50 percent subsidy to cultivate the Oil Palm

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The CM has approved the Oil Palm Crop Extension project at a cost of Rs 4,800 Crore. The CM declared that farmers would be given a 50 percent subsidy to cultivate the Oil Palm in the State. He said Oil palm cultivation is possible only in the areas where there is the continuous availability of water for cultivation. Due to an increase in irrigation water facilities and 24×7 uninterrupted power supply in the State, the CM urged the farmers to utilise the opportunity and go in for oil palm cultivation in a big way. The CM disclosed that the national Reassessment Committee of the Government of India had identified 25 districts in the State as convenient for cultivating the Oil Palm.

The CM held a review meeting on the methods to increase Oil Palm cultivation in the State on Monday at Pragathi Bhavan. Agriculture Minister Sri Niranjan Reddy, Principal Secretary Sri Janardhan Reddy, Horticulture Corporation MD Sri Venktramreddy, Seed Corporation MD Sri Keshavulu participated.

Oil Palm Cultivation – Important points:

  • With the water that is needed to cultivate one acre Paddy, Oil Palm can be cultivated in 4 acres.
  • As of date, the paddy stocks are more than what is required in the country. Hence it is better to cultivate Oil Palm as an alternative to the Paddy.
  • Our country needs 22 Million tonnes of edible oil. But Oil Seeds are produced in the country to make 7 Million Tonnes of Oil. We are importing every year 15 million tonnes of edible oil. This is costing the country every year Rs 70,000 Crore of foreign exchange. Since we are importing edible oil, there is every risk of the imported oil getting contaminated.
  • As of date, Oil Palm is cultivated in 8 Lakh acres only in the country. There is every opportunity and need to increase Oil Palm cultivation. In Telangana State itself, Oil Palm should be cultivated in 8 Lakh acres.
  • Though oil Palm requires less water than the Paddy it should be watered every day. There is a lot of increase in the irrigated water availability and 24-hour power supply in the state. Hence the central government and its agencies identified the State as an ideal destination for Oil Palm cultivation.
  • As of date, Oil Palm is cultivated on 38,000 acres in Khammam, Nalgonda, and Suryapet districts.
  • It was decided to cultivate Oil Palm in 8,14,270 Acres in Nirmal, Mahabubabad, Kamareddy, Warangal Rural, Nizamabad, Siddipet, Bhoopalpally, Peddapally, Karimnagar, Adilabad, Jagtial, Mancherial, Asifabad, Suryapet, Jangaon, Mulugu, Nalgonda, Warangal urban, Wanaparthy, Nagar Kurnool, Narayanpet, Sircilla, Gadwal, Mahboobnagar, Kothagudem districts.
  • Intercrop can be cultivated for three years. Oil Palm yield would come from the fourth year. Each Oil Palm tree gives a yield for 30 years. Cocoa can be cultivated as an intercrop. Tissue culture Teak and Sri Gandham plants can be grown on the land boundaries.
  • Of all the Oil seeds, Oil Palm gives more oil. Each acre gives about 10 to 12 Tonnes of Bunches.
  • Farmers would get an assured income of Rs one Lakh per acre.
  • For the first 4 years, the expenditure would be Rs 60,000 per acres and government subsidy would be 50 percent of it.
  • The Oil Palm crops will not have any problem with Monkeys, Wild Boar, and storms or hail storms.
  • One family can supervise and monitor 30 to 40 acres of the Oil Palm growth.
  • The Act mandates that the Oil Palm yield should be purchased from the farmers at the MSP.
  • As of date, the price of Oil Palm is Rs 12,800 per Tonne.
  • Along with the State Oilfed Corporation, several national and international companies are coming forward to set up Oil Palm Nurseries and Processing Plants at their cost. Oil Palm cultivating lands would be formed into Zones and handed over to the companies.