CM held meeting with district-level Agriculture and Marketing officials

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao said since the cultivable extent of land in Telangana State has increased, the priority and responsibility of Agriculture and marketing departments has also increased considerably. He said the agriculture department should not become a department of paper and pen but it should be a department of (Agriculture) field and Plough. He urged that in both the departments (Agriculture and marketing) there should be a qualitative and countable changes should be brought in. The CM said the agriculture department should put in more efforts for the change of crops method, mechanization and modern cultivation methods. He said the Marketing department has the responsibility to ensure that proper methods are followed for the agriculture produce of farmers to be sold in markets. The CM made it clear that despite how the marketing system has changed due to the Farm Laws enacted by the Centre, in Telangana State the marketing network would be alive and strengthened. The CM wanted that within ten days, statistics regarding which crop is cultivated to what extent in the state should be compiled with. He instructed that the Rythu Vedikas constructed in the state should become operational and farmers meeting should take place there.

The CM also instructed that the offices of the AEO and Rythu Bandhu Samithis should be housed at Rythu Vedikas and the required furniture and other facilities should be created there.

The CM held a meeting at Pragathi Bhavan here on Sunday with district-level Agriculture and Marketing officials. He obtained the opinions of all the district officials. The CM explained to them in detail to the responsibilities of both the departments with regard to Agriculture Development and Farmers’ welfare.

In this eight-hour long meeting, Ministers Sri S Niranjan Reddy, Sri Gangula Kamalakar, Sri Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Government’s Chief Advisor Sri Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary Sri Somesh Kumar, MP Sri K Keshava Rao, Government Whip Sri Guvvala Balraju, MLC Sri Seri Subhash Reddy, Civil Supplies Corporation Chairman Sri Mareddy Srinivas Reddy, Markfed Chairman Sri Maram Ganga Reddy, CMO officials Ms. Smita Sabharwal, Sri Bhoopal Reddy, Agriculture secretary Sri Janardhan Reddy, Civil Supplies Commissioner Sri Anil Kumar, Director Ms Lakshmibai, Seeds Corporation MD Sri Keshavulu and others participated.

“So far, we heard about stories saying that it happened in such way in the US, Russian, Japan and Israel, etc., but now there is no need. Telangana state has recorded several wonderful victories. The Telangana state has become a role model in the country. It became possible for the state to become number 1 in providing drinking water through a pipeline to every household in the state through Mission Bhagiratha. We have successfully solved the power crisis, which troubled us for decades. We are providing quality, uninterrupted power supply free of cost to the farmers, which no other state is giving in the country. We have overcome the difficult problems in the revenue department. Through Dharani Portal, we have made registrations, maintenance of the records and mutations of the agricultural land simpler. The entire topography of the villages changed for the better through the Palle Pragathi programme. Each and every village has a plant nursery now in the state which no other states has in the country. Tractors with trolleys and tankers are there in the villages now. Dump yards, Burial, cremation grounds, Rythu Vedikas and drying floors are created in the State. Like this in every sector, we have registered success and record. In a similar way revolutionary changes should take place in the agriculture sector in the State,” the CM said.

“At the formation of Telangana State, only 35 Lakh tonnes Paddy was cultivated in the state. Now we are cultivating 1.10 Crore tonnes of Paddy. The major irrigation projects being constructed with a lot of toil are supplying irrigation water to 1.25 Crore Acres. Another 40 lakh acres are cultivated under borewells. The Telangana State is becoming as a great agriculture-based state with 4 Crore-food grains production every year. Under these circumstances, the agriculture department should be strengthened. Agriculture officials should extend help to farmers at every step,” the CM said.

“The practice of farmers going in for one crop on a regular basis should do away with. Change in crops cultivation should come to play. Change in crops would lead to more yield and profits. There is a dearth of labour in the villages. There is a need to increase mechanization in agriculture sector. Modern methods should come in the cultivation. The officials should create awareness among farmers on this regularly at the field level. Bring in Rythu Vedikas constructed in 2600 Clusters in the state operational. Organise meetings with the farmers. Discuss on crop cultivation, change in crops pattern, mechanization, modern cultivation techniques, marketing and other issues and take decisions accordingly. The Agriculture Extension Officers Cluster wise should tour the villages. They should record which crop is being cultivated in what extent of the land. Within ten days there should be a total clarity on the crops being cultivated in the State,” the CM instructed.

The following are the instruction given by the CM:

  • Bring Rythu Vedikas into operation. Locate AEO and Rythu Samithies offices at the Vedikas. Supply water to the Rythu Vedikas under the Mission Bhagiratha scheme. Arrange for the Public Address System. Keep the requited furniture. Incase any AEO post is vacant in any cluster or the AEO is on a long leave, appoint somebody immediately on a temporary basis.
  • For farmers to sell their produce, Agriculture Markets are the only dais. We will continue them in the State. A policy by which farmers should come in a proper method to sell their produce in the markets should be evolved. Issue token to farmers specifying which farmer should come to the market on what day and time. Give information to farmers on which crop is getting a good price and where? For this, create a Research and Analysis Wing in the Marketing department. In the State, the marketing department should be strengthened. Though Cess would not be available due to the new Farm laws by the Centre, the state government would provide funds to strengthen the Marketing department.
  • Collect data on how much quantity of Paddy is coming to the markets and what is purchasing power of the traders there. There are new methods that came in for paddy cultivation. With drip irrigation, Rs 10,000 can be saved per acre. For Cotton, the single pick method came. Similarly, several new methods and practices came for other crops. Create awareness among the farmers on this.
  • The government is giving subsidies for mechanization.
  • Conduct regular training courses to turn the Mandal Agriculture Officers into Agronomists.
  • Officials should pay a visit to Israel to study the modern cultivation techniques.
  • Encourage the cultivation of pulses and oilseeds. The government is showing initiatives to set up Oil Mills and Pulse mills at the places where pulses and oilseeds are cultivated.
  • Identify the strategic points to set up Oil Palm Processing units.
  • Set up Custom Hiring Centres to give agriculture tools to farmers on rent.
  • Bring in simplified policies to issue trading licenses in the markets.