Prepare a long-term strategy to strengthen Govt educational institutions

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao announced that a long-term strategy would be prepared and executed to strengthen the government educational institutions in the state by totally cleaning up of the education system. For this, the CM has instructed the officials concerned to convene a meeting with the educationists and experts and enlist their opinions. It was decided to follow the guidelines issued by the UGC, AICTE and other such institutions in the aftermath of Corona with regard to the administration of the educational institutions, conducting examinations and on the syllabus. The CM held an extended meeting here on Thursday at Pragati Bhavan on issues related to the education sector in the background of Coronavirus spread, strengthening the government educational institutions in the State.

Education Minister Ms. Sabita Indrareddy, Chief Secretary Sri Somesh Kumar, Special Chief Secretary (Education) Ms. Chitra Ramachandran, State Higher Education Council Chairman Prof Papireddy, Senior officers Sri Naveen Mittal, Sri Umar Jaleel, Sri Srihari, Ms. Seshu Kumari, Devasena, Director, School Education and others attended. The CM was of the opinion that by improving the working of government educational institutions, by making them impart higher standard education, the exploitation being done in the name of education can be controlled.

“After the formation of Telangana State, we have kept our focus on the sector after sector and liberating people from the long pending issues and problems permanently. The power problem is solved. The drinking water problem is also solved. We are getting solutions for irrigation water. The agriculture sector is settling down. There are no land grabbing incidents. Playing cards clubs are closed down. Illicit liquor production and sale is stopped. Similarly, we have solved many problems. Now we will focus on revamping the Revenue department and strengthening the education sector,” the CM made it clear.

The CM has instructed the officials to conduct a workshop on the present situation of government schools, intermediate colleges, Degree Colleges, and other government educational institutions, what measures to be taken them to make them great institutions, what should be done to upgrade the standards of education and other such issues. The CM asked the officials to take opinions from the academicians, experts, and other specialised persons who will participate in the workshop.

“By increasing the facilities and implementation of the KCR Kits programme, poor people benefitted from the government hospitals. People have developed faith and confidence in government hospitals. Out Patients number has increased. There was a downfall in the exploitation in the medical and health sector. Similarly, if the government educational institutions are strengthened, people will get the benefit and there will be a full stop of any exploitation in the sector,” the CM said.

The CM took the following decision on the education sector against the backdrop of the Corona Virus spread:

• To uphold the academic sanctity, it was decided to follow the UGC and AICTE guidelines and conduct examinations to a degree, PG, Engineering final year students. While others will be promoted to the next class without any examination.

• Start the engineering academic year from August 17.

• The government is preparing to combine the entrance tests schedule so that the students will not lose their precious academic year.

• The government will soon take final decision on when should school in the State should open, how teaching should take place and other related issues, after examining the Centre Guidelines, methods adopted by other states.

The CM said as, on date, orphaned girls are studying upto 10th standard in Kasturba schools. The government will take responsibility for their further education. A policy decision in this regard will be announced shortly, the CM said.

While the CM was reviewing the education department, names of two teachers has cropped up. The CM said in certain government educational institutions teachers are not confining themselves to teaching alone but also involving themselves in social programmes like planting of the saplings etc. They should be encouraged. In this context, the officials pointed out to the names of Botany assistant professor at Government degree College Jadcherla Sri Sadasivaiah and Dr. Peer Mohammed Sheikh, Head Master, a government school in Pattiapaka in Dharmaram Mandal in Pedapalli district. The officers said that these two teachers are growing trees in a big way in their campuses. The CM has decided to give these teachers awards and encourage them.

The CM spoke to Sri Sadasivaiah who not only planted trees in large numbers in Jadcherla Degree College premises but also decided to create Telangana Botanical garden there. “Sadasivaiah Garu, officers gave a good account about you. I saw your effort on the TV programme. Your dedication is great. My hearty congratulations to you. Please continue your aim of creating a botanical garden there and the government will release the required funds. Society needs people like you. Continue with the same spirit. Plant trees at Palamuru University campus too. The social work you are doing with good purpose should continue and the government would stand by you,” the CM told Sri Sadasivaiah. The CM also instructed the officials concerned to release the required funds for the Botanical Garden.