CM held a wide-range meeting on Regulated Farming

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Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao said that his endeavour was to get the farmers Rythu Bandhu support cent percent and to make them get a competitive price for their crops through regulatory farming methods and cultivation. He declared that only by cultivating the crops that have demand in the market, the farmers would get a good price. He said that the Agriculture Department, Agriculture University will guide farmers which crop to cultivate and if farmers follow the suggestions, they will not face any problem, the CM said.

Wide varieties of soil, moderate weather conditions, good rainfall, farmers with good professional skills coupled with pro-farmer government, if utilised properly, farmers in the State would become a very competitive farming community in the World.

“Agriculture is a major activity in Telangana life. The future of agriculture should be promising. The Telangana farmers should earn profits by selling quality produce in the world market,” the CM said.

An extended meeting was held here at Pragathi Bhavan on Thursday on Cultivation under regulatory methods. Ministers, senior officials, several Corporation Chairmen, Collectors, District Agriculture officials, District Rythu Bandhu Samithies presidents, officials from the Agriculture University, Scientists participated.

The CM held a face-to-face interaction with the officials who came from the district, Rythu Bandhu Samithies Presidents. He clarified their doubts and answered their queries. He accepted suggestions from them.

“Farmers are incurring losses as they are all cultivating the same crops which were causing less demand in the market. The government has done a lot of thinking on the matter and suggested to farmers to follow the regulatory cultivation methods. The agriculture scientists have decided which crop should be cultivated, where and to what extent? In which season? The Agro-business wing has decided on which crops have demand in the market. Based on this, the government is making suggestions. If farmers follow the government suggestions, cultivate the crops accordingly, then they will not be at loss,” the CM said.

“Last year in the State during Monsoon paddy was cultivated in 40 lakh acres. This time also paddy should be cultivated to the same extent of land. Last year, Cotton was cultivated in 53 Lakh acres. This year it should be increased to 70 Lakh acres. Redgram was cultivated in 7 lakh acres last year. This is the year it should be in 15 Lakh acres. Soya bean, Turmeric, Chilli, vegetables and other such crops like in the last year, should be cultivated to the same extent of land. Farmers producing a variety of seeds should continue their efforts. Cultivate Green manure (Pacchi Rotta) liberally. Maize cultivation is not beneficial during the monsoon and hence should not cultivate during the season. Maize can be cultivated during Rabi. Those cultivating maize during the monsoon should switch over to Cotton and Grams. Be cautious about the Paddy varieties. Cultivate those varieties, which have demand in the market. There is a lot of demand for Telangana Sona variety. Cultivate that. There is an international market for Rice, which has a 6.5 mm size morsels. Cultivate that variety,” the CM suggested.

The CM declared that he would construct Rythu Vedika in his agriculture cluster in Erravelli with his own money. Taking this as an inspiration, all the ministers came forward to construct one Rythu Vedika each in the State. Rythu Bandhu Samithi President Sri Pall Rajeshwar Reddy, MLC Sri Seri Subhash Reddy, Civil Supplies Corporation Chairman Sri Mareddy Srinivas Reddy, some Rythu Bandhu Samithi District presidents, also came forward to construct Rythu Vedika with their money.

The CM instructed that Rythu Bandhu Vedika should be constructed in 2602 Clusters in four to five months. In all the Vedika, office of the AEO, Computer system, TV screen to conduct videoconferences would be provided. He also said that a decision was taken to name the Vedika as suggested by those who donated land/cash for the construction of Rythu Vedika.

The following are the instructions/suggestion given by the CM at the meeting:

  • Starting from this Monsoon, compile data on which crops is cultivated in which land. Agriculture extension officers should collect the correct accurate details. Crops enumeration should be done at optimal level.
  • Conduct farmers’ conferences cluster-wise in the coming four to five days to create awareness among farmer about the regulatory farming methods. Explain the benefits of regulatory farming and the vision of the government behind the programme. Invite Ministers, MLAs, ZP Chairpersons, DCCB Chairmen, MPPs, ZPTCs, Market Committee Chairpersons, Single Window Chairpersons, MPTCs, and Sarpanches to the conference.
  • Since which crops should be cultivated to what extent of area has already been decided, adequate seeds should be supplied to the villages concerned. Coordinate with the Seed producing companies. The Seed development Corporation should play an active role in this. Seeds required by farmers should be kept ready cent percent. The government has created Rythu Bandhu Samithies with a good intention to make the farmers community a united force. Not only in the name, but these Rythu Bandhu Samithies should also really become Rythu Bandhu (relations). These Samithies should work as coordinators and help farmers from the time of planting the seeds to selling the crop in the market. All the responsible persons from Rythu Bandhu Samithies should tour the state extensively for one month to create awareness among the farmers. They should take up this task like spiritual ritual (Yagnam) for the next one-month. The government has decided to provide a vehicle facility to the district Rythu Bandhu president to undertake the tour.
  • While cultivating the crops one should bear in mind two issues. One, cultivate crops that are in demand. The second is produce a quality crop. With this only a farmer gets a good price. The government will appoint two committees in the agriculture department, to prepare a good variety of seeds and to assess the market conditions on a regular basis. The government will appoint Market Committee for the agriculture produce, Research and Analysis Wing.
  • Not advisable to cultivate Maize in Monsoon
  • During the Monsoon only 25 Quintals of Maize can be produced. If it is cultivated in Rabi, the yield would be 35 Quintals per acre. During the Monsoon only Rs 25,000 per acre income if it is during the monsoon. But if Cotton is produced in the same period, the income would be Rs 50,000 per acre. In Telangana only 25 Lakh tonnes of Maize is needed and this can be produced during the Rabi.
  • A survey pointed out that a majority of farmers are in favour of the regulatory farming. This is a good development. The government will stand in support of farmers. Farmers will get benefit through regulatory farming. The government also wants this. We have spent lakhs of rupees and constructed irrigation projects with lot of hard work. This will help more yields. If farmers get a competitive price for his crops he would be happy. This entire effort is to get a good price for farmers.
  • The government has decided to start food-processing units in the state in a big way to get remunerative price for the farmers’ crops. As part of this, Food processing SEZs will be crated all over the State. In these SEZs, Rice Mills, Dal Mills, Oil Mills and other related processing units would come up. The district officers concerned should complete the work of selecting the land for the SEZs quickly. Construct Godowns along with the SEZs. Do not permit house layouts in the areas where there are godowns? Godowns should be constructed in the newly formed 125 mandals. Every Godown should have a cold storage facility.
  • Spurious seed traders are responsible for the farmers’ suicides. They are killers of farmers. Hence we should act deterrent against them. The government has information about the spurious red chilli and Cottonseeds. Identify those culprits; book them under the PD Act, sent them to jails. All the Collectors, police officials should act in coordination and control spurious seeds business cent percent. People’s representatives should not try to project these culprits.
  • By this month-end, all the vacant AEO posts should be filled up.
  • Under the projects on Godavari, where there is water availability, cultivate long-term paddy varieties. Cultivate short-term paddy varieties under Krishna project areas where water arrives late. By cultivating varieties suggested by officers, there will be good yield and price for the crop.
  • There are multiple benefits by cultivating the Redgram. The government itself will pay the MSP and buy the produce. The fallen leaves of Redgram pant will enhance soil fertility. It will help good yields for the next crop cultivate in the land. In Redgram seeds are available which can be cultivated for the short term with enhanced yield. Cultivate these varieties.
  • There is a demand for Cotton in the market.
  • In Telangana we have 320 Ginning Mills with a capacity of one Crore Bales. Even if Cotton is cultivated in 70 lakh acres, there is no problem to get the MSP. The Industries department should take the initiative in identifying the areas where Cotton is cultivated in a big way and where there are no ginning mills. They should ensure that Ginning mills come up there.
  • Promote (Pacchi Rotta) cultivation in the state
  • There are new techniques and new varieties are coming up in agriculture. Common farmers will not have the initiative to follow these new techniques are used the new verities. Hence, ministers, Rythu Bandhu Samithies should cultivate a new variety of seeds, follow new methods in their farmlands to play as role models to other farmers.
  • Since officials from the agriculture department would be busy with the regulatory farming policy implementation, they should not be entrusted with other duties.
  • Prepare district wise agriculture cards. This should be done every year. There should be a change crop pattern. The card should be made accordingly and cultivation should be done. Compile the crop details.
  • Find out the data on Harvesters, tractors, Cultivators, Plantation machines and other agriculture implements are available to district, mandal and village wise. Since there is a need to enhance mechanization in agriculture in Telangana state, one should know where there are deficiencies and availability of the machines.
  • Set up Soil testing Labs in every district.
  • Give vehicle/travel allowance every month to District, Divisional, Mandal and Cluster wise agriculture officers.
  • Open Turmeric yards in the markets and start selling and buying immediately.