, industry, hotel, Steel, cement and building material shops, photography, videography, Mobile phone shops, Mobile tiffin Centres, Hotels, Cloth emporium, furniture shops, etc.,

Dalit Security Fund on a permanent basis
“We will establish Dalit Security Fund with the government and beneficiary participation on a permanent basis and this besides the financial assistance given by the Dalit Bandhu Scheme. This Fund will be managed by the district Collectors with a committee of the beneficiaries. Every year a minimum amount will be deposited and it will be continued regularly to further help Dalits to become financially strong. For all those who are suffering without any opportunity or help, Dalit Bandhu will pave way for financial empowerment. Your success will throw light on other communities, other states, and the country. The Huzurabad victory of Dalit Bandhu will be etched permanently in the history of the country,” the CM said.

We will put pressure on the Center to implement Dalitbandhu across the country – CPM-affiliated All India Agricultural Labor Union general secretary Sri Venkat:
“Only goats are slaughtered, not tigers,” said Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. We must always remember Ambedkar’s words. In the lines of Ambedkar’s intentions, the possibility of turning Dalits into tigers only be made possible by the Dalit Bandhu which is envisioned by CM KCR. After the success of the Dalit Bandhu scheme in Telangana, we will put pressure on the Center to implement a Dalit Bandhu-like scheme across the country.

Huzurabad country needs a compass – CPI state leader Sri Bala Narsimha:
“All these years, the schemes introduced for the Dalits by the past rulers and the limited funds have not contributed to their economic development.  Dalitbandhu is a great scheme implemented by CM KCR by providing financial assistance of a maximum amount of ten lakh rupees. The scheme will pave the way for revolutionary changes in the lives of Dalits. We will fight for the implementation of a scheme like Dalitbandhu across the country If the Huzurabad pilot project is successful.

During the interactive session post-lunch
The CM has instructed the officials concerned to conduct a special drive in Huzurabad for a week to ten days to solve all the land-related issues of the Dalits. He also instructed Karimnagar Collector Sri Karnan that the Dalits who have Digital Signature issues should be called to the Collectorate and solve the issue. He wanted a profile to be prepared on Dalitwadas to find out the situation there.

“In Huzurabad there should not be any Dalit family without a house. Cent percent of all the housing problems should be solved. The government will extend financial assistance to construct a house for those who have vacant sites. We will implement this in a phased manner all over the State for all the Dalits. Identify those suffering from ailments in Dalit wadas in Huzurabad Constituency. Officials should prepare a report and the government will extend the medical help. Prepare reports on pensions, ration cards and identify all the problems and send them to the government,” the CM suggested.

The CM has asked the participants to suggest any changes to be made to the Scheme and heard their views. He also inquired with them what other schemes should be introduced after the Dalit Bandhu. He also asked them what their family members discussed about Dalit Bandhu. Responding the participants said that Dalit Bandhi is a boon to Dalits in the state and thanked the CM for the same.

“We will issue identity cards for the Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries. We will insert an electronic chip in the cards for every beneficiary. We will monitor the implementation of the scheme through this. We will ensure that the beneficiary will become financially strong but never allow him to fall,” the CM said.

MLAs, MLCs have expressed their opinions

Dalit should be developed and become a role model for others – Sri Goreti Venkanna:

It is a very humane decision by CM KCR to extend Rs 10 Lakh assistance to Dalit families who In fact face problems even for a small loan. After Dr. Ambedkar, KCR is the only leader who thought of Dalits’ welfare. The scheme will lead to revolutionary changes. We thank CM for making us take part in the development, which is taking place with inspiration from the Telangana movement.

It is only when the Dalit community is developed with the financial assistance given by KCR, becomes a role model for others, gets over the discrimination, it will be a fitting gratitude Dalits can give to the CM. He also gave a message in his poetic style that let there be moonlight in the villages that were once excommunicated.

Huzurabad representatives should take responsibility for the scheme’s success: Rasamayi Balkishan

Dalits in Telangana can live with self-respect through the Scheme. I thank the CM for bringing out such a daring scheme for the development of Dalits. So far, the CM has already been credited with giving overseas scholarships to Dalit students for the first time in the country. The responsibility of filling light among the 60 lakh Dalits who lives in the state is dependent on the Huzurabad success of the scheme.

Give us a chance to participate: Sri Guvvala Balraju
Great scheme and the entire community is indebted to you for your very thought. Appoint a Nodal agency for the perfect implementation. Dalit Public representatives will take part in the pilot project and give us an opportunity. It helps us to implement the scheme in our constituencies.

Every CM’s scheme is a success: Kadiam Srihari
Whatever scheme the CM introduces will be a great success. Taking inspiration from Rythu Bandhu, the centre is giving some assistance to farmers all over the country. Telangana state is the only state in the country where the Dalit family is given directly Rs 10 Lakh assistance without the involvement of any bank or guarantee.

Here are the reactions from the participants with whom the CM interacted post-lunch session:

• I am a tractor driver and I will become the owner of a tractor with Dalit Bandhu: Sri Sammaiah

• I will buy a Taxi with the assistance: Sri Chiranjeevi

• I will open a medical shop: Sri Daripalli Tirupathi

• My husband drivers a tractor Dozer, we will buy it: Smt. Sarada, Mallareddy Palli

• I will start a dairy farm: Sri Thanda Sankar, Challuru

• I will open a Kirana or Fertiliser shop: Sri Harish, Sriramulapet

• My son and daughter-in-law want to open a medical Shop. Nobody ever came with such schemes: Retired teacher Sri Saraiah, Huzurabad.

• I will do centering plates business: Sri D Guravaiah, Narsingapur

• I will start a dairy farm: Sri Stephen, Elbak Village

• I will start a lighting decoration business: Sri Rakesh Kumar, Illanthagunta village

• I will start Poultry: Sri Madasu Hemender, Gaddi Vani Palli

• I will start a mini supermarket: Sri Surender, Bhojanur

• I will buy Paddy harvester: Sri Naresh, Sambhunupalli, Jammikunta mandal

• I will start the country chicken and kadakanath business: Sri Sarangam, Madipally

• I will start an automobile shop: Sri Teja, Jammikunta town

• I will start fruits business: Sri Yelkapally Devender, Salavada, Jammikunta town

• I will start Xerox, Internet, and DTP shop: Sri Ramesh Jammikunta

Highlights of the Conference:

• The entire conference was held for a marathon of eight hours and it was full of analysis and explanation

• The CM felt happy when the participants informed him that they have discussed with their family members which business they should start with the assistance from the scheme

• Some participants have their doubts cleared on the scheme from the CM himself

• The CM had lunch together with the women and youth participants

• A wide variety of delicious non-vegetarian dishes were served at the lunch to 500 people

• When the CM narrated to the participants about the success story of Prof Hashmi in Bangladesh who prepared 14,000 self-help groups, they listened to it with rapt attention and they appeared to be inspired

• Overall the participants including the officials were inspired by the CM’s talk and interaction

• They took a vow that they will make the pilot project in Huzurabad Constituency a grand success.