Collectors’ Conference

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CM KCR at Collectors' Conference

Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao desired that villages in the State should be developed since the necessary funds, adequate officials; clear-cut policies have made the villages administratively in an amicable situation. If the villages amidst these favourable conditions fail to develop now, they can never be developed. The CM suggested that the MNREGA scheme should be implemented strategically for creating facilities and for the necessary works in rural areas besides providing employment to the agriculture labour.

The CM said this year in the farmers land all over the State; one Lakh Threshing floors should be created. He said every village should be cleaned every day and clarified that for everyone in the official machinery including the CM, keeping villages clean and tidy is top on their agenda and nothing else. He instructed that in the coming two months Vaikunta Dhams should be constructed in every village and the Rythu Vedikas should also be completed in four months. He wanted the village level plan should be prepared for what should be done in the next four years and the works should be done accordingly. A District Card should be prepared with these details.

The CM held a meeting with the District Collectors, District Panchayat Officers here at Pragathi Bhavan on Tuesday. Ministers, Government’s Chief Advisor Sri Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary Sri Somesh Kumar, DGP Sri Mahender Reddy, senior officials from various departments have participated. The CM gave guidance on works to be done by the district collectors and DPOs in the villages.

A detailed and in-depth discussion took place at the Collectors conference on Village development Plan, Employment Guarantee Scheme, Haritha Haram, Greenery in villages, Cleanliness, Rythu Bandhu, Construction of Rythu Vedikas, Formation of food processing SEZs, Corona and other contagious diseases, Locusts, spurious seeds, paying of the electricity bills and other issues. Several district collectors, senior officials have expressed their opinion. In this context, the CM gave guidance on several issues. They are as following:

• If villages and urban areas developed, then the State is developed. Planning of town and village means planning of the State. Keeping in view the resources and needs, village wise planning should be prepared for the next four years. Based on that prepare a District Card. The works should be done in accordance with the district Card.

• Under the New Panchayat Raj Act, the state government had delegated its powers and gave full powers to the Collectors. All the posts in the Panchayat raj department from the Village secretary to the state level have been filled up. Despite the economic recession due to Corona Virus, every month Rs 308 Crore fund is released. As promised in the Legislative Assembly, for the gram Panchayat getting less than Rs 5 Lakh income per year, additional funds will be given to fix their income at Rs 5 Lakh per year.

• Gram Panchayats have Rs 3,694 Crore funds from the Finance Commission, Rs 5,885 Crore funds from MNREGA and Rs 337 Crore self-income. In all they get Rs 9,916 Crore funds in a year. In four years’ time, it will be Rs 39,594 Crore. There is a possibility of these funds increasing. Village wise plans should be made on how to utilise these funds on what works.

• Gram Panchayats should maintain charged accounts. Pay the dues without fail. Give the tractor loan repayment. Pay electricity bills every month without fail. Allocate 10 percent of funds to Haritha Haram.

• For the progress of villages and with an aim to make extended participation in the discussions, the government has appointed 4 standing Committees. There are four types of Standing Committees in the villages. Works Committee, Sanitation Committee, Streetlight Committee, Green Cover Committee. Each Committee has 15 Members and there are 8,20,727 Standing Committee members in the State. Conduct the Standing Committee meeting regularly. These members when together they are like Army Battalions. If these members are made active, the village development would take place as a movement.

• There are 1,32,973 rural representatives elected by the people. There are 32 Zilla Parishad Chairpersons, 539 MPPs, 539 ZPTCs, 5,758 MPTCs, 12,751 Sarpanches, 1,13,354 Ward members. The Telangana villages should be developed into model villages with the participation of these people.

• With a view as not to have any problem in the village developmental works, the state government had filled up vacancies at all levels. There are 13,993 officials that are exclusively meant for village development. 32 Additional Collectors, 32 CEOs, 32 DPOs, 68 DPLOs, 539 MPDOs, 539 MPOs and 12,751 Village secretaries. If all these officials supervise on a daily basis and discharge their duties properly, the village development will take place as planned and quickly.

• Now the villages have become small. Tribal Thands, Tribal Gudems and remote habitations are also made as special gram Panchayats. With this the implementation and monitoring of works will become easier.

• Every year, Rs 10,000 Crore funds, 13,993 officials, 1,32,973 People’s Representatives and 8, 20, 727 Standing Committee members and this is the most amicable situation. The Collectors have extended powers. This government is the one, which wants Villages welfare. The policy decisions it took are great. With so many compatible factors, under such an ideal situation now, if the village cannot development, they can never be developed. The district collectors and Panchayat Raj officer should shoulder the responsibility of creating awareness among the people and instill motivation in them to take up the works in the villages with the spirit of a movement.

• If we compare the situation before formation of the State and after, there is a lot of change that took place in the rural areas. The situation has changed in the villages due to Palle Pragathi. The situation is one of the hopes. We have initiated the change. This spirit should continue. There is a lot more to be done. We shall not rest until we achieve our goal.

• There is no village in the country, which has a tractor, Vaikunta Dammam, Plant Nursery, Dump Yard. There are in the Telangana State. This is a miracle. This is a revolution. This is a victory achieved by Telangana State. This is the pride of the Telangana state. All villages got tractors. The Trolleys and tankers for the tractors are arriving in the villages now. By this end, they will reach all the villages. Plant nurseries are working in all the villages. The saplings are collected. Sites to construct Vaikuntha Dhams and Dumping yards in the villages are allocated. They are all at different stages of construction. In two months’ time, Vaikunta Dhams will be completed.

• It is not enough to clean the villages then during the Palle Pragathi programme. Every day, every village should be cleaned. The top priority for the CM, CS to everyone is to keep the villages clean and tidy. There is no other work more important than this. If the villages are clean and today, health issues will not crop up. Diseases will not come any near. With this, the expenditure incurred by the government as well as people on health will be reduced. With a firm aim to have better sanitation works in the villages, the government is paying Rs 5000 additional pay to the sanitation workers per month despite the difficult times we are going through due to Corona.

• Fill up potholes in the villages, fill up the unused wells, and close the unused bore wells, remove unwanted tress, vegetation. All these works should be done in every village. I will make surprise visits in the villages. Visit to any corner of the state, the villages should be clean and tidy. If I find any garbage and unclean atmosphere during the visit, stringent action will be taken against the guilty.

• In rural areas, along with the Gram Panchayats, there are Mandal Parishads, Zilla Parishads. The government has decided to allocate 10 percent of the Finance Commission funds to the Mandal Parishads and 5 percent to the Zilla Parishads.

• Don’t pardon anyone who is showing indifference slackness in the sanitation and greenery works and other development works in the villages. Take stringent action. The government gave total powers in this regard to the district collectors. There will not be any political interference in this regard.

• The State is No 1 in utilising the MGNEGA scheme in the country. In the 2020-21 financial year, the Telangana state was given 13 crore days labour as target and so far the state completed 9.81 crore days Labour (75.5 Percent) and provided employment to the workers. This helped lakhs of workers getting employment. Nowhere in the country, works done on this large scale. With 53.5 percent Chhattisgarh state is ranked second in the country. While the national average is 26.3 percent. For efficiently managing the MGNREG works, my congratulations to Panchayat Raj Minister Sri Dayakar Rao, officials in the department and all the collectors.

• Utilise the MGNREG scheme with more strategy. Create more work for our labour. We have done more works in our State. Works, which are of use in rural areas, should be done. Prepare plans accordingly. Take up works like cleaning up of the roads, unnecessary tress, bushes on the tank bunds, repairing of the canals, desilting works, construction of Vaikuntha Dammam, dump yards, internal roads in the villages, construction of Anganwadi centres, clearing the sewerage water, creating playgrounds in schools, construction of toilets, forming Threshing floors, leveling the agriculture fields, erecting trenches to prevent cattle from grazing in the fields, creating rainwater pits, construction of sheds for Buffaloes, Sheep, Goats and Chicken, sheds for Vermi Composts, composts, filling up of the unused open wells, desilting of the drinking water wells should be taken up under the MGNREG scheme.

• Works to remove thorny bushes and trees should also be taken up under the scheme.

• We have decided to create one-lakh Threshing floors in the state except in the urban areas where there is no agriculture activity. We will allot 1000 Floors for every Assembly segment. Based on the availability of land with the farmer, we will give permission for the threshing floors in 50, 60, 75 Square feet area. Every year in every Assembly segment 1000 Floors will be allocated. If more farmers come forward, the floors will be allotted through draw of lots. For the Rs 750 Crore funds needed for the Floors construction, use MGNREG scheme funds. For SC/ST farmers construct with cent percent subsidy. For other farmers, 90 percent will be the subsidy and 10 percent is from the beneficiary.

• Since a decision is taken to take up works under the MGNREG scheme in other departments along with engineering departments like R&B, Panchayat Raj, Irrigation, the government has taken a decision to appoint NAREGA Engineering Officers (NEO).

• Since the aim of the Scheme is to create employment for the workers, officers should take special care in getting the works, their wages on time and quickly.

• Despite the financial crisis due to Corona, the government has taken a decision to pay Rythu Bandhu benefits to all the farmers in the State so that no farmers are put to any trouble. Pay to every farmer leaving out not even one. In case someone did not get the money, get the details and pay them.

• When the state government gave a call to farmers to go in for Regulatory Farming, farmers have followed it in toto. They are cultivating crops as advised. The government’s efforts to make the agriculture profitable evoked support from the farmers. Plan crops accordingly in the Rabi and ensure that the cultivation of crops done accordingly.

• Telangana State is transforming into a wonderful farming state in the country. At this juncture, one should be of help to farmers. To create the necessary awareness among the farmers and to help farmers to interact with one another, it was decided to construct Rythu Vedikas Cluster-wise. The construction of vedikas should be completed in four months’ time.

• Officials should be on alert as far as the spurious and adulterated seeds issue. With the support of police catch the spurious seeds traders and book them under the PD Act. Farmers are losing heavily due to spurious seeds. They will lose valuable crop time. Unable to bear the difficulty farmer is committing suicides. The spurious seeds traders are murders of farmers. Act sternly against them. Put an end to the fake and spurious seeds business in Telangana State. The Rythu Bandhu Samithis should play a pro-active role in catching the spurious seed traders.

• The government has decided to offer Rs 5000 prize money to those who inform about the spurious seed traders. However, the names of the informants will be kept confidential.

• In the State besides an increase in the availability of water for cultivation, due to several measures taken by the government, there is an increase in the yield. Among the paddy procured by the FCI, Telangana accounted for 55 percent. This is a moment of pride for our farmers. This is a symbol of the progress made by the state in agriculture.

• Since there is an increase in the yield, connected activity should happen. Milling capacity to turn the Paddy cultivated into rice should be increased. Similarly, food-processing units are needed for pulses, oils and to make flour. For this, the Government has decided to set up Food Processing SEZs all over the State. Don’t give permission to layouts for houses within the 500 Meters radius of these SEZs.

• Kaleshwaram project is getting completed. Sitarama, Palamuru-Rangareddy Lift Irrigation project, Adilabad projects are also getting completed. This will increase the irrigation water facility in the State. Accordingly, Irrigation network mapping should be done. Collectors should have networking data district wise.

• Allow farmers to voluntarily take away silt from the tanks. This will help increase the soil strength in the fields and tanks will be free of any silt. Hence encourage farmers in this regard.

• From June 25 all over the State organise Haritha Haram programme following the COVID guidelines. To create awareness among people plan special campaign programmes. The plantation programme should be held with a movement spirit. Collectors and DPOs should lead the programmes.

• Plan green walls (growing tall trees) around the dump yards and Vaikuntha Damas but not walls.

• One may grow social forestry but it cannot be compared with the natural forest. Hence give more importance to protect the natural forests and revival of them. There is forest cover in Nirmal, Adilabad, Asifabad, Khammam, Kothagudem, and Mulugu, Bhoopalpally, Mahabubabad, Achampet and Medak districts. It should be protected. Be stern with the smugglers. Identify them and book them under the PD Act. Give priority to grow trees in the forests.

• Develop greenery in the urban areas where there are fewer forests, more pollution and population. Municipalities have 10 percent of the funds allocated for greenery and utilise them.

• Grow plants on the roadsides and in the open places. Plant trees in the open places among the agriculture fields.

• Grow plants in the Telangana state using the Miawaki methods by which in the short time and space thick trees can be grown. Use this method in the hilly areas and urban areas. Name this Yadadri Forest Model.

• Labour and Hamalis from Bihar and other states went back to their States due to Coronavirus lockdown. They are ready to come back to work. Mill owners are getting them back. On this issue, the Collectors should extend their cooperation.

• Telangana State has not yet escaped the possible Locust attack. The earlier swarms of Locusts went via Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Now other swarms of Locust are near Wardha. They may travel towards Telangana State. The Experts are saying that the Locusts may come to the State from June 25 to July month. Hence the official machinery should be on high alert. Officials in Adilabad, Asifabad, Mancherial, Mulugu, Kothagudem, Nirmal, Nizamabad, Kamareddy, Sangareddy should be on alert. The Chief Secretary, Collectors of these districts, police officials, agriculture officials, forest officers, fire officials, and entomology experts should meet on Wednesday and prepare a suitable action plan.

• Gram Panchayats should pay their electricity bills every month regularly. They will not be pardoned if there are dues.

• Since urban areas and villages are getting the drinking water supply through Mission Bhagiratha, remove motors used in the past. If they remain as it is there will be unnecessary electricity charges and an increase in the maintenance costs.

• Take all the necessary measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus. Assess the situation from time to time and prepare the strategy accordingly. While working on Corona, take precautions that no other contagious diseases break out during the Monsoon.

During the Collectors meeting held under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao at Pragathi Bhavan, Covid 19 guidelines are followed in true letter and spirit. Temperature tests were conducted on the CM, to all the Collectors, DPOs and senior officials. Later, every one washed their hands with soap and water using water stored in a large vessel there. Everyone who participated in the meeting is given a hand sanitizer with which they sanitized their hands. Every one wore masks for the meeting. Chairs are also placed maintaining the mandatory physical distance.

Care taken during the afternoon lunch time
People who cooked food and served followed all the Covid guidelines. Both the cooks and those serving the food was also administered thermo test before allowing them in. They also washed their hands with soap and water and they were also given the hand sanitizers. They also wore masks and gloves. They covered their heads with special hats. They cooked food maintaining 2 meters distance with one another. They kept the cooked dishes at one-meter distance and served. Every one maintained the physical distance and had their meal.