CM’s review meeting with Cabinet Colleagues and Collectors

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao has instructed the officials concerned to solve all the revenue department related issues immediately. The CM also instructed the officials to make all the necessary changes, additions to the Dharani Portal within a week’s time.

  • CM instructed that arrangements should be made to reopen the classes from 9th standard upwards from Feb 1st.
  • CM wanted all the arrangements for the Corona vaccination should be made forthwith.
  • He also gave instructions that top priority and importance to be given for reviving the forests.
  • CM wanted promotions should be given in all the departments, and all the vacancies should be filled up at one go.
  • CM also instructed that in all the urban areas in proportion to the population, integrated markets and Vaikunta Dhams should be constructed.

The CM held a meeting with the Ministers and Collectors at Pragathi Bhavan today. Government Advisors, secretaries of the departments and heads of the departments participated in the meeting.

Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao said that before the formation of Telangana State, the maintenance of revenue records was in chaos and it often leads to clashes and litigations. He said that the Telangana government had made several attempts to put an end to the frequent litigation arising out of improper records and to clearly state who is the owner of every bit of land. The comprehensive purification of land records, issue of new passbooks, the new Revenue Act and other reforms undertaken by the government are clear on the ownership rights. The CM has expressed satisfaction that the Dharani Portal launched to make sales and purchases; maintenance of records in a transparent manner was successful cent percent. The CM has instructed the officials to make more flexibility in the sale and purchase of agricultural lands; modification should be done to the Dharani Portal within one week’s time. The CM asked the District Collectors to personally take initiative and solve all issues pertaining to the Revenue Department. He asked the officials to invite fresh applications for the pending mutations and the mutations should be done within a week.

“Make the Dharani Portal more user-friendly. For this immediately make the necessary modifications. Create a facility on Dharani Portal for the NRIs to register based on their Passport Number. Modify Dharani in such a way that companies and societies should also be able to get passbooks for the lands that they purchase. Earlier, the details of those who did not give their Aadhar numbers were not uploaded in Dharani. Give them one more chance and register their Aadhar number and issue Passbooks. The District Collectors should solve all the disputes with regard to Land Transfer regulation in the agency areas within a month. Create a facility on Dharani for those who booked the slot to cancel or reschedule their slots. The list of prohibited lands should be updated regularly. Make changes as per the Court verdicts. Put the land collected by the government from farmers under the Prohibited List. Solve all the issues under Part B except those involved in legal litigation. The district collectors should examine the application came for the regularisation of Sada Bainamas and solve them. Allow the facility to register GPA, SPA and AGPA through the Dharani Portal. The cases pending before the revenue court’s jurisdiction should be cleared quickly by the District level Tribunals to be formed under the leadership of district collectors. If the Collectors delegate revenue-related issues to the lower rung officials and wash off their hands, things will not work. Hence the Collectors should personally examine all the matters and take decisions accordingly,” the CM said.

“Reopen Classes from 9th standard upwards in all the private and government educational institutions from Feb 1. Classes should be held for the students of 10th, Intermediate, Degree, and other professional courses. Meanwhile, keep ready hostels, residential schools, and all educational institutions and ensure that the toilets are clean. The Collectors should take the necessary measures to keep the educational institutions clean and hygienic. Since the educational institutions are closed for many days, clean the entire premises; ensure that the food grains, essential commodities are not rotten. By Jan 25, keep the educational institutions ready to conduct the classes. Ministers should visit SC, ST, BC Hostels and see to that they are fit for the students to stay,” the CM said.

“Palle Pragathi Programme is going on well. The Villages in Telangana State are becoming role models to others in the country. Every village in Telangana State have tractors, Dump Yards, Plant Nurseries, Village Natural forests, safe and pure drinking water to every household through pipes under Mission Bhagiratha programme. Such programme are no where in any other state or in the country. This is a feather on Telangana State’s cap,” the CM said.

“At the formation of Telangana State, only 84 Gram Panchayats have own tractors. But now of the 12,765 Gram Panchayats, 12, 681 villages have their own tankers, tractors with trolleys. This alone explains from where the villages have developed to what extent. In the past, there was destruction of forests and there was no attempt to grow them. But now there is greenery in the villages. The Telangana villages have become role model in clean and green environment. Every village has a plant nursery now. There are 12, 755 Plant nurseries all over the State. The planting and protection of trees have been done with utmost responsibility. Of the saplings planted 91 percent survived in the rural areas. In order to have one public garden in every village natural forest programme was launched as part of Palle Pragathi. The government has decided to create 19,470 Village Natural forests in all the habitations in the State. Land is identified at 19,027 places and saplings were planted at 15, 646 places. Works are going on the fast track at other places. Earlier there was no place for farmers to sit and deliberate. The government took a special interests and constructing one Rythu Vedika at every cluster. Of the 2,601 Farmers Daises being constructed, Vedikas are completed at 2580 places. Dump Yards construction is going on at 12, 736 places and 91 percent of the works are completed. At 9023 Dumping Yards, Compost is being made. In the past people who owned no land used to face problems, as there were no crematoria or burial grounds. To put an end to such a suffering, the state government has decided to have one Vaikunta Dham at every village. Vaikunta Dhams are being constructed at 12742 villages. The government has also decided to create ‘Drying Floors’ for the farmers to dry and thresh their produce. Drying Floors are being created at 93,875 places in the State in the first phase. Earlier Gram Panchayats never use to pay their electricity bills on time leading major dues to the electricity organisations. With the initiatives taken by the government, now Gram Panchayats are paying their electricity bills on time. The government is releasing every month Rs 308 Crore to the Gram Panchayats without fail. This is leading to gram panchayats taking up the developmental works without any hindrance. There is no other state in the country except Telangana state, which has villages with greenery, cleanliness, and transparent governance. Due to increase in cleanliness there are no cases of Dengue in the village this time,” the CM observed.

“A majority of people live in the villages in Telangana State. Officials and public representatives should realise that they should work with village as the action ground and not to be unrealistic. One should aim to develop the village in a big way. Additional Collector and DPO should examine the Palle Pragathi programme whenever they visit the village without fail. Ministers and MLAs should monitor the Palle Pragathi works whenever they visit the villages. Solve if there are any problems. Mandal Panchayat Officers should regularly visit the villages. Since every village has a plant nursery, replace the dying plants. Every household should get six plants,” the CM instructed.

CM congratulated Minister Dayakar Rao:
The CM appreciated and congratulated Panchayat Raj Minister Sri Dayakar Rao for taking a special interest and monitoring the programme. The CM also congratulated Principal Secretary (Panchayat Raj) Sri Sandeep Sultania and PR Commissioner Sri Raghunandan Rao and other officials. The CM also congratulated ministers and MLAs, Sarpanches, Village secretaries who are taking special interest in the programmes.

Sangareddy Collector congratulated:
The CM has specially congratulated Sangareddy District Collector Sri Mantripragada Hanmanth Rao for achieving cent percent in the construction of Vaikunta Dhams. The CM said the Collector completed construction of 647 Dhams in the district and brought them under use. All other districts should emulate Sangareddy and construct cent percent Vaikunta Dhams.

The urban scenario is changing due to Pattana Pragathi: CM
The CM said the urban landscape is changing for the better due to the Pattana Pragathi programme. He said in all the municipalities the measures to increase clean and green cover and to better the infrastructure facilities have been yielding good results. For the development programme in the urban areas, the government every year is releasing Rs 148 Crore. He said additional funds are given to the GHMC and other Corporations.

“It is not good for people living in urban areas to live in a polluted and unhealthy environment. The government has launched special schemes to increase green cover and cleanliness. Efforts are on to lift garbage from every household and transport it to the dumping yard. There are 2802 Sanitation vehicles in the urban areas in the State. We are arranging for 2004 more. With this, 4806 Sanitation Vehicles would be available. Dump Yards are being constructed in all the urban areas. 1018 Plant nurseries in urban areas and 500 under GHMC are already set up. The government wants Vaikunta Dhams in all the urban areas. Construct one Vaikunta Dham for every one lakh population. If need, buy land for this purpose from the Municipality funds. In 116 Urban areas, Veg and Non-Veg integrated markets are being set up. The government has decided to construct more if the population is more. The government has decided to allocate funds for the construction of integrated markets in the state Budget this year. People who come to urban areas especially women are facing problems due to the lack of toilets. Construct public toilets in all the urban areas. For this utilise government land or government office premises,” the CM instructed.

The CM instructed that the sheep distribution first phase programme should be resumed again and all the beneficiaries should get the sheep. He said in the last stage of the first phase of the programme it had to put on hold due to Corona. The 28,000 beneficiaries who were left out in the first phase should be given the sheep. He said funds would be allocated in the coming Budget and the second phase of sheep distribution would be launched. The CM instructed that all measures for the protection of tanks in the villages should be taken. For the protection of tanks, a Tank Protection Committee should be formed with the Collector as the head.

The CM also instructed that promotions should be given in all the departments immediately. It is only after giving the promotions, vacancies position in the departments would be known. The CM instructed the Collectors to prepare and submit reports about the vacancies district wise. He also instructed that within a week all the postings under the compassionate grounds should be completed.

The CM asked the officials to be alert as the Bird Flu is spreading in the country at various places. The Bird flu is spreading due to the migratory birds. Though there is no bird flu in the State, the CM instructed Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar to have a meeting on Tuesday on the precautionary measures to be taken, with Ministers, officials and experts concerned.

The CM said that the Haritha Haram programme is being successfully implemented all over the state and it was receiving appreciation from all sections of the society. Forest Survey of India report stated that there was a 3.67 percent increase in greenery in the state for the past three years due to Haritha Haram. The CM said the top priority should be given for the revival of forests besides increasing social forestry. He said Timber smuggling should be totally eradicated and the PD act should be used against the smugglers. He said Urban Forest Blocks are being developed at 90 places and wanted forest areas near the urban areas should be developed as Urban Parks. The CM congratulated Forest Minister Sri Indrakaran Reddy, PCCF Ms. Shobha, Principal Secretary (Forests) Ms. Santhi Kumari and other forest officials for successfully conducting the Haritha Haram. The CM declared that the Kamareddy district stood first by planting 127 percent trees and congratulated Collector Sharath. The CM also congratulated Yadadri Kothagudem District Collector, Sri MV Reddy, for becoming number one in the state by planting 1.06 Crore saplings.

Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekar Rao has instructed officials to make all preparations statewide for the Covid vaccination from Jan 16. He said arrangements should be made to treat people who may develop side effects after the vaccination. The CM reviewed the vaccination programme at the ministers and Collectors conference. Later the CM participated in the video conference held by PM Sri Narendra Modi. On these two occasions, the CM made suggestions on the vaccination programme.

“The government of India has identified Serum Institute’s Covishield and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin as the effective vaccines. We have decided to administer these vaccines in the Telangana States. Initially, ASHA workers, Anganwadi staff, Medical and health employees will be given the vaccine, later, front warriors during the Corona pandemic the police, security personnel, sanitary workers and other front line workers. The later vaccine would be administered to those above 50 years and people with comorbidities. Gram Sarpanches and Panchayat Secretaries should take the responsibility to get the people on a priority basis to the vaccination centres. Police Station House Officers and Sub Inspectors should take the responsibility of getting the vaccine for the police and other security personnel,” the CM said.

“The government has already made the necessary arrangements to give the vaccine in all the PHCs in the State. Arrangements are made to administer Covid Vaccine at 1213 Centres all over the state. 866 Cold Chain points are created to transport the vaccine. Volunteers are ready at all the stages. A committee under the Chief Secretary will monitor the vaccination programme. Task Force Committee is formed from District to Mandal level. Ministers, MLAs, MPs, MLCs, ZPTCs and MPP should take part. A doctor and a room will be made available for those who may suffer side effects after the vaccination at the vaccination centre. An Ambulance will also be kept as standby. Statewide Call centre will also be put in place. Follow strictly the Covid protocols while administering the vaccine,” the CM said.