CM review on ‘Telangana Dalith Bandhu’ Scheme

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao has said that Dalit empowerment would serve its true meaning and purpose when Dalits are aware to define their own development and become partners in the development. The CM said that within a short span of time, the ‘Telangana Dalit Bandhu’ Scheme should be prepared and put forth before the beneficiaries to economically empower them and make them self-reliant. The CM has asked the officials concerned to work towards reaching the Dalit empowerment scheme to the true beneficiaries. The CM instructed that the officials get them sensitized and later sensitize the beneficiaries.

The CM held a review meeting here at Pragathi Bhavan on Monday to prepare guidelines for the Dalit Bandhu Scheme and the employment schemes to be designed. In this review meeting, Government’s Chief Advisor Sri Rajiv Sharma, Principal Secretary to CM Sri S Narsing Rao, CM Secretaries Ms. Smita Sabharwal, Sri Bhoopal Reddy, Principal Secretary (SC Welfare) Sri Rahul Bojja, SC Development Corporation MD Sri P Karunakar and others participated.

Speaking on the occasion, the CM said, “At the field level, in the Pilot project in Assembly Constituency, visit the villages and understand the Dalit families situation. Collect their opinion. In tune with the changed circumstances, take up the works to financially stabilize them and turn them into schemes. Initially, the officials should get themselves sensitize towards this.”

The CM has suggested the officials get themselves sensitized about the pilot project and plan how to conduct the field trials, whom to meet, what information to get from them? How to take the info? How to take advice from those who are working for the development of Dalits? And how to incorporate the suggestions in the Schemes? The CM said a workshop with higher officials prominent Dalit employees, Dalit organizations leaders and Dalit activists would be held shortly.

In tune with the decisions taken at the workshop, officials should go to the Dalit Wadas, interact with the Dalit families, meet the prominent Dalits about the issues of Dalits. And based on their suggestions and advice, prepare the schemes. What are the needs of Dalits? Find out whether the schemes are allowing Dalits to create income without any long-time gap or not and accordingly plan the schemes.