CM announcement on Pay Revision to Employees and Teachers

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​Announcement by Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao on Pay Revision to Employees and Teachers and on addressing others problems:

Government employees, teachers who played an inspirational role in achieving Telangana state, are participating with the same commitment in the development of their own state. With their co-operation, the fruits of welfare & development are reaching the people successfully. In view of the inexhaustible relation the government is having with employees, the Telangana government is acting as employee’s friendly government. It respects the rights of all employees. After the formation of the Telangana state, the Telangana government announced a special increment by appreciating the role played by employees in the movement.  In 2014 by revising the 10th pay scales & by announcing the highest fitment of 43%, Telangana Government showed its admiration it has on employees of the state.

The Corona disaster had shattered the state economy. Due to an unexpected fiscal deficit, the 11th pay revision was delayed. In the present scenario of recuperating the economy, we are revising the 11th pay scale in a better manner that will cover all the employees, teachers in the state.

Erstwhile Governments followed the system wherein pay revision means it includes only government employees. Telangana Government during the last pay revision while revising the pay scales of government employees, keeping in view the necessities & situations of other employees who are rendering their services at ground level and increased their pays scales with a humanitarian perspective. This time also government by revising the pay scales of employees, teachers and pensioners, took a decision to increase the salaries of contract employees, outsourcing employees, Home Guards, Anganwadis, Asha Workers, SERP Employees, Vidya Volunteers, KGBV, Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan employees, VRAs, VAOs, Grant in Aid, Work charged, daily wage and other employees i.e., totaling about 9,17,797 employees who are working as part of the Government machinery.

  • After deliberations with employees, teachers unions in the state, the government has taken up the process of promotions as requested by government employees. Till now 80% of the promotion process of employees is completed. The government will immediately start the promotion process of remaining eligible employees along with eligible teachers. After this process is completed, 100% of eligible employees will get promotions in the state. The government will shortly start the process of filling vacancies created by promotions.
  • Government constitutes a steering committee with employees associations, government officials as stakeholders for evolving the new modalities of Employees Health Scheme (EHS) as per the PRC committee recommendations.
  • Government has decided to reduce the age limit from 75 years to 70 years for 15% additional quantum of pension to the retired government employees & teachers.
  • On the basis of erstwhile undivided districts, seniority and management wise the government decided to undertake promotions and transfers to eligible teachers.
  • To enhance the number to ten thousand of the present Headmasters who are in the Primary Schools, the government decided to sanction additional Headmaster (equivalent to School Assistant) posts.
  • For the spouse employees and teachers who are working in different districts, the government will immediately start the process of inter-district transfers to accommodate them to work in one district.
  • The government will give permission to the Andhra Pradesh teachers who are working in Telangana to return to their home state. To this effect, the government will issue orders.
  • The government has decided to provide 180 days of maternity leave along with wages to the KGBV Women Staff.
  • The government has decided to extend the family pension policy to the family members of the CPS (Contributory Pension Scheme) employees who died while on duty.
  • Along with financial recession across the country Corona pandemic severely shattered the state economy. Corona has destroyed the economies of all countries across the World. Due to the lockdown imposed by the Central government the public life in the state came to stand still and financial activities were also paralysed. Due to Corona, the income levels declined and the state has experienced a severe financial deficit. Though the state is in severe financial crisis it is decided to pay PRC related 12 months arrears to the employees as the government is having special concern for them.  It is ensured to get these arrears along with retirement benefits.
  • The government has decided to enhance the retirement gratuity of employees and teachers from Rs. 12 lakhs to Rs. 16 lakhs.
  • As per the assurance given in our last election manifesto, the government is happy to announce the enhancement of the retirement age limit to 61 years to the state government employees and teachers. With an aim to utilise the services of experienced employees I announce the enhancement of the retirement age limit and this decision will come into effect immediately.
  • I am happy to announce the good news to all state government employees and teachers that they will get 30 % percent fitment and to this effect the orders will be implemented from 1-4-2021.

The government adopted a broader vision in solving the employees and teachers issues, the government expects that the employees will also respond accordingly and further dedicate themselves in discharging their duties and work with full commitment in public service without any lapses.