CM held a review meeting on Palle Pragathi

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao desired that the Palle Pragathi programme which is changing the topography of the village for good should go forward with the same spirit. The CM expressed satisfaction that the programmes taken under the Palle Pragathi programme have made the Telangana Village a role model all over the country. The CM said that the aims fixed under the Palle Pragathi programme have all been realised and in some village where the programme have not reached the target should be completed immediately. The village situation is now can be assessed as before Palle Pragathi and After Palle Pragathi. He wanted each MLA to take a special interest concentrate and review works under the Palle Pragathi programme. The CM specially congratulated Panchayat Raj Minister Sri Dayakar Rao, Panchayat Raj department officials, representatives of the local bodies, Sarpanches and secretaries for making the programme a grand success.

“The government wanted clean and green villages through the Palle Pragathi programme. This target is reached cent percent. The Telangana villages have become a synonym for cleanliness and greenery. As part of the programme when the unused wells are closed, unwanted trees are removed, garbage is cleaned, sanitization improved and when the water is no longer stagnated, the Mosquito menace came down drastically. Due to sanitation programmes taken under Palle Pragathi, there is less number of Dengue and malaria cases in the villages. The targets fixed by the government such as the formation of plant nurseries in every village, construction of Vaikunta Dhamas, arrangements of Trolley Tractors and tankers, supplying safe drinking water through Mission Bhagiratha to every household. Formation of common village dump yards, creation of Village natural forests, making thresh grounds in the agriculture fields, construction of individual toilets have all are almost fulfilled now. No other state in the country has such villages with so many facilities. Telangana villages have become role models to others in the country. The sanitation drive and increasing the greenery in the villages should continue,” the CM said.

“In the past, the governance and maintenance of sanitation was in bad shape in the villages. The Telangana government had brought in a new Panchayat Raj Act to turn the villages great. Administrative reforms were brought into governance. Thandas and Gudems were made into special Panchayats. Every village is appointed with a Village Secretary. Regularly funds are given to the Palle Pragathi Scheme. The state is matching grants with that of the Central Finance Commission for the gram panchayats. Even during the Corona Epidemic, the state released the required funds to the Panchayats cost-cutting at a different place. There is no dearth of funds for the Panchayats. The Gram Panchayats are also given the required powers to run the Panchayat. In the past supplying drinking water used to be a big problem. Thanks to Mission Bhagiratha the village has no problem with regard to the supply of drinking water. They have no need to spend money on drinking water. They are paying their electricity bills, as they have no problem with the funds. There are efficient Sarpanches in 90 percent of the villages. A majority of them are educated and young. Hence they are doing work with dedication and commitment to the village development. Through Palle Pragathi and support were given by the government, the villages are marching forward towards progress and development,” the CM said.

The CM held a high-level review meeting on the Palle Pragathi programme on Tuesday at Pragathi Bhavan. Ministers Sri Dayakar Rao, Sri Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Rythu Bandhu State President Sri Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, Government’s Chief Advisor Sri Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary Sri Somesh Kumar, former Ministers Sri Redya Naik, Sri C Laxmareddy, Government Chief Whips Sri Guvvala Balraju, Ms Gongadi Sunitha, MLAs Sri Koneru Konappa, Sri Jeevan Reddy, Sri Marri Janardhan Reddy, Sri Soyam Babu Rao, Sri Abraham, Sri Chirumarthi Lingaiah, Sri Krishna Mohan Reddy, Sri Nannapuneni Narender, Principal Secretaries Sri Ramakrishna Rao, Sri Sandeep Sultania, Panchayat Raj Commissioner Sri Raghunandan Rao and others participated.

“As part of the Palle Pragathi programme, give top priority to increase the green cover in the villages. Funds are available, Rs 5 Lakh for village natural forests, 10per cent of the village budget under green Budget and funds from the MGNREGA. Utilise these funds to grow more plants. Supply plants to each household in the village. For this, find out from each house what saplings they want to prepare an indent accordingly. Supply Curry leaves and fruit saplings to the houses. Enumerate what type of plants needed in the villages. Supply the saplings from the village plant nursery or from outside nurseries,” the CM said.

“For the first time in the country, only in Telangana plant nurseries are set up as part of increasing green cover in the villages. We have formed plant nurseries in 12,770 habitations. Every village we have created a natural forest. We have a fixed target of 19,595 Village natural forests of this we have created them in 18,968 habitations. We have to develop these natural forests for more utility. Set up walking tracks in them. Set up Open Gyms. Arrange cement benches for the people to sit. Gram Panchayats should take up this responsibility,” the CM said.

“The government has decided to provide tractors with trolleys and tankers to carry the garbage and supply water to the plants in all the villages. Now they are available in every village. This has resulted in effectively executing the greenery and sanitation works in the villages. The government has decided to create a common dumping yard in all the villages. Land for the purpose is identified in 12, 734 villages and works are going on. Construction at some other places will begin soon. The government is planning to have Vaikunta Dhamas in every village. Construction is taking place in12, 738 villages. In the coming two or three months all the Vaikunta Dhamas should come into use,” the CM said.

“We have to make Telangana state as open defecation free state. As of date, many villages have a cent percent of toilets. Make other villages also to have toilets cent percent. Put a condition that the house plan should have toilet facility before it is given permission,” the CM said.

“Telangana State became the first state in the country which is utilising the funds released under MNERGA scheme for the public utilities. Under the Employment Guarantee Scheme, the Telangana state besides providing employment to the agriculture labour, public utilities programme are taken up. The target for this year for employment days is 11 crore while the state had already accounted for 14 crore days. By end of this financial year, there is the possibility of having 20 crore-employment days in the state. It is a moment of pride for us that the central Government teams visiting our state have praised the works undertaken in the Telangana State,” the CM said.