Provide Irrigation water till last ayacut

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao instructed officials concerned to prepare an action plan so that the river water coming from the irrigation projects, which were constructed with a lot of hard work and expenditure, should be supplied to as many agriculture lands as possible in the State. He made it clear that the state government had no other priority item on the agenda than to create a water facility for the majority of the farmers and for this, the government would ready to spend any amount of money. He said water from the projects should first be utilised to fill the tanks, later reservoirs and finally the Ayucut. He said for the Sriram Sagar Flood flow canal, more OTs should be created and with other schemes water should be supplied to fill the tanks to supply water to the lands where irrigation water was not available. He also instructed that all the Wings of the irrigation department should be brought under one umbrella.

The CM held a detailed review here on Sunday at Pragathi Bhavan on identifying the areas where irrigation facility was not there and the plan to supply water for those regions. Ministers Sri KT Rama Rao, Sri Koppula Eshwar, Sri S Niranjan Reddy, Sri Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Sri Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Nagar Kurnool MP Sri P Ramulu, Government Whip Sri Balka Suman, MLAs Sri Marri Janardhan Reddy, Sri Ala Venkateswarlu, Sri Jaipal Yadav, Sri Ravishankar, Sri Sanjay, Sri K Vidyasagar Rao, Sri Kandala Upender Reddy, Principal Secretary (Irrigation) Sri Ranjit Kumar, CMO Secretary Ms Smita Sabharwal, E-in-Cs Sri Muralidhar, Sri Anil, several CEs, SEs, EEs participated. Kathalapur ZPTC Sri Bhoomaiah, farmer Sri Sripal, who had a telephonic discussion with the CM were also invited as special invitees.

“The state government is constructing major irrigation projects on Krishna and Godavari rivers clearing several hurdles, spending a lot of money. The government has completed the pending projects on a fast track. Tanks and revived with the inspiration from the movement (Telangana statehood movement). If fruits of these works to be passed on the people, the only way is to supply water to more agriculture lands. Till date, Telangana faced the irrigation water problems. After formation of the Telangana State, the TRS government had given top priority to the irrigation sector. With Kaleshwaram and other projects, we have now availability of water in abundance. We have to utilise water completely. We have to supply water to more Ayucut. Examine the capacity of canals whether they can supply water to the last piece of land in the Ayucut. If need be, increase the flow capacity of canals. Fill the tanks first. Later fill the reservoirs and finally supply to the Ayucut. Supply water based on this plan. With this water received during the Monsoon period can be saved in larger volumes. All tanks and check dams should be filled with water in Telangana state. This will in turn increase the water level which can supply water to the borewells which farmers dug at a cost of Rs 45 thousand Crore,” the CM said.

“With the result of Kaleshwaram project, we are able to supply 2 TMC of water upto SRSP. Hence, two crops should be cultivated in 30 Lakh acres under the SRSP jurisdiction. Flood Flow canal, Upper Maner, Mid Maner, Lower Maner, Kakatiya Canal will be filled with water throughout the year. They became lifeline water sources. In SRSP, 25 to 30 TMC of water should be available always. Use SRSP based on the needs and situation. If water comes from Godavari, take water from the SRSP. Or else, supply water through Sriram Sagar Revival Scheme,” the CM said.

“There are 139 Tanks in between Flood Flow Canal under the jurisdiction of SRSP and Kakatiya Canal. But some of the tanks are not getting water. Identify such tanks. Put more OTs on the flood flow canal and fill up these tanks. This work should be done in the next three to four months. There is a possibility of Flood Flow Canal getting water from SRSP and Kaleswaram. The flood flow canal will be alive for 365 days. Hence through the flood flow canal, supply water to the regions where there is no supply utilising the other schemes. Identify the regions, which are not getting water under the southern side of the flood flow canal and fill up tanks and supply water through other schemes. This work should be completed in six months. More Ayucut was proposed for the water available from Yellampally. Change this. It is possible to supply water to below 90,000 Acres from Yellampally. The rest of the Ayucut should get water from the SRSP,” the Cm instructed.

“There is a possibility this year that there may be more water available in Krishna River. Already water is released from Narayanpur Reservoir. Hence, supply water to tanks from Jurala and Bhima Lift 2. Fill up Ramanpad Reservoir. Complete works on Kaluwakurthy Lift Irrigation D82 Distributor Canal works and give water to 30,000 Acres this year itself. To store more water under Kaluwakurty Lift Irrigation area, construct a reservoir or increase the capacity of tanks,” the CM said.

“Irrigation sector in the Telangana state has become bright. Major projects, canals, reservoirs have come up and tanks were revived. A network to supply water to one crore acres is in place. It is important to maintain the network. Prepare Plans to maintain each and every project. Prepare Operation manuals. The government will allocate funds for maintenance in the Budget every year. Every year during summer, maintenance works, repairs should be done. Everything should be kept ready by June. Since there is an increase in workload and for more efficiency, the Irrigation department should be redivided. Create more zones, appoint one CE for each zone, and fix the responsibility of the Zone. Projects, Canals, reservoirs, and Tanks should be under the CE’s control. The Irrigation department should not have four divisions major, medium, Small, IDC like in the past. The entire irrigation department should function under one Umbrella. Transfer adequate powers to the officials. Officials at every level should be able to execute urgent works, funds should be released and they should be given powers to spend the fund,” the CM said.